Saturday, June 13, 2015


Lean how to BLOG, MAKE ART, or WRITE POETRY AND FICTION this summer!

Pre-rgister here: or contact Jessica at 9886620/

This workshop is being put on by Thrive Tutoring Services. Like us on Facebook!

Hope to see you there!
Jessica Rohr


  1. THE ROHRS NO WAY....................NO

    1. LOL. Yep. We are everywhere. Just imagine, daughters who are actually contributing to the community instead of drugging up and joining NCW to be saved by Kiko...or screwed by one of your presbyters. LOL. Fool.

    2. Hope Diana shows up for writing class. I told her she is tedious.

    3. Yeah!! l'll be checking her out real good, you cannot control that. LOL..

    4. But they can, and they will. Hmmm. 3:11 am. Hmmmm.

    5. Hmmmm. 3:11AM. I think I'll report this one.

      Barrigada, Guam
      IP Address:
      Guam Cablevision, Llc. (

    6. Tim, report it! Too much of this crap happening....enough is enough! Leave tim's family out of this....especially his children...and be brave and put your name.

    7. Thanks, Joe. I did. I know who it is.

    8. How's this a public service when you are charging an outrageous fee?

    9. LOL. That's funny coming from duped kiko's who are made to hand over property, life insurance, jewelry, and their children's inheritance to serve the voracious appetite of a money-hungry atheist in disguise. My daughter spent thousands of hours learning, perfecting, and proving the information that she shared with those present. Those who found it valuable willing paid. Oh, and by the way, there was no bait and switch "come and listen" plug where they screw you for all you have later.

  2. To all you Anonymous idiots who have, for the past few weeks, been posting inappropriate comments about Tim’s family, make no mistake – you are all sick individuals in need of professional help. As a woman, I take offense to your stupid remarks. You remind me of nothing more than those perverts you find on “To Catch a Predator,” basically the type of men my mother told me to stay the hell away from.

    Either that, or you’re nothing but teenagers anonymously posting, and are on the one-way trip to “Sexual Offender” status.
    Apparently that's the product of the NCW nowadays.

    You should be ashamed of yourselves. Despite Tim’s views (or ours) in regards to your…”gang,” this service offered by his kids should be looked upon as a positive service to the community at large, beyond our Catholic conflict. Basically if you have nothing good to say about it, shut up. I swear, if you think attacking a man by dragging his family members through the mud is effective, then I can only imagine you people live lonely, dissatisfying, and depressing lives.

    You must be that "funny uncle" in your families, right? Imagine, you write these Anonymous comments to this guy regarding his kids, are you sure you don't think that way in general while in public or with your relatives?

    Tim, keep posting, and I hope their summer venture is successful.

  3. Actually, I'm thinking Diana is probably not quite ready for The course:

    DianaJune 13, 2015 at 8:01 AM
    Dear xxx

    You ask: 'How does God knows what we will do?

    Answer: God knows everything. That is why He is God.

    1. Hey, Lady Di, we very well KNOWS what you were trying to say. Smile.