Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Some may think that the incomprehensible and outrageous comments of Zoltan are just a distraction and should be disregarded. I maintain that error must be exposed and gutted wherever it may be found, no matter how ridiculous and no matter the source. Kiko Arguello was once a distraction. The Neocatechumenal Way on Guam was once a distraction. The Rhino beetle was once a distraction. But Zoltan is more than a distraction. He is a window into the KAKA-filled mind of a kiko-ite. And thus...very useful.

After posting TIM ROHR: THE BUSINESSIST and noting that Zoltan had mockingly used the term in his oft-repeated accusation of my being in this just for the money, Zoltan sent the following comment:

Let's repeat what Zoltan wrote:
"I have never ever heard or said any word similar to this one to anyone." 
Now let's read his comment on Diana's blog from just over a year ago:

You can source the actual comment at Diana's blog here.  

Aside from Zoltan's demonstrable mental lapse (a frequent occurrence) he labels those of us who have stood up for justice against the INJUSTICE against Fr. Paul as Catholics who have "lost their moral sense altogether.

Zoltan, do you now understand why people exploded at you last Thursday in Agat after ten minutes of similar insults? P.S. It wasn't because of any hand signal from me (LOL). It was because of the signal that came from you: a signal that the people before you were stupid and superstitious, and lacking in "moral sense."

Let's go on.

Zoltan says: 
"...why don't you talk about the personal appeal I made to you last Thursday? Please, tell everyone what I asked from you and what was your respondse. Or perhaps, maybe on perhaps, are you ashamed of that?"
LOL. Just the way you phrase the question once again displays the arrogant superiority you feel licensed to practice. Ashamed? LOL. You - ONCE AGAIN - tried to lecture me about what I cannot do or say. I told you to screw yourself (a paraphrase). And I'm proud of it. 

Hope you can come to the next meeting. This time we will record you. 


  1. Typical Gnosticism.

  2. "Send In The Clowns". They all can't survive in the Jungle. It's a circus.

    1. Why not send in BOZO the clown, the wonderful, wonderful clown!

  3. Is this guy representing the Chancery and or the NCW leadership in Guam? How dare him, and outsider criticize us about what we believe and and how we react against the evil actions of the NCW leaders on Guam. As a local this is an insult and a slap on our faces, Zoltan, please just stay out of our issues, your comments and contributions do not offer any productive resolve to the issues we face, just more lies, your actions incite more hate and discontent. You would help us all if you just leave..

    1. Is this zoltan teaching students in UOG. He should not be teaching in UOG with his kind of thinking.

  4. This can be traced straight back to the premise of the NCW.
    One of the premises is that certain steps need to be followed for you to have what they describe as a "mature faith".
    This implies that anybody that does not go through these processes are not mature in their faith.
    It also means that most of us, not in the NCW, have a lesser level of faith. This is what they truly believe, it is also a way for them to feel better, superior, closer to God. They are confusing pride with arrogance.
    This is at the core of the brainwashing the Way impose on their follower, and detach them from us.
    It is again the old adage of "them (us) against us (the Way)".
    The arrogance of such approach is evident for all to see, except of course for zealots like Zoltan.
    That also means that if we are not in agreement with this warped, devious and deviant view, and say so, we are making Zoltan and others like him "victims of persecution, because of their faith".
    This is exactly what Pius and his Cathechists are pounding in the heads of their followers at this time.
    Zoltan the Necessary Moron, by accepting these warped view and defending them, gives cover to the leadership of the NCW and the puppets whose strings they are pulling.
    A vicious circle it is....and real worth of the worst cult you can encounter.
    This smart con job that Carmen and Kiko have honed to perfection over the last 50years, has a weakness....it is a con job. This is why they need to lie, deny and destroy when faced with opposition. Sometimes they retreat, like in France, the Phillipines or Japan, but after a while they come back, because they want what is in your wallet.

    1. Excellent description, Frenchie. Some of us come from families who live out their faith, attended Catholic schools or parish CCD programs, have an active prayer life, etc. I've never understood the NCW process. Do you earn a degree after completing all the steps?

      Another thing that is rather insulting is the "invitation to joy." Are the rest of us a bunch of miserable people sitting in the pews? We come to church to celebrate the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. There aren't many things in life more joyful than this.

    2. Andrew, in Matla the NCW 's invitation is a call to the " Mystery of Salvation."

    3. Hello Andrew,
      No lol...you do not earn a degree...
      It is more like "what's behind that door?"....nobody knows except the initiated.
      On average it takes 2 years to complete each steps.....
      If you see that there are 10 different doors to go through. You do the math.
      Except for the initiated nobody really knows.
      Most of our info comes from people that have left.
      Hence the similarities with Masonic lodges.
      Since I don't know of anybody that left after 8 years, you can see why there is such a strong wiff of cultists culture.

    4. Sounds similar to Scientology. They don't find out the big "secret" about some space dude named Xenu until they put in a few years and pay hundreds of thousands of dollars. At least in Scientology, it's at this point that the actual sensible people decide how full of baloney it really is.

  5. An evil man is snared by his sin, but the righteous can sing and be glad. We all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, but we are all justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by our Lord Jesus Christ. We don't need to join the NCW to know that. We don't need to hear Kiko's interpretation or follow his ways to be closer to God. God said, if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land. The time has come to stop the evil NEO cult and heal our land. We are from Guam. We are the Salt and Light before the NCW came and caused the division. Think about it and God bless you.

    James T.

  6. Hey, Zoltan, please be at the Barrigada CCOG meeting! Bring your own recorder, for we will surely bring ours -- for the pure entertainment pleasure of replaying your "words of wisdom (not!)"

  7. Get lost you ncw!!! Just leave the island and allow us to move forward! We do not want you, we do not need you! You are occupying a lot of space and having a lot of expense and risking the sanity of our children. Stop pushing yourselves in a place that does not benefit from your presence! Your ploy as "missionaries" has been uncovered, and you are not really doing the Catholic Church any credit. Think for once, why you would insist on being here while being unwanted. Begone forever! You disgust me and my family with your lies and cultish activities!