Monday, October 12, 2015


The following comments are all from the same guy. So since he wants so badly to be heard I thought I'd give him his own post.

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The division s the people on this blog who continues to fight against the local ordinary. Truly sad that people are outside protesting during mass, rather than attending the mass. Stop dividing and start adding more to the mass. 
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Next topic for the blog is the 1st foundation anniversary mass, the feast of Saint John Paul II and the Installations of Junee Valencia to acolyte on October 22. You are all invited but oh wait. Instead of supporting the seminary, Tim says its only a scam to shut people up. Instead of being happy for the seminarian and helping them, Tim tells them it's a way to shut them up and that their formation is a fraud and that they should go to Fiji. Haha. The seminarians are happy. Let us be happy for them. This is what start the division, all the drama. Just because you don't like it and its not your way. Haha 
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Lol. Looks like the capuchin bishops have some part in the Neos. Even the capuchins in the Philippines are Neos as well. With regards to the bishops being neo. So what! Maybe the capuchins on Guam should follow suit and be Neos. I bet the people will follow suit as well if Eric Forbes pushes it. But wait, he's always off island. Don't forget. Party in the Bay Area. 
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Fr. Blockley, you are a disgrace to the priesthood who keeps insisting to persuade the catholic faithful of Guam to go against the church of Guam. Rather than being a humble servant and a true priest, you continue to cause harm and division in the island and to the diocese that you are not part of. 

Protesting during Mass? What Mass. The bishop belongs to a cult that teaches Jesus is a sinner. There's no Mass.

Seminary, what seminary? Tell me one class that is taught at the JP2 seminary? LOL. Oh, but all that matters is that the seminarians are happy. Never mind that they don't learn anything. That's obvious from the product.

So jealous of Fr. Eric. Adrian, is that you. I can tell you this. The one way to enrage the majority of Catholics on this island and many more elsewhere, especially Chamorro Catholics is to try to take down Fr. Eric. Few priests have served the people more or better. Adrian, you should have learned this by now. But for the record. Fr. Eric, and every other Capuchin, has NO duty to the diocese other than what they choose. Capuchins are a religious order who have their own Superior who is NOT the bishop. This is how the Neo's should have organized themselves since their Superior is NOT the bishop either. But then, oh wait, they wouldn't have access to diocesan dollars. 

LOL. Go "against the church of Guam"????? Who has been desecrating our liturgies and sacred spaces with their heresies? Who has been teaching that Jesus Christ is a sinner? Who has been lying, cheating, stealing, and murdering the reputations of good priests? 

And who has been violating the bodies of innocent, little....

Best pack your bags. Fast.


  1. Neo-Free Guam (World)October 12, 2015 at 9:56 AM

    It indeed is very frustrating for the Neo's they are being hit from all side and rightfully so. They have to wake up and accept the fact, that they greatly underestimated the Laity from Guam. Kiko expected Bro Tony to bring the Laity blindly to the Way. Instead they discovered that the Laity is not as gullible as they thought and Bro Tony could not deliver Guam. What they are facing instead is that Bro Tony has to be removed by Rome, Their heresies are being exposed to the world. Guam has become ground zero is the fight against ridding ourselves of the Way. Kiko et al, Your "soft underbelly" has been revealed to the entire world. They are now being educated of your heretical Sect and Guam has provided a template for ridding other areas of this cancer. Guam Catholics Rules.

  2. The NEOS are the ones causing the division. It is evident when they old their own services at the back of the parish during the 10:00 am mass. Why not join the rest of the church instead of hiding in the back? Regarding the fruits from the RMS seminary, one of the prerequisites should be the ability to speak English effectively. These half-baked presbyters that have replaced our Priests are NOT READY to be sent out to minister the word to the laity. It was very sad at yesterday's service that the presbyter needed the altar servers (children), to show him how to prepare the Eucharist. Sad, very sad, not to mention that the homily was all about division and money. We all know that the jubilee prayer is a NEO prayer and I will not recite one word from it. Get out of our parishes, return the archdiocese property that was stolen because it does not belong to Tony. And finally, get your cult off of our island and take Tony boy with you!

    James T.

    1. Father Mel wrote prayer he says so openly all the time. :-)

    2. Where's streaming of Cathedral??? Just don't want the Jucatan to be seem and heard. More excuses!! Will Jubilee be streamed. Duds.

    3. Poor Father Mel. Another well-meaning priest from the Philippines who is being used by Apuron's machine. He'll be thrown to the dogs when Apuron is done with him - just like the others.

      So tell us why a priest NOT incardinated in this diocese, NOT from this diocese, and only recently arrived in this diocese, was told to write the prayer commemorating the 50th anniversary of this diocese?

      Why can't the bishop write his own prayer. It's his diocese. He's from this diocese. He's been the bishop of this diocese for 30 years. And he can't write his own prayer to commemorate the 50 year anniversary of this diocese? But apparently had plenty of time to pose for pictures.

    4. No answer necessary to these questions. The overwhelming instances of disconnect are indicative of the lack of leadership in the Archdiocese of Agana. There is no decisive mandate because apuron is not trusted anymore. Parishes who are not in the neo-fold are left to fend off for themselves and hope that they are left alone. Parishes with neo-presbyters are left with no choice but to stomach unintelligible rants from these clueless foreigners. Well, unless they travel to a non-neo parish where they get more substantially sincere messages. Those who are conned into ncw lies are slowly coming to terms with wrongfully dallying with a deceptive sect but are psychologically deterred by a vindictive set of "responsibles." Young people in particular are confused: asking and searching for real solutions to this quagmire brought on by the stupidity of apuron.

      Tim's questions are valid, and give us a glimpse into a severely divided and fragmented community. It is a community that has devolved into anarchy even as it feigns superficial harmony and false sense of normalcy. So sad, so sad. 50 years anniversary as a diocese? What a sham! There is nothing to celebrate in the last 30 years, however, a cause for celebration would indeed be the hasty retreat of apuron and his minions of presbyters and hangers-on.

  3. There is nothing anybody can say about Father Eric. Father Eric has expressed what traditional Catholic is about and He's from my village - Sinajana. We are most if, not all Traditional and that's how we want it.
    Tun Pedro Santos

  4. Ai Pedro.
    Don't be fooled by what this blog or what priests do. I for a fact know very well of fr. Eric and I must say I lost so much respect for him.

    1. Ai Adrian (and I don't mean Adrian Cristobal)

      We are NOT fooled by your anonymous blog comment or what you do. I for a fact know very well who you are and I must say I have lost ALL respect for you.

      And that's putting it mildly. I'm quite tired of your childish tirade against Fr. Eric and Msgr. James. By the way, that's one ugly statue.