Thursday, October 8, 2015


The Kiko's posted this on their official Neo website:

The problem is the Wells Fargo Center arena in Philadelphia only holds:



  1. After watching this video, I noticed that as Kiko was handing out rosaries, none of them had a crucifix, only a tassel! What is the symbolism of the tassel?

    1. Found this in the internet: "In the Hebrew Bible, the Lord spoke to Moses instructing him to tell the Israelites to make tassels (modern Hebrew tzitzit) on the corners of their garments, to help them to remember all the commandments of the Lord and to keep them (Numbers 15:37-40), and as a sign of holiness. "
      So now we see more evidence of how Kiko is changing things HIS way in the Catholic Church. What a megalomaniac!
      I have an idea for enterprising people in the tee-shirt business. Print tee-shirts that read "I donated my Rolex to Kiko, and all he gave me was a string of beads with a tassel! "

  2. Then he takes it upon himself to bless people in the manner of the confirming bishop! Kiko, losing it. With his dirty black scarf. Ewwww

    1. That hasn't been washed in years. Ewwwwww

  3. In case we needed any more reason to think that "Diana" has no brain, she posts this:

    "According to information found on Wikipedia regarding the Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia:

    The arena has a concert seating capacity of 21,000 seated and at least 21,499 standing.

    That is a total capacity of 42,499. It is important to remember this.....when you point an accusing finger at someone, there are three fingers on your hand pointing straight back at you. "

    1. LOL. They are so obsessed with letting the right hand know what the left hand is doing. LOL.

    2. with the numbers that diana is using this was a concert - kiko and the wannbeeee(s)

      Bruce Springsteen and Billy Joel sellout banners hanging in the rafters

      The arena has a concert seating capacity of 21,000 seated and at least 21,499 standing.

      On August 13, 1996, a private concert by Ray Charles was the first event at the Center, with a crowd of nearly 12,000.

      Each spectator was given a commemorative key acknowledging they helped "open the arena".
      The inaugural concert, on September 2, 1996, featured Oasis, with The Manic Street Preachers and The Screaming Trees, before an estimated crowd of 12,000. The Center has since held other concerts by many famous artists.

      On December 6, 2002, hard rock band Guns N' Roses was scheduled to perform there on its Chinese Democracy Tour. The opening bands CKY and Mix Master Mike performed, but the main act, Guns N' Roses, never appeared, fueling a riot in the arena and causing about $30,000 to $40,000 in damage. No reason was ever given for the non-appearance by Guns N' Roses, other than the public announcement that one of the band members was ill

      In 2006, Billy Joel set a record when he sold-out his 18th Center concert.

      In addition, hanging from the rafters of the Center are two banners in the orange and black colors of the Flyers honoring both Billy Joel's 48 Philadelphia sellouts and Bruce Springsteen's 53 Philadelphia sellouts respectively.

      2015 with this kiko concert he will be billed as the top sellout artist of all time.....

    3. Okay, okay, read and pay close attention to the sentence "THE NUMBER OF PEOPLE WILL BE VERY CLOSE TO THE NUMBER OF SEATS. ". It didn't state standing room only. Remember this was hosted by Philly and pre registration was required.
      Neocatechumenal Way, Philadelphia, PA, USA
      September 19 at 7:16am ·
      Dear Brothers,

      Below we have outlined some important details and guidelines for the meeting with the Initiators of the Way in Philadelphia on Monday, September 28th.
      Please pass this information on to all of the brothers that will be attending.

      The meeting will be at Wells Fargo Center, 3601 S Broad St, Philadelphia, PA 19148.

      The doors will open at 1:30 PM. Do not arrive before then because there will still be buses leaving the parking lot from the events with the Holy Father and there will be a complete mess if we try to enter while they are still evacuating.There will be plenty of parking for both, cars and buses, in the lot.

      Food will be available for purchase for a time before and after the meeting only.

      Each group will be assigned a section based on country or state. As you enter the facility, there will be brothers wearing bright yellow vests that will be able to assist you and tell you where your group is seated. Please stay in the area that is assigned to you.

      We can display banners or flags in the Wells Fargo as long as they have retractable poles and are not over-sized. Do not tape any banner to the walls or railings, either lean them up against the wall or put them on the ground.

      Looking at the numbers that we have received so far, the number of seats will be very very close to the number of people. In order to ensure that everyone has a seat and is able to enter the arena, keep all small children on your lap.

      If you do not speak both Spanish and English fluently you will need to bring an AM/FM radio to the meeting. Provide one for your children too.

      In order to cover to expenses of the event, we are asking for a contribution of $20.00 per person.
      Please collect the money before the meeting and give it to the responsible of your group

    4. Based on an article dated 4 years ago for the center's 15th anniversary---
      21,424: Largest single-event attendance (Backstreet Boys, September 29,1999)


    5. "The arena has a concert seating capacity of 21,000 seated and at least 21,499 standing." This is just an example of a poorly written, and at the most, awkward sentence.

      To be clear, the arena has a seating capacity of 21,000 or if standing, at least 21,499. To combine the two numbers is an exhibition of grand incompetence.

      Manipulating numbers and facts . . . business as usual for Fr Pius' cabal of ncw bloggers know as "Diana;" a consistent failure to comprehend even the simplest of concepts. No wonder they can't properly interpret their own statutes.

    6. 21, 499 standing??? Asking for Mecca stampede!! Call the Fire Dept. they'd never allow that even for the Prophet

  4. The NCW Philadelphia facebook site ( - !!fanatic warning!!) says this (28 September 2015):

    "Looking at the numbers that we have received so far, the number of seats will be very very close to the number of people."


    "In order to cover to expenses of the event, we are asking for a contribution of $20.00 per person.
    Please collect the money before the meeting and give it to the responsible of your group"

    $400,000 if they tell the truth. $800,000 for the lie.

    1. And all the Rolexs thrown in the bag. In their frenzy to be with the prophet!!

  5. Hang on. Something else is fishy about this Neo propaganda. The thoroughly NCW Zenit posted this

    stating that over a "thousand families" volunteered to impose themselves on others and completely ignore Catholic traditions while criticising the same in other countries - but here in this excerpt from the "official site" it has no become 2,300 families!

  6. There was around 15 to 16 thousand people. The suites level was closed off, there were 3 empty sections behind kiko, a lot of empty seats spread out on the second level. Plus it was not configured like a normal basketball game so many seats near the ground were removed. Take all that into account and you get around 16,000 people. Not that the first time they exaggerate a number. In Spain they said it was 100,000 but that was way off and in Brazil they said something similar.

  7. Ohhhhhhh please get your facts straight my dear Diana. lol!!

  8. An afterthought : knowing how Genarrini operates, and since the Archdiocese of Philadelphia handled the invitations, reservations and so on, it would not surprise me if Kiko, Pezzi, Genarrini and others had a speaker fee and travel expenses paid.
    If I was a member of the Archdiocese of Philadelphia I would demand the publication of the accounting of said event. The faithful of Philadelphia might be surprised to find that they actually footed the bill, while they are closing parishes.

  9. It is rather amusing to read the NCW press release dated 10/6/15 that Tim provided a link for. The press release seems in response to the fact that Kiko was not invited to the Synod on the family and to reaffirm that Pope is in favor of the NCW.

    The press release notes the same “facts” that Diana “leaked” in July minus the bishop traveling in the power rainstorm. Instead we have the insertion of a responsible for the NCW in Argentina who allegedly was just given permission to release the info from the Pope.

    Very curious, will we Kiko is a saint published in the mass media soon?

  10. Ahhhhh, it looked like forty thousand...........YEAH RIGHT!!

  11. Even the Bishops are learning from the WAY!
    There is no group in the church today that reflects the life of the Acts of the Apostles better than the Neocatechumenal Way,' Archbishop Chaput said to the communities gathered in the arena. 'When the bishops and the lay faithful look at you, they learn how to be the Church.'

    1. He's a Kiko. Bought and paid for. The 3 Capuchins: omalley, chaput, Apuron.

    2. Dear Archbishop Chaput,

      With all due respect, I can think of at least 3 ways in which the life and practice of the Neocatechumenal Way departs greatly from that of the early Christians:

      1) Early Christian communities were composed of people at all stages of Christian growth, and they regularly welcomed newcomers, catechumens, into their midst. In the Neocatechumenal Way, on the other hand, communities are closed and all members of given community walk in lock-step through set stages after being judged by catechists. Newcomers are put into “younger” communities. The early Church did NOT do this.

      2) The primitive Church certainly had catechists within their communities, but these catechists submitted to the authority of their bishops (episcopos). The Neocatechumenal Way, on the other hand, has established an independent, global hierarchy of catechists, with Kiko at their head. The early Church had nothing like this.

      3) The catechumenate in the early Church lasted only a few years, while members of the Neocatechumenal Way are locked into a series of stages that lasts several decades.

      Chuck White

    3. These Princes of the Church are remiss in their responsibilities to be the primaryTeachers of the Faith to all of God's sheep. In this situation, People like Kiko take it upon themselves to teach their version of what they understand the Catholic Faith to be, and quite often introduce their non orthodox ideas.

      The Churches decree on the Pastoral office of Bishop "Christus Dominus" Para 14: "Bishops should take pains that catechetical instruction-which is intended to make the faith, as illumined by teaching, a vital, explicit and effective force in the lives of men-be given with sedulous care to both children and adolescents, youths and adults. In this instruction a suitable arrangement should be observed as well as a method suited to the matter that is being treated and to the character, ability, age, and circumstances of the life of the students. Finally, they should see to it that this instruction is based on Sacred Scripture, tradition, the liturgy, magisterium, and life of the Church."

      Our situation in Guam is quite the opposite, Our Chief Teacher and Shepherd is himself is being catechized in the NCW Doctrine. Did he give up the Orthodox Teaching of Christ through his Church for the novel teaching of Kiko and the NCW?

      Can we say that the NCW doctrine is Apostolic ?, We surely cannot trace its origins back to the apostles, through the bishops, but rather to its founder Kiko.

      God Help us All...

  12. Tim is that the best you can come up with? Bought and paid? Give it up, you are no longer bearded charmer but ordained D-bag.

    1. LOL. I must have hit close to home. LOL

    2. Unfortunately Tim is right, in Boston Archbishop O'money is totally in the Neo Camp.
      As for Chaput, I have a sense of dread. He was well regarded when he was Bishop of Rapid City in South Dakota, he is a rare example of success for Catholic American Indian. Raised in poverty, on the Pine ridge reservation, he became a Capuchin.
      Unfortunately, the bright lights of the city of Denver started skewing his common sense. His "success" is due to his churning out seminarians at a high pace, thanks to the RMS in Denver. Even, if he did not relinquished his powers like Apuron did, he became more and more reliant on the Neos, who see him as their greatest hope in the USA to impose their view on the rest of us. He got really bamboozled by their approach of "saving the family" which we have seen is a total lie.

  13. Apuron we could easily write off as easy prey and impressionable towards ncw, but O'Malley and Chaput? How disappointing that these two have allowed themselves to be enmeshed in kiko brainwashing. I used to admire them but now all respect is lost. Money does talk in a corrupt world, even in church. Sad.

  14. Apparently, Anonymous @ 3:20 PM doesn't know the Bible. 1 Corinthians 7:23 says that we were already purchased at a price. Do not become slaves to human beings. The NCW is a sect created by human beings that uses the bible for their own personal agenda. Jesus is the way, the truth and the life. Not Kiko, not Pius and not Tony. Only Jesus. We will continue to fight to keep our Faith from being contaminated by the likes of the neocatechumenal way. We don't need the way, we just want it to go away.

    James T.

  15. In every Kiko show like this always there is a VIP zone for the jet of the Way.
    And they have cool water, sit on chair with shadow, etc. (when rest of people are in a pilgrimage and have to seat on floor, stay under rain or it's hot under the sun).
    It's really a shame. Organization curses VIP pass for VIP zone.