Monday, June 15, 2015


This is interesting. Santa Barbara has "pledged" $16,800"? Really? Pledged? Or were they "billed"? According to one observer:

During announcements at a mass on Sunday, he (Fr. Dan Bien( pointed out an article in the Umatuna that Guam's largest parish 'owes' the largest amount to the Archdiocesan Annual Appeal. " 

Really "owes"? A pledge is money already committed but not yet collected. This is no "pledge". This is a quota given to Fr. Dan by the chancery bullies. 

Agafa Gumas - $3,300. An interesting number. Not only because it is high for what is little more than a chapel, but also because it is even. Hmmm. This suggests that "somebody" is throwing some money into the pot to round the number up. The high number also suggests that somebody or somebodies are anxious to please Apuron since he recently made them a parish. 

Agana Heights - $250.00. The parishioners continue to speak loudly. And an even number implies that this was probably from one or two checks.

Agana-Cathedral Basilica - $15,206.80. Not much needs to be said about this number since everyone knows where it's coming from. LOL 

Agat - $2,603. Well with Fr. Alberto there, what do you expect. Still there are parishioners of Agat who don't understand the war that is being waged. Plus misplaced pride may be playing a role.

Barrigada - $7665.00. Really that's all the Kiko-Cathedral can come up with? Oh yah, well that's pretty good given that their busing the kiko-clans over to the Cathedral to prop up the bishop at 9:30. Must feel weird to go to Sunday Mass.

Chalan Pago - $2,166.00. Really Orange Juice, that's all you can do?

Dededo - $3,939.00. And then there's the $17,000 pledge. 

Harmon - St. Andrew Kim $3,801.00. I've heard this church has fallen on hard times. Deacon Kim seems to be driving everyone away. 

Inarajan - $410.00 That's $410 too much but good job. Fight on. 

Maina - $536.00. Yah, well no more!

Malojloj - $545.00. Ditto

Mangilao - $3137.41. Hmmm. Okay, well I don't want to hear any complaints from the people of Mangilao. If you insist on supporting the seminary that will one day soon rid you of your pastor, then go for it. 

Merizo - $100.00. Apparently a message to Cunnilingus Louie.

Mongmong - $625.00. Maybe donated out of shame.

Ordot - Good. "Apuron you're the problem."

Piti - $1515.00. Your pastor is about to retire. Are you ready for what you're going to get? No? Then that $1515 too much. 

Santa Rita - $4956.00 Hey that's enough to repair that Guadalupe statue and put it back in its place, don't you think. Really Santa Rita? Or was that your pastor raiding your general fund? Wake up!

Sinajana - $2633.00 Apparently some "Capuchin" parishes think they are isolated from the problem. You're not. You are paying for your own destruction. 

Talofofo - $100.00. Okay, you guys get it.

Tamuning - $3210.00. This is interesting. This is largely a Filipino parish and usually supportive no matter what. Maybe they've heard of Apuron's treatment of Filipinos. 

Toto - $150.00 Way too much.

Tumon - $2130.00 That's a lot, but then there's a liaison there with Apuron that we won't talk about just now.

Umatac - $300.00. Probably due to some blow back from Cunnilingus Louie.

Yigo - $14,977.79. What a shame. And to think that your parishioners were on the forefront of the fight against the Kiko's back in 2006. Apparently you've been bought...or sold, or is "deportation" a motivating factor here?

Yona - $425.00 I know where that come from. Some people just need to play it "smart", or so they think. 

By the way, Pentecost Sunday, the official "end" of the Appeal was May 24. LOL. What a charade. 

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