Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Aut Caesar, aut nihil*

LOL! Poor Thing Diana. So pathetically inept on all fronts. Hilarious! The restriction so clearly DOES NOT SAY that the property should be used as a seminary. Anyone can see that from reading it. But then the Thing Diana doesn't read. "She" only repeats what Pius the Putrid and Adrian the Inane tell "her" to write. 

But beyond the pathetic Thing Diana's usual drivel, the construction of the deed restriction is a true masterpiece of a land grab. It has to rank right up there with one of the most clever heists ever. So clever in fact, I'm sure Adrian and Apuron had nothing to do with it except to say "yes sir, yes sir, three black trash bags full sir" to their Neocatechumenal Master: the one and only Giuseppe Gennarini.

Gennarini is one clever former (?) communist. Pay careful attention to how the deed restriction  was written. Here is an exact copy of the restriction:

Here is the link to the full document.

It truly is masterful. I have renewed respect for Giuseppe Gennarini. He's no ordinary crook. 

Note that the deed dedicates the property, "to and for the use" of RMS, A non-profit corporation. Note that the deed only requires that the property be used by RMS. It does not require what the property is to be USE FOR!

Let me restate that: 

The deed restriction restricts WHO can use the property. It does NOT RESTRICT WHAT the property is to be used FOR. 

Understand that RMS is a legally constituted Guam corporation. Currently its founding documents say that it is incorporated to form priests "according to the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way." However, like any corporation, its articles of incorporation can be amended. Tomorrow, the RMS board of directors could vote to change the  purpose of RMS to something entirely different, even if it keeps the same name.

In fact, it is easy to see, given Kiko's penchant for the impressive and luxurious (e.g. the Domus Galilaeae) that he (via Gennarini) may have designs on turning the former hotel into a Neocatechumenal Mecca, the Domus Galilaeae of the East, raking in millions from neocat groupies who will journey here on pilgrimage to pay homage to a statute of Apuron the Benefactor, sleep in rooms adorned with Kiko art, buy Kiko trinkets in the hotel's gift shop, and visit the special room marked "Presbyter Louie slept here." 

So how's that! A money-making mega enterprise right there in little old Yona, gifted entirely free of charge by Apuron the Benefactor to the Beast. 

Masterful, Maestro Gennarini, truly masterful. You make your ancestors, the Borgia's, look like the Mickey Mouse club. 

And as for The Diana's saying "there was no transfer," I believe "she" is wise to keep her identity hidden since "she" is practicing law in Guam without a license and that will land "her" in jail. Meanwhile, let's copy here the decision of a real attorney:

Go here for the full document.

Note: the "subject restraint in use" is ONLY that it be "for the use of the REDEMPTORIS MATER ARCHDIOCESAN MISSIONARY SEMINARY OF GUAM." There is NO "subject restraint" as to what the RMS can use it for. Just like Gennarini planned it - and groomed Apuron to deliver. 

* The picture at the top is the coat of arms of the House of Borgia. The translation is "Either a Caesar or nothing." 

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