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Meet the real bishop and pope

Received this from "Glad to be Back in Holy Mother Church". It verifies many things already mentioned on this blog.

  • Archbishop Apuron is not in control.
  • All decisions are made for this archdiocese, including who becomes a priest at RMS, by Giuseppe Gennarini, the lead "responsible" for the NCW in the United States. Gennarini is Fr. Pius' immediate superior, and Fr. Pius is the Archbishop's immediate superior. Gennarini's immediate superior is Kiko. This is the hierarchy controlling our church on Guam!
  • Both Fr. Paul and Msgr. James were fired at Kiko & Gennarini's order. 
  • Fr. Wadeson DID NOT "leave the country". At the time I thought this was an extremely odd thing to say. It was as if he was trying to throw us off as to his whereabouts. Some knew he remained in hiding at the seminary. In fact, according to this account, HE WAS. 
  • If this turns out to be true then Fr. Pablo Rodriguez, the rector of RMS, and Archbishop Apuron LIED.

Also, NOTE TO SNAP: Look for Wadeson in New Jersey at 3 Howard Place, Englewood, NJ 07631

Thank you "Glad to be Back" for your excellent work. Read on....TO THE END!

Who is Using the Archbishop?

Tony thinks he is being very slick, but I have figured it all out, and here is the story of how Tony gets used…and why Monsignor James was fired.

2012 – Nuncio Balvo orders audit of Guam Church because of mismanagement by Apuron.

2013 – Audit nears completion. Archbishop is told by an unknown powerful person to get rid of Benavente, so Apuron asks Deloitte for letter re the Catholic Cemeteries. (Boy would the world like to see the letter on all the parishes, schools, Chancery, etc.)

1/8/14 – Deloitte sends letter with five issues of concern. Apparently Apuron forgets what he is supposed to do for quite some time. Label this a brain fart. Two issues already resolved by the time letter was prepared, and two more resolved later with docs sent to Deacon Kim, Finance Officer. Now it gets interesting so pay attention.

Not enough to hang Benavente on, just usual audit stuff that all companies have. Deloitte happy with Cemetery progress…good job James and staff!

6/26/14 – Apuron acknowledges the good work done and then reminds the Monsignor to have the 6/30/14 financials ready for Deloitte by 8/15/14. All quiet on the Western Front, until late July.

Pay attention…

Some unknown person comes to Guam and is really pissed off that Benavente is still around. How is NCW going to take the Crown Jewel with him there? Fire him is the order given, who cares if the evidence doesn’t support it…just do it.

July 25 – the Feast of St James – Monsignor James called to Apuron’s office and is read the Deloitte letter, and told he is being relieved. (Great timing, BTW, Apuron)

James asks for copy of letter and the JCD David Quitugua refuses the order Apuron gives him. So apparently, the OCD Apuron forget the details of the plan The Mysterious One had given him, so the JCD David Quitugua saves the day. 

James asks for time to clear his name. 

Much to David’s surprise, Apuron agrees to give him the weekend, but come back on Monday for your execution please. 

James leaves Apuron’s office and the two puppets call The Mysterious One, and David immediately squeals that Tony did not follow the plan to fire James on the spot, but gave him time to clear his name. 

All hell breaks loose on the phone…YOU DID WHAT?!?! Tony, how could you screw this up? I had given you a perfect plan, The Mysterious One says. Well, whatever, you must move forward to relieve him immediately. 

The Mysterious One can no longer trust Tony so he instructs the tall one, David, to get the papers ready, and deliver them to James. 

David protests: its already late, after 4PM and I want to go rest from this trying day. Okay, the mysterious one says, but do it the first thing tomorrow morning!!! And send that asshole Adrian, I know he’ll like this job, even if it is on a Saturday.

7/26/14 – David and Adrian go to the Cathedral and do the dirty deed, and report back to all. 

The Mysterious One quotes scripture: "Well done good and faithful servant."

7/28/14 – The Mysterious One checks to verify that no problems have arisen. Apuron reports that the public is really pissed off, but it's ok, because they are pissed off at me already. Happy to help you Mysterious One!

All would have probably been kept secret except...

7/30/14 - I happened to be at the airport with my mom for a flight to the States. Storm coming, so United was going to leave for Narita one hour early, at 11AM. Big crowd of seminarians and other Neos hugging, kissing, pay great homage to a man. 

Hey, he looks familiar. Its Giuseppe Gennarini. The top guy in charge of the NCW for the Americas. 

Now it all makes sense. That’s why Apuron could not wait until the 8/15 deadline. 

But Giuseppe did not come out just for the assassination of Benavente. He comes out every year in July to check on his property in Yona and to see if the boys are ready for ordination. He can’t leave that to Apuron. He nearly screwed up the Benavente firing. 

Bumpy flight to Narita, Giuseppe sipping champagne and celebrating the Cathedral takeover in first class. 

And guess what else? 

A man dressed in civilian clothing was spotted out of the corner of my eye. Hey that looks like Fr John Wadeson! He’s still here? I thought he already left the country. Oh, I see, they all lied, again. What a surprise!

Post script…this same scenario must have happened last year as well. 

Fr Paul, suddenly canned in July, even though Apuron had known about that situation for a long time. Suddenly in July there is an urgent move to sack a good priest who is not in the Way. Anyone else see the connection here?

So, Fr Pius. We know Apuron has not been in control, and now we know who The Mysterious One is who is really in control…Giuseppe from New Jersey. I’m beginning to hate that State. 

This is not directed to the honest Neos, but to the cultish kikos.

You disgust the Church!

Note: Some people wanted me to comment on Adrian's charade yesterday on K57. Most people saw it as a charade, so it hardly deserves comment. The bigger issue is what is revealed here. It deserves an investigation. 

If Wadeson was indeed hiding at the seminary, waiting to be rescued by Gennarini, while Archbishop Apuron allowed us all to believe that Wadeson had "left the country" then IT IS NOW TIME FOR ROME TO ACT. 

Archbishop Krebs needs to be immediately notified. He is to ask Archbishop Apuron ONE QUESTION: 

Where was Wadeson between July 23 when, according to Father Pablo Rodriguez, the rector of RMS, Wadeson was supposed to have "left the country" and July 30 when he was reported to be seen on a flight from Guam with Giuseppe Gennarini. Here is the exact quote from the Pacific Daily News on July 24:
"Wadeson left yesterday morning, said Father Pablo Ponce, rector of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. where Wadeson had been staying."

If Archbishop Krebs discovers that Wadeson had in fact NOT left Guam as Father Pablo stated and Archbishop Apuron led us to believe, then Rome must FIRE BOTH and disband the seminary that is looking more and more like a den of iniquity. And get rid of Pius while you're at it. 

For if all this turns out to be true, then this post is most aptly titled. 

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