Thursday, August 13, 2015


APURON'S ATTORNEY TO JOHN TOVES: "...we demand that you cease and desist your unlawful defamation of Archbishop Apuron. If you do not comply with this demand, Archbishop Apuron will have to pursue all available legal remedies..."


JOHN TOVES TO APURON AND THE MEDIA: "I stand by my allegations..He sexually molested my relative..."

The name of Apuron's alleged victim was redacted by the administrator of this blog, however Apuron (via his secretary), and several members of the local Media have the original copy with the victim's name:

Your move, Archbishop. Or should we say: Adrian.

Click here to see the count up counter for time since Toves challenged Apuron to carry through on his threat. 


  1. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONAugust 13, 2015 at 4:07 PM

    I pray to Mother Mary that all this isn't for naught. DONATE TO THE CCOG! Rise and take action! Act and save your Church. If you love Santa Marian Kamalin, ACT, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY, AND SAVE YOUR CHURCH!

    1. Mr. Toves, are you now the face and voice of JungleWatch and CCOG??? Just asking.

    2. Wondering if Tim Rohr is maybe just using John Toves. Or is Toves using this blog to gain some fame to appease his vanity? Mmmmmm........

    3. Toves was a think of the past until Apuron hired an attorney with our money to threaten him into silence. Apuron did that all on his own...unless you want to say that I'm using Apuron. LOL. Fools.

    4. LOL. 5:55. There are over 20,000 comments and nearly 2000 posts on this blog and Toves makes a couple of comments and you think he's JungleWatch. LOL. You're afraid...aren't you. Just asking.

    5. To Anon 5:55pm. Though the question is not directed to us, may I - as a member of CCOG - answer your simple question, sir/maam --- No, Mr John Toves never was and is not now the face behind CCOG. The names and faces behind CCOG are all very transparent and often seen/heard/read on radio,TV, newspapers, interviews, and letters, including commenters on JW. Nothing to hide/gain by anonymity, and we comment on JW when the need calls for it.
      As to whether Mr. Toves is now the face behind JW, I think Tim Rohr already answered your question, but why don't you direct the question personally to him anyway. And while you're at it, you might want to tell him who wants to know! - jrsa.

    6. Frankie Aguigui FarfanAugust 14, 2015 at 11:06 AM

      maybe it’s just me…… I’ve seen facebook, youtube, read the comments

      I still don’t see defamatory comments against tony’s reputation and character, or is this just about the sexual allegation, because if it is I think tony should just tell Mr. Toves that he did not or is it he cannot…

      Anyways, tony, I think it would be an easy story for you to tell, (like the story of the stairway in Dededo) or my favorite (the story you told Mr. Tanaka about the misplaced documents) those are good stories….

      Mr. Toves, according to (Can. 378 §1) to be a suitable candidate for the episcopate, tony must:

      1° be outstanding in strong faith, good morals, piety, zeal for souls, wisdom, prudence and human virtues, and possess those other gifts which equip him to fulfil the office in question;
      2° be held in good esteem;
      3° be at least 35 years old;
      4° be a priest ordained for at least five years;
      5° hold a doctorate or at least a licentiate in sacred Scripture, theology or canon law, from an institute of higher studies approved by the Apostolic See, or at least be well versed in these disciplines.

      items 1 and 2, as I said before, you have to have it, to lose it, like his readings from the pulpit, words on paper, like someone throwing the dictionary at him, words stuck, but the meanings are lost to him, if tony had misplaced items 1 and 2, he lost that all by himself, if he’s mad at you for pointing that out, that’s his problem, no one to blame but himself, or maybe pius for touching things in his room…

      item 3, be careful here, senility setting in, courts don’t like kids picking on old senile men…
      item 4, sorry Mr. Toves, tony got you on this, maybe you can argue tony is not a RMS graduate…
      item 5, tony got this, PHD from an institute of higher studies approved by kiko and carmen….

      again, maybe it’s just me NOT seeing the good reputation and character being defamed, or do I need to be a tony and join a religious group and wait to be told…. Being neo is being holier-than-thou……….

  2. Replies
    1. @5:13PM, you are the NUT-TEE who would GIVEE to the ARCHIEEE'S Birthday Partay. You and the rest of the NEONUT- TEES will soon FEEL-EE the PINCHEE. ONLY the NUT-TEE will SUPPORTEE from here on end. That ballroom will be swarming with KIKONUT-TEES. Don't forget to tell the ARCHIEEE, at the PARTAY that your Pockets will soon be EMPTAY. Don't forgetee to save for the 50th jubilay booklet.

  3. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONAugust 13, 2015 at 5:56 PM

    Thank you, but I don't crack.

  4. Oh my, as we used to say in the USMC, "the pin on that grenade has been pulled" and you can't put it back.

  5. Given all the insults and profanity directed towards Toves that I'm getting in those oh so brave anonymous comments - which I won't publish, I believe he has hit a nerve, or perhaps an artery. Right, Adrian?

    1. yeah, i don't get why other people, all anonymous, would direct so many attacks against john toves. what is their stake in the fight between toves and apuron?

      ...perhaps is it because they're afraid their own past would be dragged out into the light? the skeletons are a-shakin.

  6. What's a matter Adrian? Can't stand up for yourself once again......YOU ARE A POOR EXCUSE OF A........(I'll let others of this blog fill in because I know the list will be too long!). //Ghee-Hagat//

  7. adrian...poor excuse of a chamorro. You bring nothing but shame to the island, and mostly your relatives. And I refuse to refer to you as a priest. Go back to being momma's spoiled brat, the only thing you're good at, as everyone knows.

  8. Frame that one. Momma's spoiled brat. Cristobal, the jig is up, it really is. Shame!

  9. Adrian is not a "poor excuse" of a presbyter. He is a total waste of fresh air, stinking pugua mouth! Power-hugging nut along with buddies lying call me tony and tall pompous david.

  10. First. I want to commend John Toves for his heroism and his tenacity. Keep fighting the good fight as I am truly aware that Apuron is NOT innocent.

    1. Please contact the nuncio and tell him what you know. now.

  11. A point of clarification:
    we have seen the vicious and slanderous comments directed at John Toves, over the past few months.
    All those who know John personally can testify, to his unpredictable character, his compulsive practical jokes and stubborn nature.
    But no one, and I insist no one, can doubt his honesty, his friendship,(when he judges it can be granted) his strong Catholic belief, his dedication to his loved ones and his friends, or his force of character.
    John has faced many obstacles throughout his life, but he has always persevered, and he never has compromised his faith, or his standards.
    I have known John Toves for almost 30 years, and the only thing I could ever hold against him, is that his honesty is often a little too brutal, too brash. He is not and has never been a liar.
    It has many times cost him dearly, but he never wavered.
    I have known about John's cousin way of the cross, since he had the misfortune to meet his alleged abuser. This man's life has been ruined.
    So to all these anonymous who float out their poison and their bile against this courageous individual, I say come out of the shadows, be brave enough (if you know the meaning) to face the truth, even and mostly if it is ugly.
    Our Archbishop has compromised himself, and through this, he has allowed himself to be blackmailed and used as a pawn. We can see all around us the consequences of these choices on our Church, on our lives and on the fiber of Guam's society.
    We know where the evil lurks. It is not in the words or in the actions of Mr Toves.
    He is the lone voice, preaching in the desert. A desert of moral turpitude and a desert of fear,and lack of courage.
    The devil always hide his intention behind falsehoods. Which brings to mind Zoltan the Magyar from afar.
    For a while, I was willing to give Zoltan the benefit of the doubt, but over the last three weeks, he has revealed himself for what he really is, not a lost soul, not a zealot by default, but instead a willing participant to an evil plan to destroy our church here on Guam, but also throughout the world. Zoltan is definitely the spawn of Pius (Belzebuth), his actions are vicious, mean and with intent.
    The intent is evil and spiteful.
    St Michael defend us in battle.

    1. John C. Ada Toves TYPHOONAugust 17, 2015 at 7:48 AM

      Merci mon ami. Vous ette beau. Je suis heureux qui le ditties! Merci! Cest tres difficille. John Boy

    2. Good to hear from you again, Frenchie! Some of us can't wait to hear more about "THE POLITICAL HISTORY OF KIKO ARUGELLO AND THE NCW". You were keeping us on the edge of our seats. Please continue!

    3. I second Chuck's post. Please continue!

  12. ''Idiot'' John boy

    1. Okay. You want to go after Toves, go ahead. The fact is, he has checkmated Apuron. Now we're going to see if Apuron will let himself be thrown under the bus by Adrian. This is all so entertainingly evil.