Monday, April 28, 2014


We have to assume that the gems we continue to get from Zoltan are precisely what is taught in the Neocatechumenal Way. No one has stepped forward on this blog to discredit anything he has said. And obviously he has not been reined in by any Catechist. In fact, by the looks of it, he is encouraged to sally forth on this blog in the name of the Neocatechumenal Way. So we will let him speak:

Tim, I would not ignore criticism of cultural nature. You act like someone viewing himself in the helmet of the Inquisition. The people on tiny island has no real knowledge of the history of Catholic Inquisition, this shameful and murderous past of the Church that is better forgotten than reenacted. They don't know the pain and suffering that was inflicted on the faithful by self-appointed thugs in reverend, who took on the helmet of Inquisition against them, tortured and burned them alive. Are you proud of this past?
Ah, you see dear people of Guam? You see what they are taught in the Neocatechumenal Way: our island is "tiny", we are stupid, we have no real knowledge of anything outside our tiny little make believe church on Guam. And any criticism of the NCW is tantamount to re-enacting the Inquisition. Referencing the Inquisition, by the way, is a typical anti-Catholic ploy. You appear to know little to nothing of the Inquisition. Someday I'll enlighten you. However, your referencing it is expected since Kiko teaches that the Church apostatized after Constantine and is only now being restored by him.
So it would be better if you do not try to implant the same self-appointed thug mentality here among unsuspecting people. Please acknowledge that the time of Inquisition, persecution and free murder by church capos is irrevocably over. You see, you raise a fringe Catholic group here, who think it is normal to spy on their Catholic sisters and brothers and accuse them with all different kinds of heresies with no reason. This is alien from this culture that has mutual respect and acceptance as its foundation. This is also alien from the Spirit of love who has a real presence in the communities of the Church.
Ah, you see you poor "unsuspecting people". The great White Zoltan is here to save you from the evil Church which burned people alive before the time of Kiko. And as for spying, ummm, there was no need. The Archbishop publicly told us all that the NCW would do what it wants and to hell with Rome. No need to spy. Oh, and you see, of course it is I who am raising a "fringe Catholic group" as if this all didn't exist long before me. And remember folks, this man is a professor at UOG. God help your children. He teaches math, but usually math requires some skill in logic. Obviously its missing. 
If you have proof that the Catholic Magisterium rejected the Neocatechumenal Way, then please produce the document. Very simple. What holds you back. If you are unable to produce the document, then please do not act as a self-appointment inquisitor. Is this too much to ask for?
Hard not to laugh. Okay, there. I laughed...and then sighed, sighed because people who think like this are what the Archbishop is encouraging or at least providing a home for at our expense. But to the answer. Zoltan, the document is the Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way. In so far as your communities and practices conform to that Statute, they are legitimate. In so far as they do not conform, the are illegitimate. 

So, here we go again. The manner in which the NCW distributes communion is not permitted in the Statute and is in fact forbidden in footnote 49. You know this. And your answer is "so what?" But we'll deal with that in our next installment of "MORE FUN WITH ZOLTAN." Thanks for keeping it interesting. 


  1. But did you know that Diana inspired Tim not to write in the jungle anymore?

  2. Actually, it looks like "Diana" has actually managed to rein Zoltan in; he announced his intention not to play in the Jungle anymore after she recently admonished him, as indicated below:

    Diana April 26, 2014 at 1:16 PM
    Dear Zoltan,

    Do you still post on Junglewatch? I haven't been posting there at all. I would also prefer that all posting in Junglewatch stays in Junglewatch rather than spill over into my blogsite.


    Zoltan April 26, 2014 at 1:20 PM
    You are right. Let me announce that I officially quit JungleWatch at this very moment. Thanks for helping me to make this decision. You are a true sister in the Lord. Peace! ;)

    1. It looks like Diana reads Jungle Watch. Zoltan's last comment was on April 26 at 1:13 PM. Diana admonishes him 3 minutes later at 1:16 PM and Zoltan bends over at 1:20 PM. Of course, Diana doesn't correct him, she/he is just concerned that Zoltan is spilling too many beans. However, I think that there may be some worry on his part for his job. It has been quite a display of ignorance.

    2. Of course Diana reads JW! It was created to respond to Tim. Whenever she writes about the neo, it usually is preceded by an exposé here in this blog.
      It is so obvious, I don't know why, on her site, she would disclaim her presence here on JW. Then again, denial is not a foreign element over there.

    3. With Diana's own words on her blog she states: "I read in Tim Rohr's blogsite all the complaints on the time the Easter Vigil started."

      Funny how there are accusations of Jungle Watch readers and Tim spying on the Neo. Zoltan, Diana, and all the rest hang on Tim's every word...they are waiting and lurking in the shadows for the right time to pounce in their own little ways. Some try to go right to the top to shut you down, which is a crying shame.

      Not that he cares in the least, but Tim should be really flattered. To me who was unsure about this whole mess, all this negativity toward Tim and the others in all that has been posted makes me think that hey, there is something behind that veil that I better look at closely. If these posts were just the rants of a crazy man, people like me would have seen it right away and all this would have been shut down a long time ago.

      Stay strong Tim! People need to know.

      Zoltan made me switch sides

  3. Ha-ha-ha... Zoltran the Inquisitor. Lol!

  4. Though he has not posted recently,, Zoltan still reads JW and can't resist what Tim will write next. He is no different than Benjamin, Gino, and the old dudes from Santa Rita and Sinajana. Dont't forget the ESL dudes who can't communicate properly (semenarians?) but nonetheless broadcast their ignorance on this blog. I must admit, it has made for some great laughs.

  5. Dear Mr. Rohr,

    I think you should concentrate on being a Watchman, a teacher of the Faith, and with it, point out the errors and misconceptions of many of us. I have learned a great deal of our Faith these past several months from reading your blog, and therein lies the true and real value of this blog. You have provided a forum for everyone to read and to opine, and to dialogue and argue, and the result? We learn and understand our Faith. We should welcome the Zoltans and Dianas of the world because it through dialogue afforded by your blog that we can learn much and understand our Faith. Perhaps this is what the Holy Spirit intended to be the ultimate goal of your blog. God does work in mysterious ways! March on!

    1. Keep Clinging on Mr. EX NEO obviously you are a spineless viper that holds on Tim White Tiger Rohr skirt. Unlike us we poke at him and many of us outside the WAY don't agree with him. Reminding you that I made research the two current POPE's stand with NCW and St.JPII request Kiko to form a Seminary which is RMS. So the rest of you are sadly barking at your own HOUSEHOLD. SAD

    2. Finally these guys admit they are "poking" at you Tim. What is "White Tiger" supposed to mean anyway? Is it an insult because it actually sounds like the name of a martial arts master on one of those Kung-Fu films. LOL!

      Anyway, I wanted to comment that I feel very sorry for those ex-walkers like Ex-Neo and Glad to be Back. I have read about some of the awful experiences when cutting off from your communities. As evidence from the ESL poster, you probably have felt a lot of malice from your so-called brothers. Hopefully not.

      ESL guy, you always seem to point out how the past Popes and Pope Francis support you walkers. That is truly great, but have you already forgotten his recent instructions, reminding you to BE CHARITABLE to your brothers that decide to leave the way? Your comments to Ex-Neo exhibit no love and care as Papa Francis instructed. You should watch the clip again (Tim has a link of it on an older post) because it seems like you missed it.

      Ria Camacho

  6. Apparently zoltan gets his "inquisition" info from Huffington Post...pity.

  7. Yes, thanks Zoltan for letting us know how outrageously stupid we are who live on this little island. Your arrogance is stunning, as is your "knowledge" of the Inquisition. Very HuffPo indeed. Has it ever occurred to you that those who oppose the NCW might possibly operate from a position of informational advantage over you and your cohort?

  8. This is Mr. Ex Neo responding to Anonymous 7:49 AM. I am not sure how my comment acknowledging the value of this blog as a medium for all of us to dialogue, a good thing, makes me a "spineless viper". Perhaps you are alluding to the fact that I am an ex-neo that makes me a viper, one without spine, and one that is treacherous and vicious (definition of viper). Rather strong words for one who does not know me or knows anything about me. It seems unseemly and unchristian. And your claim that you are outside the Way (not a Neo) rings hollow to me. If you are not a Neo, why such a strong and demeaning response--vicious in fact? And the reference to Mr. Rohr makes you sound like a Neo. But if you are not, then why would you ridicule me? Isn't the blog a useful tool for all of us to air our opinions, differences, and resolutions, perhaps in the end, even in our differences, we can be enriched and grow stronger in our Faith? Why should this make you sad? Rejoice and take courage. God is good.

  9. To Ex Neo: I agree. We are in the position to learn more about the church teachings and what is not. We are in the position to give opinion, believes, and question what we don't understand. So yes, Tim, keep pursuing on the truth.

  10. Let us continue to be tactful in our responses as non neos and let us not bring ourselves to their level of immaturity. We stand and fight for our true faith.