Wednesday, July 9, 2014


In our last post we left off with a question about why a Board of Guarantors would be given veto or approval power over the most important affairs of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary. A "guarantor" is normally nothing more than a "co-signer", someone who guarantees the payment of another person's debt should that person default. 

So there is first the question: Why did RMS need a cosigner? There was no debt. RMS was given the Yona property to use rent free. And if a loan was needed, the archdiocese could have procured it on its own. It procures loans all the time without cosigners. 

There is next the question: If co-signers were needed (they weren't) why are three of the four cosigners foreigners? What's wrong with our own people? 

Finally there is the question which we have already asked: WHAT are guarantors, co-signers, doing with FULL VETO OR APPROVAL POWER over the MOST IMPORTANT AFFAIRS of "our" seminary?

Let's review:
  1. There was no need for guarantors to begin with.
  2. If there was a need, local people could have been named.
  3. The guarantors, essentially nothing more than co-signers, are given full control of the seminary.
(The phrase "something wicked this way comes" comes to mind.)

Before we examine WHO these guarantors are we must ask: What are the MOST IMPORTANT AFFAIRS OF THE CORPORATION? In fact, the corporation, the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, only has ONE MOST IMPORTANT AFFAIR: to prepare men for the priesthood. That's what seminaries do. In fact Article III states this.

The seminary has NO other business but to prepare men for the priesthood, and the Board of Guarantors has full VETO AND APPROVAL POWER over this "business." We have long known it, but this proves it. The Archbishop does NOT ultimately decide who is ordained and who is not. His is only one of four votes:

So we have the Archbishop, a married couple, and a mystery priest from New Jersey. We can understand why the Archbishop, both because he is the incorporator of the seminary and the archbishop of the diocese in which the seminary is to be located, would want full control of the seminary, BUT what about these other guys? 

And why would a priest be a guarantor? What assets would an individual priest have that could possibly qualify him as a cosigner for a multi-million dollar operation? Answer: It was never about being a guarantor. It was about CONTROL. 

And as for the Gennarini's, a married couple living in New Jersey...WHAT ARE WE DOING giving them a full 50% of the control of who becomes priests for our archdiocese? 

Unless of course, these are NOT priests for our archdiocese. Unless of course the people of Guam have been lied to and bilked for over a million dollars over the last decade believing the story about how these were priests for Guam. They aren't. They are priests for Kiko. 

On a deeper level, this is a grave moral problem for Archbishop Apuron. This means that he is ordaining priests at the direction of lay persons. This means that he may himself know very well that certain men are NOT true candidates for the priesthood, but since he only has 25% of the say, he has NO say. 

This means that Archbishop Apuron is ordaining priests that God is telling him not to ordain. This means that Archbishop Apuron is violating his power as a bishop and placing his own people in harm's way by ordaining men who should not be ordained. And this means that men who have no real vocation or do not posses the qualities to be a priest are being personally ruined by being ramrodded through a priest factory for the sheer purpose of Kiko's numbers. This is VERY GRAVE.

And it is probably, at least eternally, more grave than the question about who owns the Yona property. But let us now turn out attention to that.

In Archbishop Apuron's letter of 16 November 2011, he stated that the transfer of the title of the multi-million dollar property occupied by RMS was not an "alienation" but:
...simply an assigning of the title of a property that is transferred and renamed from one public juridic person subject to the Ordinary to another public juridic person subject to the same Ordinary. 
We have already noted in our previous post that RMS is NOT a corporation sole as is the archdiocese, but is a normal non-profit corporation with a board of directors and subject to Guam law. So it is NOT subject to the same Ordinary as he claims! And HERE we see exactly just who the seminary is subject to: the Board of Guarantors, 50% of whom are the Gennarini's.

And who are the Gennarini's? They are the "Responsibles" for the Neocatechumenal Way in the United States. They are Kiko Arguello's right arm. They are the ones making the decisions for us. They are the wizards behind the curtain, doing the will of their master, Kiko, and making Archbishop Apuron jump, lie down, roll over, beg...and hand over a $35 million dollar property while school children do car washes to buy books.  

I'll be back. 


  1. If they own it, then have we failed in being ignorant of the whole scheme? People are getting excited about the Nuncio coming to visit, but I am not banking on him to solve our problems. It is us Catholics in the pews who must stand firm together to fight this evil in our house!

    1. If they already own it, we have not failed. We trusted our Archbishop as we were supposed to. But if they don't own now and soon become the owners, THEN we have failed, given what we know now.

      Ownership is easy to know since it is a public record. And last I looked, a couple months ago, the Archbishop (archdiocese) still was the sole owner. I will get an update today. But recorded ownership is not the issue at this point. The issue is whether or not the property was "assigned" as was the archbishop's wish after his attempt to alienate the property was foiled. We'll be talking about this assignment tomorrow.

    2. Let's say the property was "assigned", then what? What can we, as concerned Catholics do? This is so big. Where does one begin?

  2. Wondering who is Gennarini ?

    Well, let Jimmy Akin introduce him:

    * January 3, 2006: Jimmy Akin writes an article "Neocatechumenal spin" [link here] about an interview in which Gennarini denies the Letter by card. Arinze against the liturgies of the NCW.

    * January 6, 2006: Gennarini replies to Jimmy Akin [link here]

    * January 6, 2006: Jimmy Akin writes an article "Neocatechumenal Update: It’s Still Spin" [link here]

    (* December 2005: Benedict XVI Brings the Neocatechumenals Back to the Right Way)

    Gennarini's right to Veto is not uncommon. The NCW lay founder Kiko Argüello (and other NCW lay people as well) personally "verifies" vocations before accepting them in the R.M. Seminary in Rome, Italy.

    1. Kiko and Gennarini both make a fashion statement of woolen scarf around thier necks indoors in the heat. What's that? Gennarini wears Burberry. ha. So cool. AND SCARY. Who ARE these people????

    2. NCW communities' lay persons VERIFY women's religious vocations too.

  3. Some people in italian communities believe that gennarini will eventually become the successor of kiko....

    1. Either Gennarini or that corse Carmen woman.

  4. 3 italians out of 4 guarantors ??!?

  5. To 803am is the nincio really coming to visit

    1. Nuncio is here to support the neo and to appoint a new aux bishop. Neo asked for Fr. Adrian . Announcement mid week. Already preparing the victory party at seminary for him.

    2. Yes, he will be here this weekend and will say Mass at a central local parish. I understand that he will also say Mass with our NCW brothers.

      I believe he is here to make his presence known, but to fix all the wrongs, well, that's up to us -- the laity. Contrary to what the NCW thinks or says, this isn't about "smoking out" anyone or vengence. It is about doing the right thing for ALL Catholics on Guam.

    3. Victory party same day as 20th anniversary of ordination

    4. So sad if the Nuncio is a Kiko

  6. " Let the Truth Prevail"

  7. Tim, Is the Nuncio really here on Guam? Pls. clarify. We need to pray hard.

  8. 4:12pm, that is true, but sader, yet if we don't do anything about it! As concerned Catholics we need to be prepared!!

    Our past complacencies is what brought us to this point, but let'ts not brood over it. What can we do NOW so as not to enable further abuse, further takeover and more wool-pulling over our eyes!

  9. Giuseppe Gennarini was on island recently, 7/20. He and i believe his son flew in to conduct an Admissio Scrutiny to four budding would be priests.

    the one seminarian i spoke to said Don. Gennarini said that he is not ready, he needs to discern for two more years for consideration into priesthood. Archbishop has no say. Gennarini, the Main Catechist for the US NCW, is the true head of the RMS seminary. Archbishop is like Queen Elizabeth, less even.

    These people are not the Church. They have no basis for calling up men into the priesthood. Please wake up everybody. This is not the genuine article. Saint Padre Pio is correct in calling them false prophets.

    1. Another Columbian admitted to Holy Orders. Pedro. Anyone know him?

  10. Seems like Kiko and Gennarini are two lay people with so much power and money flowing their way with no accountability and transparency. wow.

  11. Who are all of these old men coming to Guam to be Neo Priests?

    This must be the way they hide the mafia dudes around the's a perfect plan:

    * take over an archdiocese with a weak, narcissistic, idiot leader;

    * infiltrate on the ground level (The Way);

    * keep high-profile, idiot, NCW buy-ins as Neo leaders;

    * kick out the regulars (Capuchins);

    * delete and marginalize the emotional leaders (Msgr James, et al);

    * slowly lift the veil after Neo Kiko artwork has been posted in place of cultural icons (Santa Rita);

    * reset the receiving and the consuming of the consecrated host and bastardize the interpretation;

    * collect collect collect;

    * run away with the money;

    * run away with the land;

    * run away with our faith...

    I have to say that I take personal responsibility for my previous lives in not being closer to God, but after I was reintroduced to Catholicism in my youth with the Young Christian Life (YCL) movement brought along by Reverend (Father) Bob Phelps in Yigo (back in the 80s) I felt a renewed need for Jesus in my world.

    As I got older and my perception of the world grew, it also did I, away from the church in my rambunctious youth.

    When I got married, I returned to the Catholic church but met the unmotivated Capuchin; an unengaged priest can do a lot of damage to weak community.

  12. The priests (regular) can get bored with their homilies; they can get repetitive; they can get formulaic and I've even heard that they can download them from the internet. This lack of motivation (probably because of the myriad things the priest must also do) can weigh him down if he is not well-supported.

    If he is weighed down, his spirituality might not be lifted up so easily, so he tries the easy way...leaving a few meager sheep who already have one hoof out of the pasture to continue walking away.

    "Woe be unto the pastors that destroy and scatter the sheep of my pasture! saith the LORD. Therefore thus saith the LORD God of Israel against the pastors that feed my people; Ye have scattered my flock, and driven them away, and have not visited them: behold, I will visit upon you the evil of your doings, saith the LORD."

    The point is, some of the blame for people leaving the church is because they weren't being fed enough spiritual food. If one's fervor for God was met with tired, unmotivated and ill-prepared priests...then life gets hard for some reason, then "my God was not there for me" becomes "my church was not there for me"...becomes empathy...then they leave the church with a void that they know can be filled at some other time by some other love.

    In comes the sweetly trained tongue of the Neo recruiter; the nudging; the secrecy "away" from the church; the community and the "same but different" feelings..."hey, these people get it...they get me!"
    I have been a weak-minded Catholic; by not following up on my desires for the truth of God in our Catholic religion I found myself to be critical of my religion while standing on the outside of the "inside" of our church.

    I can see how "The Way" can help people try again with an "old family member" (catholicism) and how the agenda of Kiko can remain hidden inside of this elitist way of thinking.

    The passive/aggressive nature of the "I'll pray for you" and the "It is my cross to bear" is really just a way to say, "you're not part of just stop already, I AM holier than thou."

    The farther away you travel with the Neo, the farther away you arrive from the truth. It's a one-way trip, if you pardon the pun.

    I fear that Guam is part of a bigger chess game with the Catholic pawns of the world.

    These European men at Redemptoris Mater should be vetted to make sure that we are not housing/protecting more than just pedophiles like the defrocked priest from LA, Wadeson.

    I am ashamed of my Archbishop but not afraid of confrontation...I am tired but not too weary to fight...I am alone in a pasture but the Lord is my shepherd.

  13. Also been wondering who these old men are who keep appearing o Guam. after all what could possibly be their motive for wanting to live on Guam. why would Fr. wadeson even want to live on Guam? These old men have no ties to our people so what are they doing here. We have our own priests so do not really need them.