Sunday, June 1, 2014


The NEO from Guam are headed to the PI to evangelize the Filipino people. Is that laughable or what? The PI where Masses are overflowing, where the poor are rich in spirit, where there is a chapel in most shopping malls, where the suffering are consoled, where marriage is protected, where families are encouraged, where Masses are held in offices during Lent because Churches cannot satisfy the demand, where abortion is still illegal, where
vocations are flourishing, where commerce shuts down during Holy Week, and where her people are loving, open, caring, and hospitable. We are spending all that money to do that? Huh? Actually, they are not going to evangelize, but to pay homage to their prophet and king, Kiko, under the ruse that Cardinal Tagle invited Kiko and us. The strategy was working until Tim flushed them out.


My note: The above comment refers to the headline in the U Matuna, May 18, 2014: Pilgrimage to Manila. Guam youth headed to Manila to evangelize in June.  Of course what is meant by the headline is that they are going to Manila to evangelize "regular Catholics" for the Neocatechumenal Way.

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