Monday, July 27, 2015


  1. What is really frightening is the advanced technique and psychological mechanism CCoG operatives employ to stir hatred and demonize people at these meetings for fund raising purposes. We read a lot about violence, even murder, in the mainland by people who believe those who demonize others. Tell me, who is really responsible, those who pull the trigger or those who demonize others?

    Well, by reason of group dynamics, these haters can only succeed if nobody counters them at the spot. They must be exposed as riding on other people's emotions in order to raise funds for personal gain. Now, they need money to pay attorneys so that they can bring lawsuit against the church. But their manipulations are so transparent. The audience is always willing to hear the opposite side, as well, if there is somebody there to present the opposing views. Then, hatred becomes an option among many others and eventually will die out. No sane people choose hatred when there are other choices.


  1. Dear Zoltan, despite your inflammatory rhetoric and your accusations against the CCOG of hatred, demonization, and even inciting people to violence and murder, you are still welcome at the CCOG meetings and we will gladly let you speak as long as the crowd is willing to let you talk. Just one suggestion. The CCOG substantiates its accusations with original source documents and recordings. Try to do the same. You say that the NCW has no teaching that Jesus is a Sinner. Fine. Please bring a copy of your catechetical directory and show us that there is no such teaching. See you Thursday at Barrigada community center, 6pm.

  2. advanced technique? psychological mechanism? CCoG operatives employ? to stir hatred? and demonize people? look at the facts of the issue at hand. what are we doing here micromanaging each others words and hold each other accountable for thing that we haven't discovered yet? zoltan don't play stupid... stop trying to not see that there is an issue otherwise you can just keep telling yourself you are smart and stay out of the jungle and leave this ball game to the pros. it seems like everytime we are out to help the people understand you want to destroy what ever little facts you can get your hands another common practice by the neo tempests... what? doesn't masta have enough for you to do? KNOW YOUR ROLE.....

  3. I held out my judgment on Zoltan to see if there are any redeeming qualities to his existence. This latest rant is clearly indicative of stupid. Shooting from the hip is characteristic of this pathetic fool, and recklessly advances his theories as gospel. He does not have a scientific mind and shuns vital research before he spews out his venom. Mr. Zoltan the Magician, why don't you direct your invectives towards Apuron who perfectly fits your accusation? One difference is that he has no need to fundraise because he has his hand on the kitty litter of the Catholic Church, and treats it as his own personal account! CCOG is not subversive, but a courageous group of individuals who want nothing but for the truth to come out! Their agenda is simply to put some sense into a divided church. You are clueless because of your blind devotion to the neo-nazis. Be the professional that you are and engage in reasonable discourse. Please do not vent your anger at a cornered female individual who is simply trying to make things right. What a coward you are, just like the neobutts that you defend. And, yes, there is no reason to your existence.
    Defiant Voyager

  4. Zoltan, the only thing is the CCOG is trying to do is to do what Rome has failed to do and that is to protect the assets of our True Mother Church. Since Rome has not taken any action, the group felt the responsibility to wrest back from your group an asset that belongs to the Guam Catholics and preserve that asset. The Cult that you so blindly follow is the cause of all this turmoil. I have not once seen any of you provide "hard evidence" that Tim Rohr has accused without the corresponding documentations. On the other hand you guys are experts at empty charges.

  5. Dear Zoltan, yes opposing "views" are welcome, however, when you start wagging your finger in the room and calling things "superstitions" without documentation on your part then people become defensive. Bring the NCW catechism or what ever you want to call it and we will make copies for all to read. Show us where Father Gofigan disobeyed his instructions and while you are at it bring a financial report of the RMS.
    As far as being a colonizer, well your NCW movement is being imposed upon us and that is a form of spiritual colonization, as I see it. I'm not sure if you were alluding to my exclamation at the Agat meeting as to you being threatened, but I will not waste my energy on you other than to emphasize again that your cult is not welcomed here! Tim Rohr does not need to "signal" anyone if we feel that the person speaking is rude and demeaning, as I felt when you were talking.

    1. Dear Joseph, if you were there, then you know that people agreed, even clapped their hands and shouted 'yes', when I referred to the Virgin Mary as born without sin. Now, I said, if she was sinless then her son, Jesus is even more sinless! It is just very logical, isn't it? This was one great point of agreement at the CCoG meeting. It is nothing more, than a superstition that Jesus was a "sinner", whoever said that for whatever reason. Thanks.

    2. You really think they were clapping for you? But anyway, the bottom line, Zoltan, is you have NOTHING to prove that the teaching is a "superstition". On the one hand we have you telling us that it is and on the other we have a priest, a seminary instructor, invited here by Apuron, telling us that he is. Bring the catechetical directory for the NCW to the next meeting and show us.

  6. Thus far, I have refrained from anything vulgar, but this is psycho-babble, pseudointellectual bullshit from Zoltan. $10 words do not cover your stupidity and naïveté....

  7. Zoltan needs to be fired from UOG! What he is doing is clearly a disgrace to UOG!

  8. Zoltan the Magician's unprofessional outburst is akin to that of a young boy who dropped his lollipop in the school playground. Devoid of comfort, he runs to mommy crying and saying that nobody loves him, everybody hates him, so he's gonna eat some worms. Perhaps Carmen, the Nueastra Senora de las Doctoras Chemicas can concoct kaka cure to help ease the pain?

  9. Everybody should quiet down.
    This is typical Pius slash and burn tactics.
    Find a volunteer willing and slightly able...Zoltan, the useful idiot to do his dirty work, without breaking from cover.
    It is obvious from comments slipping out from the Neos, that dissent and questioning has entered the ranks of the Way on Guam. Your hard work is slowly paying off.
    The least brainwashed are starting to rebel.
    Pius is circling the wagons and sending the volunteers out.
    They are trying their old routine. .."see we are being persecuted because our cause is right".....It is a desperate but efficient strategy.

    Lets not fall for that cheap distraction.
    Pius is a sly old fox.But we are not as stupid as he thinks we are. His arrogant racist ploy shall not pass!!!!

  10. Dear All,
    Let's not be distracted by Zoltan and be drawn into ad hominen attacks on this person. We need to focus on uncovering the truth of Kiko's plan for Guam and developing strategies to counter it. As more of our fellow Catholics on Guam become educated and armed with the facts, we grow stronger. Even though we welcome the NEOs to attend the village meetings, KIKO plants will surely try to hijack the discussion and inflame us to act and speak against our better nature.

    1. Hear, hear! Let us not be distracted with the low hanging fruit.

    2. zoltan is making unsubstantiated accusations about other people. therefore, at the very least, he needs to be reminded that he could well be committing sins by saying and writing those things.

      zoltan needs to review the catechism of the catholic church, specifically paragraph 2477 on rash judgment, detraction, and calumny. he might as well also review paragraph 2483, on lying.

      in short, the difference between providing proof and not providing proof is very often the guilt of sin. if zoltan would only examine his own conduct and the conduct of his fellow neocats, he might see the logs in his and their own eyes.

    3. For clarification, "low hanging fruit" refers to the ad hominem attacks that are employed in an attempt to discredit or even retaliate against Zoltan.

      Exposing his rhetoric as a false and disingenuous discourse, however, is always in order!

    4. Mr. Zoltan – I have purposely kept away from the fray your presence and participation at the Agat CCOG meeting (July 23) created – first, because I was not present at that meeting, and thus have to rely on information provided by those who did attend; and secondly, because of the fact that others more versed than I am are doing a fine job at refuting your alleged words and actions. There is no need for a long rebuttal from me.

      However, I take grave umbrage to a remark attributed to “Zoltan” on July 26, 2015 at 11:18AM. I quote: “What is really frightening is the advanced technique and psychological mechanism CCoG operatives employ to stir hatred and demonize people at these meetings for fund raising purposes.”

      I am a member of CCOG and I do not recollect any motion taken up at any of our meetings to alter our “Aims, Goals, Plans and Objectives” to include “the use of psychological mechanism… to stir hatred and demonize people… for fund raising purposes.” Where did you get this information? You are supposedly an intelligent person so I will let you do the research on our CCOG Constitution and By-Laws yourself, which were duly filed and registered with the Department of Revenue and Taxation on December 7, 2014.

      To use the words of Archbishop Apuron, this is a “calumny”. As an educated person you should know better! You owe an apology to each and every single member (and perhaps the supporters as well) of CCOG for misrepresenting our organization – publicly! Since the calumny was made publicly, your apology should also be made public.

      Just for your own info, here are synopses of some goals and objectives we have set for ourselves, and which we continue to pursue at each of our CCOG village meetings:
      • To provide an opportunity for the lay people to recognize a division which exists within the Catholic Church in our archdiocese – and to urge our people to pray for unity;
      • To be brave and forthwith in pointing out substantiated errors in Faith and Morals, that are contrary to the Teaching Magisterium of the Catholic Church;
      • To demand transparency and accountability in the financial affairs of our archdiocese;
      • To provide documents of what is shared with the laity, so people can make their own determination, and not feel they are being brainwashed;
      • To provide an official forum for complaints and concerns from the laity, and to represent these complaints and concerns to the church hierarchy and give the laity an official voice;
      • To encourage the Catholic Faithful in the belief and practice of the Catholic religion in matters of rites, liturgies and rubrics as approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites;
      • To encourage the observance of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, as approved by the Sacred Congregation of Rites;
      • To represent the concerns of the laity in regards to any archdiocesan decision to alienate real property, especially property which was given to the Church for a specific purpose.

      So far as fund raising goes, know that we do not use the CCOG village meetings for this purpose. On the other hand, we spend more at these meetings ourselves than voluntary donations are made. A “black bag” is not passed around for people to drop in money. No one is cajoled to donate.

      Refreshments are donated by CCOG family members and supporters.

      Aside from the book “Triumph”, and catechism books, all handouts are gratis and donations are respectfully asked to defray printing cost.

      With regards to receiving donations for legal fees CCOG is incurring to pursue the recovery of church patrimony, that idea actually came from comments made on the “Jungle Watch” blog. It was not an idea born of us, but from the people.

      We were amenable to receive donations and we will be transparent on how those funds are spent - rest assured! People will be given the opportunity to support CCOG financially through its website – to anyone who wishes to donate.

      /s/JR San Agustin