Sunday, June 1, 2014


For Archbishop Apuron, this is a moment of truth. He did not manufacture the lie about Cardinal Tagle's invitation. His "handlers" did - the people who have been using him from the beginning. The question now is will they let the Archbishop burn, or will they own up to their crime? 

We have, ever since the beginning of this blog, attempted to give Archbishop Apuron the benefit of the doubt. We have suggested time and time again that someone else is calling the shots and that Archbishop Apuron is just being used. Others have begged and pleaded with the Archbishop to depart from the beast which is consuming him and destroying this diocese. All to no avail of course.

But now we have crushing, irrefutable evidence that Archbishop Apuron is either a LIAR himself, or was used by LIARS. If the actual liars do not come forward then the whole world is left looking at Archbishop Apuron's attempt to use the name of Cardinal Tagle without his knowledge or permission and not just for wrong purposes, but to artificially aggrandize the Neocatechumenal Way, its Initiator, and by extension, Archbishop Apuron himself!

Archbishop Apuron will now find out the truth about those who profess to love him. If they do, then they will identify themselves and exonerate the Archbishop who now must publicly apologize for the wrong done. If they do not, if they do not love him, if they are only using him, if they will just cast him to the side when they are done with him, then they will continue to hide in the shadows and watch him burn. 

My guess is they will do the latter. 

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