Monday, November 10, 2014


For a bishop as God’s steward must be blameless, not arrogant,
not irritable, not a drunkard, not aggressive,
not greedy for sordid gain, but hospitable, a lover of goodness,
temperate, just, holy, and self-controlled,
holding fast to the true message as taught
so that he will be able both to exhort with sound doctrine

and to refute opponents. - Titus 1


And he said to his disciples: It is impossible that scandals should not come: 
but woe to him through whom they come. - Luke 17


  1. Amen!..AAA just needs to take heed to this Epistle.

    Truly, it isn't AAA that I despise, it is the actions he has chosen to demonstrate, he is the Archdiocese's Achilles heel. It is not just AAA that has and is getting hurt, it is all of us. The bottom line that he is supposed to be our spiritual leader for ALL Catholics, not just the selected few (yes, the NCW members). A LEADER leads by example. A LEADER should know how to lead, when to lead, and when to step aside and let others lead.

    At this point, following AAA's lead would be disastrous for our Diocese (in my opinion) not just management wise as we can already see with the Basilica needing extra help with their power bill, but more importantly, for the good of our spiritually. We are still in deep prayer for unification. We can't be unified by AAA. It is too highly unlikely at this point. We accept their is division and now we are in damage control mode and corrective action mode to get the right leader into the right place for our Archdiocese.

    The hostile takeover of the Basilica has backfired and now they, the administrators for the Basilica, want us to pay for their arrogance, rudeness, rashness, and now, their mismanagement. It is true that I HAVE NEVER seen an outright solicitation from the previous administration asking for money for maintenance fees posted on a sign. The then Basilica Finance Committee ALWAYS had a plan. They knew the mechanics and variables of what was going on in their organization, within the Basilica. They ALWAYS had a plan from what I understood based on past discussions with those who were in the Finance and other committees in the past. I knew this even before the hostile takeover.

    I am sure new revelations are coming to light. Change is inevitable and I hope the 3 billy goats at the Chancery Hill do not think for one instance that the fight against their injustices within our Archdiocese has gained any sort of acceptance by the Catholic Faithfuls. We Catholic Faithfuls battle fairly and are ready to stand up to ANY NEONUT that comes our way. That is the reason why the NEONUTS "hit from behind" and then run. Pale' Mike is not afraid, nor are many of us Catholic Faithfuls. Try us on a face to face dialogue and let us see which of us is following the true Church Doctrines backed up by Rome, the Pope, and the Magisterium.

    Maybe I can get my 13 year old son who attended the ordination this past weekend to give a lesson on the Mass Celebration process as outlined in the rubrics of the GIRM. In my son's many questions during the mass (he was just outright confused with all the clapping and inappropriate timing of standing when we should be kneeling, etc.), I was actually embarrassed that he saw what he saw. He outlined each process that SHOULD have taken place and most especially, the reverence he felt that was missing in the mass as he observed those on the Altar talking during the consecration and even during the time of meditation. Even after telling him to stay his questions until after mass, he was just too keen on what was happening and could not hold back and believe that certain parts of the mass were, as Tim and many others have mentioned before, ILLICIT.

    This actually gave ammunition to my discussion with my sons and fellow Faithful Catholics this past weekend regarding how to better explain what is happening. Thank you NEONUTS for giving me the firsthand opportunity for a 13 year old to point out what is happening and what should be happening during this so called ordination.

    Tim, can you clarify one more time why the NEONUTS continue to believe they have been given the room to practice their illicit celebrations and what part of the GIRM and/or Church Doctrine we should follow? My resources is not as vast as yours and yes, I do have a fairly good understanding but would also like to reinforce why we are in this quasi state of why the so called NEO mass celebration is actually illicit? Yes, it is condoned by AAA so it makes it okay, right? NOT SO! A good refresher would go a long way.

  2. Meanwhile...yesterday was Fr. Michael Jucatan's first anniversary to the priesthood. In case you didn't know he reminded everyone at both masses he presided over. Tim - did you hear his homily about how weed is a drug and instead of using weed we should use artificial THC medications because it already exists in the market. Anyways he should smoke weed...maybe he'll give better homilies and be a better priest. I know of a few friends back in high school who used weed and they were top of the class. Happy Anniversary Fr. Michael, let's light one up! (candle that is)

  3. Fr. Jucatan in reminding everyone at two masses it was the first anniversary of ordination is really asking the cathedral people to give personal envelopes for his pocket.

    1. Can't seem to recall if there were any congratulatory ads in the Unatuna for him. Saw a few for Father Luis Camacho. Guess his community couldn't afford to place one. Sad when you have to celebrate your first anniversary without family members.

      I heard that Father Luis is asking the parishes down south to do a fund raising for his anniversary! How tacky can this be. Wasn't it enough that you had the parishes makes leis, mount the Santa Marian Kamelin in a frame that had to be made for the ordination?Those frames are not cheap! Actually these leis and gifts should have come primarily from the community of Father Julius.

      Did the south have a feast after Father Julis' first mass? Who forked out for this again if there was one? Don't you recall Father Francesco's statement? Listen and shouldn't be spending meelleons and meelleeons of dollars on food to feast on!

    2. You know very well that the south had a feast for Father Julius. You had to have been there to know about the leis and the framed Kamalen icon. FYI that was not the first mass for Merizo and umatac. The two parishes have been hosting a first mass almost every ordination time. The people are happy to do it.
      For clarity, the anniversary dinner is organized by the finance Council as was done in the past with Fr Mike C. Fr. Woilcheck was not keen on fundraisers but made visible Gods providence through the many benefactors he had. So this dinner is a regular activity of the two parishes and was not at all requested by Fr Luis.
      Please do not spread lies that will only hurt your southern parishes and their attempt to supplement their finances.

  4. After Msgr. David I.A. Quitugua and the Archbishop had a falling out, Apuron assigned him to Ordot when the dump was there. Now he has assigned the "other" seminary, the St. John Paul II Archdiocesan seminary to Malojloj where you can see the present dump located. And so, this is another consideration Rome must also be informed about as the Archbishop is totally out of control.