Monday, November 10, 2014


All of us have human weaknesses and failings, and when we encounter them in others we are obliged to forgive them their trespasses as we ourselves pray to be forgiven. But while human weakness and failing is one thing, bold-faced intentional lying is quite another, especially when those lies are employed to "bear false witness" against another. 

One of the most difficult things for the Catholics of the Archdiocese of Agana to believe is how they are systematically lied to by their Archbishop and by those who represent him. However, as the evidence continues to spill forth, it is getting increasingly less difficult to believe. 

On this blog we have documented lie after lie after lie: the lie about Joseph Lastimoza, the lie about Fr. Paul, the lie about Redemptoris Mater Seminary, the lie about Msgr. James, the lie about the John Paul II Seminary, the lie to Aaron Quitugua, the lies, the lies, the lies...documented in detail if not the Archbishop's own recorded words. 

The sad part is that the Archbishop is simply lying and having others lie for him at the order of his Neocatechumenal Masters who need the Archbishop to stay standing for a few years longer so they can keep pumping out presbyters that probably couldn't get ordained anywhere else. 

Archbishop Apuron is welcome to his lies. Everyone can see through them and by his pathological lying he has made a mockery of himself and the Catholic Church on Guam. However, when his lies slander and malign other people, he must be engaged. 

Fr. Pius, while he pretends to be the Archbishop's servant, is actually his lord and master. He is also the Chancery-liar-in-chief. And one of his most persistent lies is about why the Archbishop fired four of the five members of the former Archdiocesan Finance Council. 

The members who were fired were Richard Untalan, Msgr. James Benavente, Sister Mary Stephen Torres, RSM, and Joseph Rivera. The only member not fired, Msgr. David C. Quitugua, the Vicar General. 

Fr. Pius tells people that these members were fired because they were trying to sell the seminary property. The next time he says this call him a "liar". In fact, SHOUT IT. The truth is that Archbishop Apuron was attempting to convey the title to the property to RMS, a corporate entity separate from the Archdiocese of Agana and controlled by a sleazy neocat New Jersey based Board of Guarantors.

The following letter from Richard J. Untalan, who was the then-president of the finance council shows that the request to convey the title to the property "on which the Seminary is located" came from Fr. Pablo Ponce Rodriguez, Rector of RMS. Of course Fr. Pablo was only the official pass through. The real "request" (an order actually) came from Giuseppe Gennarini, Archbishop Apuron's other lord and master. 

Thank God for brave people like Mr. Untalan and the others who incurred Archbishop Apuron's wrath and still must endure lies told about them by their own bishop. 

To learn more about the RMS scam:


  1. I was at the Ordination on Saturday and although I am not a Neo I still pray for holy priest and in general thought the Ordination Mass was nice. The choir sang not just regular neo music but also the Atan Jesukristo and other accepted liturgical songs. There were some errors made, but I was a littel too hot to notice. It was extremely hot. I think they forgot to turn the air cons on early or something. Then the Archbishop talked about calling GPA to ask them not to shut down the power for the ordination. (very odd comment). Then there was these groups of students who actually took smoke breaks during the Mass. How do I know, they kept going in and out and smelled of cigarettes when they came back in. My problem with the ordination was the 2 separate standing ovations given by some of the people in the pews. When Father Pius came down to hug the 3 newly ordained priest, I thought I was at a rock concert, cause the fans jumped up and it were shouting and whisting like at a concert or something. THEN, I noticed that when Father Edulvaldo came down, there was a similar fan standing ovation and cheering, etc. mmmm. We have been wondering if Father Adrian was trying to be the new bishop, but perhaps Father Adrian should be watching his own back, cause someone else may be eyeing the job and collecting his own fan club. I will continue to pray for our church and all who serve her. respectfully, Sharon O'Mallan

  2. I also thought the shouting and whistling was disrespectful in the church. That was one of the reasons that the Archbishop stopped having the catholic high school graduation ceremonies at the Cathedral. Thank you Sharon for your comment.

  3. Everything is banned for the TRUE CATHOLICS, not for the Neos!

    NO MASSES outside of Church, but Ok for the Neos.

    Pope Francis spoke about reverence and not making the Mass a spectacle, but OK for the Neos.

    Lie and allege mismanagement to a NonNeo Priest, but OK for a Neo archbishop and crooked msgr. david to really steal and mismanage Church funds even as we speak!


  4. These neo celebrations are so self-centered that even the Mass becomes about them. That is why the music is different, that is why there is clapping, that is why the Archbishop has background music during the consecration. They don't care for the true reason for the Mass, which is for the worship of God, they only care for their own inventions that their self-proclaimed "prophet" has demanded of them. From the droning music to the lack of respectful posture to reverting the altar into a mere table, it's all about them. Humility is a foreign concept when it comes to the Mass for the neo.

  5. With the establishment of a new (mostly NCW) Finance Council, What prevents them from forcing the transfer of the title of the Acion property ro the RMS anyway? Is there anything that can be done to block any future actions from beng carried out with the title of that property?

  6. Still waiting on when we get to boot the neo-squatters out of our church. Was down lighting candles and approached, 'what are you doing here?' Been going to the Cathedral my whole life, never saw this guy before and his accent gave away he's not from here.
    Annoyed, I asked him who is he to ask me what I am doing in my home parish. He said something about arrangements for private candle lighting. Really? Why because the Archbishop can't pinch that?
    Clearly this guy was unsettled and walked off. Wish he'd find the rest of the locusts and move on.
    Holy Mary your Immaculate Conception is soon to be celebrated, where are we doing it this year? I pray we are back in your Basilica!

    1. Good for you Shelly! Wish more people would follow your example.

    2. Shelley Gibson, maybe you had to pay the entrance and exit fee. Didn't you see the post about donations for maintenance?

  7. Shelly, this is stupid for that guy to tell you about arrangement to light candle. Oh, let me guess because you didn't buy the candle from the cathedral and that's extra $$$$$$ for their Stipend! Ai adai, the Cathedral Basilica is about $$$$$$$$$ now! Matan Salape Manpos Pago I Cathedral Basilica.

  8. Way to Go, Shelly. I would have become more confrontational if he did that to me. I know the Good Lord doesn't want me to be around these NEOS, most especially the arrogant ones because I would lose it.

  9. once a shepherd is now a pit-bull for the