Tuesday, October 13, 2015


  1. I don't know if Pope Francisco is waiting until the moment Kiko will die...I only know Kiko is called the "Secular Pope". When I started the Way, in the 80's in Spain, we were looked as sectarians by the great catholic people, bishops over all. We had to beg help asking lots of priests if someone at least will celebrate the eucharist, for petitential celebrations, for the convivences...to find a place where to celebrate some neo communities at the same time. The attitude to do it was to supplicate, by the time it was near an impossible mission. Then there weren't any Redemptoris Mater priests and it took some large years to have first seminarians "walking" into communities. My community had six seminarians at all, from different places (the most from Latinamerican countries).                                 
    For the time I lived the NCW, we had to pay for our new parish's temple (with catechumenium ad hoc), for the Redemptoris Mater opened in Madrid, for the Domus Galilaeae building, etc. etc. etc. A lot of spending money from others, not Kiko's money, of course, not Carmen's money (his father was one of the richest man on Forbes, she is his heiress and all the money was put into a neo foundation for the evangelization of Peru, it is documented).
    When Domus Galilaeae proyect, Kiko forced each community in Spain and Italy, maybe some other european country, to pay the equivalent to 6.000 euros of then, it's important to consider it. The thing was to find some brother per community who had to request a personal loan to the bank and after that the community will have to return it by monthly bags. So Kiko obtained many millions to build the Domus, each community had to give the cash to the Family of Nazaret Foundation. Cero taxation because that money came from donations.
    We know Redemptoris Mater live with food from charity organizations, it is documented in some aspects. But they also receive money through Family of Nazaret Foundation in each country and in an international level. That Foundation handles a huge ammount of money from all communities over the world.
    Did you see Domus Jerusalem Proyect? Here the numbers http://domusjerusalem.com/Donate.html
    Kiko said it was going to be a present for Benedict XVI by the year the poor Pope was expected to aprove definitely the NCW. Cardinal Sean O'Maley was ahead the great campaign...and your dear Chaput is in "the board of Trustees", see http://domusjerusalem.com/About.html
    The last news we had were about all the money given by jewish millionaires in USA, who listened Kiko's Symphony in concert, wasn't enough to pay the piece of land for Domus Jerusalem.
    Of course, it was impossible to give it as a present for Benedict XVI since the moment the Pope stopped the aproval of the NCW as Kiko wanted...despite Cardinal Bertone's nice efforts and Rouco's helping hand...oops, and Card. Cañizares too!
    And the poor Redemptoris Mater having their simple soup from charity foundations...It's not fair! (and it's not true, they do not have simple soup, they live much better than 29,2% in risk of poverty in Spain, even when we have not "barracas" as Kiko told in his fairy tales, that is for just one hole book). 

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