Tuesday, July 28, 2015


There has been something bothering me that I wanted to get back to: Archbishop Apuron's response to a Toto parishioner about the neo-priest (who Apuron pretended not to know) who taught the permanent diaconate candidates that Jesus was a sinner. Here's the exchange again:

...I’m confused because being born a Catholic and being raised a Catholic Jesus is not a sinner. But on his homily, he said that He was a sinner. So is this the Neo way of how we perceive Jesus? As Jesus being a sinner? And if it is then I think this whole thing has confused a lot of people and it has probably caused a lot of things the way people perceive their homily and how they preach their way. So I just wanted to confirm with you and ask if Jesus is a sinner.

ARCHBISHOP (01:01:34)
Well I’d like to know who that priest is… protestant. (Conjecture) But I did ask the question in one of the Confirmation kids when I tested, and sometimes I test the kids before Confirmation in the church, and the kid goes to school at Father Duenas and my question to him was, “Did Jesus sin?” and he said, “Yes.”, and then I said, “Wow.”

ARCHBISHOP (01:02:05)
<inaudible> But no, He’s not a sinner. He appeared to be sin and caught by sins as if He were a sinner and that’s how he died <inaudible> sinless. <inaudible> Honestly I’d like to know who that priest is so that <inaudible> and tell him that’s wrong theology.

Here is the link to the previous post. 
Here is the link to the audio recording.
Here is the link to the full recording and transcript of the neo-priest's heretical teaching.

We have already noted that Apuron pretends not to know anything about this even though the priest was teaching in his diocese at his invitation and with his permission

And we also previously noted that teaching "Jesus was a sinner" is not just "wrong theology", but a fundamental heresy - which Apuron doesn't seem too concerned about because he says "Honestly I'd like to know who that priest is.." and yet all he had to do was ask, but he didn't. (Of course he knew who he was, so another lie?)

But the thing that really bothered me, and I didn't have time to go back to, was how - in order to defend his neo-priest - he throws a whole school, his OWN school, under the bus. However, Janet B caught it and it deserves a re-post:

  1. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 24, 2015 at 9:38 AM
    Tony shows his true colors! Again, Tony displays his cowardice and complete lack of leadership with amazing aplomb. When asked a question about the kiko theology as taught by a kiko presbyter, the first thing Tony does is to deflect to someone else. Tony attempts to show how FD has bad theology by giving an example of a supposed FD student who answered that Jesus was a sinner. The question about the errant presbyter has nothing to do with FD or Catholic schools, but (good old defender of the kiko-faith) Tony decides to take a shot at his own Catholic schools. What an IDIOT...he is the leader of Catholic schools. Good job, Tony, you have pissed off a lot of FD alumni by trying to put your own school in a bad light, rather than answer a question about a kiko-presbyter heretic.

    What Tony forgot to consider in his inane example is that students, when asked questions by the Archbishop, often freeze up and cannot think straight, even if they know the answer. We have all seen this happen when Tony puts kids on the spot during Confirmation masses, in front of families and friends, and peers. It is a disgusting practice that he sadistically carries out to show his intimidating authority. But guess what. Even Tony gets flustered when put on the spot and asked questions in front of the world. Perhaps this is why so many people relish the picture of him squirming to avoid an answer, because we have seen him do exactly the same to innocent youth.

    I am certain if I asked this student in private if Jesus was a sinner the student would confidently respond "No Way!" Well, Tony, thanks for trashing the entire FD community. Most likely, the example is made up and not real. That's just Tony's style, a style we have seen so often.

    Now back to the real question: why did a kiko-presbyter say that Jesus was a sinner? This is a supposed priest, in the act of presenting a prepared lesson plan. It is not a frightened student put in the public spot light. Why would Fr Angelo teach this? We all know this is as wrong as wrong can be, right? Well, maybe not. Obviously, this kiko trained presbyter thought it was true. And I posit that Tony and Adrian also think it is true. Why do I draw this conclusion?

    This teaching took place in a class for deacon candidates, which Adrian is responsible for. When this comment was first made it caused quite a stir with the men studying for the deaconate. They questioned Adrian. If he thought this teaching was problematic he surely would have brought this heretical incident to the attention of Tony. Tony would then have taken steps to immediately clarify the issue to the deacon students. That’s what he did to the supposed FD students in the earlier example. But Tony did not. So no one at the Chancery did anything to get rid of this heretic presbyter or correct his teaching. They did nothing because they think the teaching correct. Hmmm…….

    to be continued...
  2. Janet B - MangilaoJuly 24, 2015 at 9:38 AM

    There is one other possibility, which is a possibility more likely than the idiots on the hill believing Jesus was a sinner. Most likely is that they realized it was heresy, but since the teacher was a kiko they did nothing to correct him. We have seen this so many times. Fabio hides statues. Egivaldo teaches that girls are like sweet oranges to be sucked by boys. Luis sucks the sweet juice from girls. John Wadeson has a dark cloud of sex abuse hanging over his head. Jose Alberto mismanages donated funds. But our shepherd does nothing to father them and correct them. They continue to ruin the faith without consequence.

    But woe to a non-kiko, true priest. When an opportunity arises Tony abuses them. If no opportunity arises, charges are trumped up to persecute them. Just like the supposed FD student, they are put in the spotlight and shot in front of the public. If you are a kiko presbyter you can do no wrong, if you are a Catholic priest you can do no right. We, the people of God on Guam, are tired of this belittlement of our diocesan priests, and the exultation of the kiko-presbyter wanna-bes.

    And finally, when asked a question, Tony falls back to the comfortable fail-safe...LIE! [They will never know if I lie, Tony thinks] "Honestly I’d like to know who that priest is..." Come on Tony, you've known all along who that presbyter is, don't you. Why not just be honest and say that you've spoken to that presbyter about this grievous error, and what action you've taken to make sure our local men are properly trained? It would have been so easy to just be honest. After all, it wasn't you who made the mistake. Oh, but it was a kiko, so you felt compelled to defend at any cost. Ok. We get it. Kiko presbyter good, Catholic priest bad. Just be honest now and admit at least that.

    But not to worry, we will not hold our breath because we know the truth will continue to elude you. Thanks for once again showing your true colors.


  1. Our archbishop is a true chicken. What else can be said?

    I look forward to the day when Rome finally realizes that Guam has a vacant see and decides to fill it with a true leader.

  2. If Rome hasn't acted after all that has presented to clearly justify his removal, what makes anybody think anything would happen now!! It's my believe that Rome will continue to let things stand and allow Apuron to ride things out until his retirement in another five years. Guam is too small and insignificant for the great Vatican to do anything.

    1. And that's good. While we need to continue to make the evidence known to Rome, we need to take responsibility for ourselves instead of always waiting for someone from the outside to save us. And again, so long as the majority remains anonymous, why should Rome care.

    2. You’re right, Anon at 3:15pm. I often ask myself too: “Why is Rome dragging its feet? How much more evidence do they need?” I’ve heard Tim put it this way that (except for sex and money), Rome ain’t about to lift a finger because AAA hasn’t committed a “removable crime”. So, it’s up to us to do something about it. But who is this “us”? Not “he”, “she”, or “they”. It is “you” and “me”!

      So long as people continue to hide in the shade of anonymity (for whatever reason) – good or bad; real or feigned - Rome will continue to say “who is this bunch of nincompoops anyway; they don’t even have a face!”

      But what if at every Sunday after the 9:30AM Mass (AAA’s Mass) at the Cathedral, hundreds and hundreds of people weekly stand across the Cathedral, or at Barrigada, or Chalan Pago, or other Neo strongholds - in protest, with placards reading: “Give us back our Church! Stop adulterating our Faith! Give us a Shepherd who can shepherd! Neos – go evangelize elsewhere! Rome: Are you listening?” Will Rome continue to fiddle?

      “Good idea!”, you say. “But let Jack do it! I can’t afford to be seen! I don’t have the time! I’m too busy! My job is at stake! What will my boss say! But YOU go for it! You got my support! I’ll cheer you on!”

      Or do we want to live like this for the next 5 years? Should we just all fold up and “die” and let them (Neos) take over, or should we go down fighting? I’m already almost 80, so I don’t have too much to look forward to! But what about the generations to come? Should we fight for them NOW, and bequeath something for their future - or let them take care of matter for themselves?

      JFK once said “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country”. Now we can say “Ask not what Rome can do for us; ask what we can do while Rome is fiddling”. - jrsa.

    3. We need to find a George Washington within our Church, one who would take the lead and has the organizing talents to plan, outline and implement a plan that will get Rome to sit up and take notice that the Faithful on Guam are being invaded by alien species (NCW). I think that a political type rally to the Cathedral on a Sunday with a complete agenda of speakers, banners, etc. with coverage by the local media is a step in the right direction. One thing is vitally important, this event must have several village leaders which will be responsible for participation and co-ordination within the villages. The obvious organization that is active is the CCOG. Your move.

    4. I think you are right. Are you willing to do it?

  3. Tony has never forgiven the FD students for dumping him in a trash can when he was a Theology teacher there.

  4. ANON 9:42PM....Please share more on exactly how it was that your class was able to have Tony repalced or "dumped in the trash can"? This is the second time I heard of this but please enlighten the rest of the laity. Be not afraid.


  5. Trash can best place for him.