Friday, August 15, 2014

KUAM. AUGUST 13, 2014. THE BUZZ WITH JESSE LUJAN. PART 2 News: On Air. Online. On Demand.


  1. We'll done Mr. Roar. Is there a part 3?

    1. There was only a 1 minute sign off after that. However, I think Jesse would like to do another show. Let him know.

  2. Yes Jesse do another show!

  3. Thanks Mr. Tim for opening our eyes to these events that are going on. It's really funny how there is more negative comments from the NEO group on this blog. God bless you for the strength and courage despite the daggers they throw at you for sharing all that was kept a secret. Hope there's another talk show coming up soon. (maybe with Jason Salas) especially if people are able to call in so we can hear what is being said. Even better, have a sit in with Archie Boy.