Monday, July 27, 2015


  1. What is really frightening is the advanced technique and psychological mechanism CCoG operatives employ to stir hatred and demonize people at these meetings for fund raising purposes. We read a lot about violence, even murder, in the mainland by people who believe those who demonize others. Tell me, who is really responsible, those who pull the trigger or those who demonize others?

    Well, by reason of group dynamics, these haters can only succeed if nobody counters them at the spot. They must be exposed as riding on other people's emotions in order to raise funds for personal gain. Now, they need money to pay attorneys so that they can bring lawsuit against the church. But their manipulations are so transparent. The audience is always willing to hear the opposite side, as well, if there is somebody there to present the opposing views. Then, hatred becomes an option among many others and eventually will die out. No sane people choose hatred when there are other choices.

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