Wednesday, August 9, 2023


By Tim Rohr

Yesterday, August 8, 2023, Senators Parkinson and Fisher introduced a bill that brought back memories. 

Parkinson and Fisher probably don't even know that their Bill 162-37 laughably resembles former Senator Rory Respicio's "markup" of a bill back in 2011.  

In 2011, informed consent for abortion was still a bill in committee. Rory was the Rules Committee Chair.

Prior to a committee meeting wherein there was to be a vote to place the bill on the legislative agenda, Rory produced a version of the bill wherein he basically did a "strikethrough" of 99% of the bill.

Later that day, I engaged Rory on Ray Gibson's show. Rory went nuts, started yelling at me, and hung up. Ah, those were the days. * (BTW, I'm quite sure if you called Ray and asked him about the time Rory hung up on Rohr, he would remember!)

It would take another year of hellacious fighting to get informed consent for abortion through the legislature and signed into law. But last minute tricks by the pro-aborts delayed actual enactment for another couple years. Still, we (and when I say "we," I am referring to a very few who kept up the attack from every angle) overcame each setback and saw to the full enactment of informed consent for abortion. 

Now, Senators Parkinson and Fisher want to get rid of that same law, and their bill looks so much like Rory's 2011 markup of the bill that eventually became the law that Parkinson and Fisher now want to get rid of. Their markup is about as "struckthrough" as "Rory gone nuts in 2011." Here's a sample:

At the time (2011), Rory was "heir apparent" to the Democratic throne and all but coronated as Guam's next two-term governor. 

However, after the firefight a few of us brought to Rory's table upon his 2011 antics, Rory was soon thereafter booted out of the legislature, sidelined from politics, and is probably only still a name due to his  being rescued by his fellow pro-abort, the current governor. **

In short, no one fell as fast as Rory.

Parkinson and Fisher would do well to study what happened to King Rory after 2011. And it has nothing to do with the public attitude about abortion since - as we all know - Guamanians embrace abortion.  

Meanwhile, the next general election is scheduled for Nov. 5, 2024. So here's the countdown to get rid of Parkinson and Fisher:

Election 2024

* Rory's strikethrough was only part of the story. Later I retrieved a DVD copy of the recording of the meeting. The recording clearly showed Rory ordering the cameras cut after Senator Chris Duenas asked Rory why he had demolished the bill. Note: I have all of this in writings and recordings somewhere, and I can find it with some effort. But probably no need. The real story now is Parkinson and Fisher. 

** Since in 2011 it was well known that a certain Lou Leon Guerrero was calling the shots for the Democrats, it was also generally assumed that Rory was simply executing LLG's marching orders. Less than a decade later, Rory would be well rewarded for his obedience to LLG after LLG became governor and Rory became one of GovGuam's highest paid officers - for doing a job he has no qualifications for. 

Apparently, in Guam, it pays to kill babies.


  1. Can't come soon enough..

  2. Why is Lou obsessed with killing babies as far back at 2011? When local doctors don't even want to perform abortions

    1. She's been obsessed with killing babies going back to her education at the Academy of Our Lady of Guam. She openly credits the "nuns" for her "pro-choice" actions. I've linked this many times in this blog. I'll link it again in a bit.

  3. "Lou also attributes her becoming pro-choice to her Catholic education…The pro-choice advocates drew strength from the encouragement received behind the scenes from other women, including nuns, who could not express their support publicly…" - Vivian Loyola Dames, in “Chamorro Women, Self-Determination, and the Politics of Abortion on Guam,” (Asian/Pacific Islander American Women - A Historical Anthology, Pg. 375.)

  4. I recall attending a mass at St. Jude Thaddeus Church in Sinajana around May of last year for the Gold Star Families. Just so happened I saw Lou and Josh there, both receiving communion from an extraordinary minister.
    (If I'm not mistaken, it was probably livestreamed on St Jude's FB page).

    Josh's "LGBTQIA+" drama is one thing, but Lou consuming the Eucharist both in Sinajana and when Fr. Romy administered her during that sham Thanksgiving Mass just comes to show the disgusting, damning hypocrisy in our midst, considering Lou is still unrepentant after all those years of being pro-choice and aforementioned "obsession with killing babies."