Tuesday, April 29, 2014


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Thanks Tim for the attention given to my comment. It doesnt deserve it but I will take it gratis. Lets just be clear about one thing, I am not Fr. Adrian or Msgr. David, I am anonymous who chooses to remain anonymous on my own will.Why do I stay anonymous? To show that one does not need to be an ordained or a person who has been theologically educated. I do all my reading freely and on my own will. 
Oh, I see. Makes a lot of sense now. 

1. I do not kick Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI to the curb. You have done so. I only state the obvious. I only bring this up because I know for a fact that many of you who oppose the NCW on this blog all belong to same group, people who have left their parishes not because of the NCW but because you spend more time keeping tabs on the indirect abuses happening in our regular Sunday Masses. This keeping tabs has tired you and now you find Heaven at the Friary with Fr. Eric, a pastor who I admire too.
Oh, really? What group is that? People who "find Heaven at the Friary" would be interested to know that they are in this group. Obviously you are referring to the people who attend the Latin Mass. There are about 40 people who regularly attend. About half of those are children and young people. Of the 20 or so adults who attend, two of them no longer talk to me because of this blog, and only one person that I know of has made a comment or two. Chuck White has his own blog and only comments here in response to criticisms and questions of his own blog posts. Pretty amazing that you know so much about so little. But we've come to expect that from your side. I also understand, given that you are actually unable to intelligently engage any of my arguments, that the only thing left to you is to personally attack me by trying to profile me as part of some reactionist group. Sorry, dude, I work alone. 
2. Yes you have faithful followers and it is very evident on this blog. You call me coward and idiot but on the contrary these followers of yours didnt have the guts to speak out before you, you are all victims of each other.
I see, so that somehow excuses you from being a coward and an idiot.
You have said on many occasions, Show me the permission. As many times as you have asked, you have answered your own request.
Yes, I have. My asking is rhetorical because there is no document. I ask for the document to illustrate the point that the Neocatechumenal Way, or at least the Kiko's like you, act on your own and outside the norms and permissions of the church.
You want to talk about idiocy, you were the first to take this route. NCW members only entered on this blog to defend what they do know about the NCW. 
Well then they are bad little Neos aren't they? According to Kiko, Neos aren't supposed to defend what they know. They are supposed to take such attacks as a sign that their way is the true way. We are Judases. Kiko calls us necessary. You are supposed to be grateful for the persecutions. Read what Kiko says here
When ever this happened, it was you who responded with name calling. Even to this day I have not seen anyone refer to you with the demeaning titles that you have used against pro NCW commenters.
Let's see now, what demeaning titles would those be? Coward? What else to call people like you who hide in the bushes and throw your ad hominum stones? Come out in the clear light of day and engage my arguments like an adult. I don't have a problem with people who differ with my views. I have a problem with people who can't engage my views so they try to discredit me. Once it becomes about me then I get to call you coward. Don't like it, then meet me.  And "idiot"? What else to call people like you who make malicious and ignorant generalizations like the one you just made about the supposed group I belong to. For the record, I only know one person in that "group" who opposes the NCW. I know MANY more who are not in that "group" who oppose the NCW. MANY, MANY MORE!
I dont know how to explain your concept of revealing what you think to be important information that will shake the foundations of the NCW on Guam. You keep using it as a way to threaten the NCW to "shut up or else". Whats the wait for? This is not the first time that you said you will reveal it and then only to not deliver. Lets have at it. If our faith is strong what you have will have not shake it.

Why do you continue to hold on to it. According to your mentality it only goes against you, because the more you wait, the more the faithful on Guam will suffer.
You have just demonstrated why I wait: to see people like you scratch where it doesn't even itch. But actually I'm saving it for when the Archbishop makes another personal attack on me as he did when he went to Rome to get the Grand Master of the Knights to do something about me. Read about it here, here, and here. You're just going to have to wait...and scratch. 
You know what is right. In the same way that you assume that the leaders of the NCW are discouraging taking part in this blog, I bet your spiritual director is telling you the same, yet you choose to be disobedient. Its about time you take your actions your choice of words to prayer.
You are right. I DO KNOW what is right. I have seen both Kiko and the Archbishop give Rome the finger and that is WRONG. I saw the Archbishop abuse his power and bring false allegations against a priest whose spiritual and material well-being has been entrusted to his care. I saw the Archbishop try to give away a major asset of the Archdiocese and then illegally terminate the members of the finance council who opposed him, a council tasked by Canon Law to keep out of control bishops from doing exactly this. I saw the people of Guam lied to for a decade about how RMS was our seminary for our priests, and when confronted with the truth that it was not, we all saw a fake seminary "erected" to cover for that lie. I saw a son of Guam LIED TO by the Archbishop about why he could not attend a non-Neo seminary. I saw a neo-priest incardinated here in an instant while beloved priests from the Philippines were denied incardination, some of whom have served us for decades. I saw the Archdiocese lie about its mission status so that it could keep sucking money out of the Catholic Extension Society - money that could have been better used for true mission lands - while we spend hundreds of thousands flying guys in here from all over the world, putting them up in a palace, "educating" them, and flying them all over the world so they can do things like spend Holy Week with their homies. I also see "priests" being spit out of the Yona presbyter factory who have serious psychological problems, who are seriously theologically deficient (since they were fed Kiko's), who abuse the confessional, and who don't even know how to say Mass. Shall I go on? And you try to bully me into silence with your spiritual director bull crap. 
You are getting very desperate with your attempts and your recklessness is showing itself.

Maybe your apologetic skills are weakening or maybe rather than defending the Catholic Church you are beginning to defend your definition of Church. While your at it, can you just post up all the other comments that you did not approve. Joy! 
I think we can all see who is getting desperate. Even the fact that you cowardly hide behind your anonymous bush tells us that. Are there no men among you?

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