Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Some may think that the incomprehensible and outrageous comments of Zoltan are just a distraction and should be disregarded. I maintain that error must be exposed and gutted wherever it may be found, no matter how ridiculous and no matter the source. Kiko Arguello was once a distraction. The Neocatechumenal Way on Guam was once a distraction. The Rhino beetle was once a distraction. But Zoltan is more than a distraction. He is a window into the KAKA-filled mind of a kiko-ite. And thus...very useful.

After posting TIM ROHR: THE BUSINESSIST and noting that Zoltan had mockingly used the term in his oft-repeated accusation of my being in this just for the money, Zoltan sent the following comment:

Let's repeat what Zoltan wrote:
"I have never ever heard or said any word similar to this one to anyone." 
Now let's read his comment on Diana's blog from just over a year ago:

You can source the actual comment at Diana's blog here.  

Aside from Zoltan's demonstrable mental lapse (a frequent occurrence) he labels those of us who have stood up for justice against the INJUSTICE against Fr. Paul as Catholics who have "lost their moral sense altogether.

Zoltan, do you now understand why people exploded at you last Thursday in Agat after ten minutes of similar insults? P.S. It wasn't because of any hand signal from me (LOL). It was because of the signal that came from you: a signal that the people before you were stupid and superstitious, and lacking in "moral sense."

Let's go on.

Zoltan says: 
"...why don't you talk about the personal appeal I made to you last Thursday? Please, tell everyone what I asked from you and what was your respondse. Or perhaps, maybe on perhaps, are you ashamed of that?"
LOL. Just the way you phrase the question once again displays the arrogant superiority you feel licensed to practice. Ashamed? LOL. You - ONCE AGAIN - tried to lecture me about what I cannot do or say. I told you to screw yourself (a paraphrase). And I'm proud of it. 

Hope you can come to the next meeting. This time we will record you. 

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