Tuesday, August 11, 2015


In my post COMPLETE INCOMPETENCE and MUCH TO WEEP ABOUT, I recount the words of Fr. Jeff San Nicolas regarding the FD chapel name change:

"On Thursday, July 9th I talked to him (Apuron) about why renaming the chapel would be problematic. He reassured me that he understood the issue and that it is not his intention to rename the chapel. The archbishop told me that he had talked to Fr. Adrian about this problem but for some reason it was not immediately resolved. He assured me that it would be corrected."
I then noted two problems:

1. Apuron said it was "not his intention to rename the chapel", though on July 5, Apuron published the following in the U Matuna:
In virtue of canon 1223 of the Code of Canon Law and by reason of my authority as Archbishop of Agaña, I hereby erect the PÅLE’ JESUS BAZA DUEÑAS ORATORY at the Father Dueñas Memorial School in Ta’i, Mangilao....This instrument revokes the previous decree, Protocol Number 2014-022, formerly establishing the ‘Boys Chapel’.
2. Apuron "talked to Fr. Adrian about this problem but for some reason it was not immediately resolved."

Both of these problems point to a single red flag: APURON IS NOT IN CHARGE. 

Now, we already know this, but most of us are still scratching our heads over why Apuron would so docilely let Adrian run things - even forcing Apuron to sign a decree against his will as evidenced by the above!

Up till now, I have allowed for two possibilities: 1) Apuron is mentally ill; 2) Gennarini and Pius are pulling all the strings and Adrian is their puppet.

However, I have never really believed that Apuron was mentally ill (I only permitted that out of charity), and the Gennarini-Pius puppet master scenario, while true, did not seem complete. 


Adrian (for a variety of reasons including his history) is vicious and vindictive. The docile puppet role did not quite fit him. He seems to be much more in charge.

But because I could not figure out how Adrian could get Apuron to obey him like a well-trained dog (sorry if you're offended by that, but what else can we surmise when Apuron says it was "not his intention" yet he signs a decree with that exact intention), I had to figure that Adrian's power over Apuron came from his alliance with Gennarini and Pius, two people we know that Apuron submits to.

However, I received a bit of intel a couple weeks ago that makes the pieces fit better. And it also sheds more light on Apuron's threat to John Toves. 

As I've share before, threatening Toves makes no sense. He was already written off as a nut case; the media had stopped paying attention to him; and it was quite clear that no "victim" was going to come forward. 

So why the threat to Toves?

Well, let's back up to the intel I received. 

The intel suggests (alleges, actually) that Adrian has the "dirt" on Apuron. And being that Apuron is "short," Adrian formed an alliance with Gennarini and Pius and used the "dirt" to shove Apuron out of the way so Adrian could set himself up as the next bishop - permitting the NCW to remain in power on Guam for a very long time. 

In fact, the intel suggests even more. It suggests that Adrian's "dirt" on Apuron was used to blackmail Apuron into permitting the NCW to come to Guam and set up shop in the first place. 

It was a perfect storm. 

The NCW needed a bishop they could control in order to manufacture their presbyters which they could peddle to bishops worldwide in order to buy influence. Adrian - as per the intel - with his "dirt" on Apuron, offered Guam - which had the added benefit of a mostly unquestioning and non-confrontational laity who were conditioned to welcoming foreign clergy and coughing up big bucks. 

The informant believes that Apuron's passing over Adrian but raising two of his contemporaries (Quitugua the VG and Benavente) to the "rank" of Monsignor, was Apuron's way of getting back at Adrian. 

As we know, Adrian soon left Guam for a multi-year hiatus under the guise of going "on mission". However, the fact that Adrian was immediately appointed to the position of Chancellor upon his return, points to the continuation of the original Gennarini-Pius-Adrian scheme to sideline Apuron and run things through Adrian, setting him up to be the next bishop so that the NCW could continue unabated. 

This explains why Apuron is simply a rubber stamp for Adrian's ugly designs. All roads lead to Adrian. And Apuron's amazing admission that he did not intend to sign the decree changing the name of the FD chapel, and that he would have to check with Adrian tells us all we need to know. 

But back to Toves. 

Though it makes no sense for Apuron to try to legally shut Toves up, it makes complete sense for Adrian to do it. And just as we now know that Apuron did not author the decree to change the name of the chapel and that Adrian did, we can be just as sure that Apuron did not order the threat on Toves...and that Adrian did.

But NOT to shut Toves up. It was to shut Apuron up. 

Adrian knows that Apuron does not want to be deposed. Adrian also knows that John Toves is the last person who will be shut up by a threat. The idea was to "get the dog barking" loud enough again so that Apuron would stay in his hole where he would be made to continue to sign the letters and decrees Adrian obviously (and now prove-ably) writes.

Toves has released a letter telling Apuron to come and get him and has also continued his allegations via You Tube and his Facebook page. He apparently also intends to make the allegations in writing complete with names and send copies to the media. 

Thus Adrian - with Toves' help - has Apuron exactly where he wants him: checkmate

If Apuron proceeds with legal action against Toves, Apuron will be deposed and he knows he can't let that happen. If he does nothing - now that he has threatened action - then he will be seen as a coward or even guilty. 

Apuron's only course of action now is to let Adrian have his way. And the revision of the diocesan statutes is Adrian's next move - signed by Apuron of course. 


There are those who believe I make too many assumptions. However, all my "assumptions" have turned out to be proved true.

In the Fr. Paul case, I had "assumed" that there was an ulterior motive for his removal. This was proved true when we found out that Apuron had permitted the same man he accused of being a danger to Fr. Paul's parish to work in the same parish in the same capacity 13 years earlier.

In the Msgr. James case, I had "assumed" an ulterior motive and I was proved correct when all of the allegations against Msgr. James were refuted by financial professionals and the archbishop admitted (privately) that he did not know if the allegations were true. 

In the RMS scam, long before the secretly recorded deed was discovered, I filled this blog with "assumptions" about the scam which of course were proved true when the deed was discovered and an opinion of counsel on the legal status of the property was obtained.

In the Aaron Quitugua saga I had "assumed" that there was an ulterior motive for not permitting Aaron to study at a legitimate diocesan seminary. My assumption was proved true when it was discovered that - in the words of Adrian - "In the Archdiocese of Agana, the diocesan priesthood is no more. There is only the Neocatechumenal Way." 

In the FD chapel renaming scam, I told Fr. Jeff point blank that he had been lied to. Fr. Jeff then told me I make too many assumptions. I don't fault Fr. Jeff for that. By nature he wants to think the best of everyone. But to this day, the promised "fix" for the name of the FD chapel has never materialized, despite Adrian telling Fr. Jeff that it would be. 

Shall I go on?

All roads lead to Adrian. Let's make sure all eyes lead to him too.


This also explains why Apuron appears clueless whenever he is asked about the division he is causing, and why he continues to blame Rome for not being able to do anything. He really can't do anything, but it's not because of Rome. 

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