Sunday, December 28, 2014


Dear Apostolic Visitors, 
Here is the product of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary:

Hi, Tim!

Merry Christmas to you and yours. I'm still praying the new year will bring about the change the Guam Church is desperately needing.

As tradition goes with my family, we attended mass today at San Vicente on the feast of the Holy Family as we do every year, though each of my family hail from other villages/parishes.

It was the first time I witnessed a mass presided by the newly ordained Harold.

Having encountered so many priests through the years, I just developed a sense of when a priest is truly speaking with the fire of the Holy Spirit. This Harold does not have the Holy Spirit in him and I'm going to tell you why.

His homily was a disjointed mess of random topics. There were no actual quotations taken from scripture or any expounding on the readings or gospel. Rather he used some strange generalizations. At one point he literally said "we are all prostitutes in some way, giving in to idols and whatever". In fact, he ends a lot of sentences with "or whatever".

He speaks with such a weird jittery angry tone, at one point he just abruptly stopped speaking and nervously shouted "Hooooo! You see I just get worked up when talking about Jesus!" But I really feel he has trouble and insecurities with public speaking and he channels that into his jittery angry way of preaching.

He can't even remember to start prayers with "Let us pray" and just starts reading out of the book. 

The solemnity and sanctity of the mass was whittled away to nothing with his out of place joke cracking in the most inappropriate areas of the mass.

He even forgot to end the mass with the announcing of "Go In Peace to love and serve....." Instead, I kid you not, he ended mass with a "Uh ok it's time to kiss the Nino... Uh ok we're done let's go!" I kid you not!!!!

I'm so disgusted I'm actually going to re-attend mass somewhere else today. This man is not fit to be a priest and that's why I refuse to name him as "Father" here. I'm just absolutely flabbergasted at how this man was ordained as a priest.

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