Saturday, December 26, 2015


Posted by Chuck White

Michelle Beaune, from London, Ontario, replied by my post,  "Poor Natasha" at, with a comment stating that she would give ANYTHING to have Fr. Pius Sammut, our ArchNeoCatechist, "chastise" her.  Here is her comment, and my reply:

             Email:  m****

I miss Fr.Pius so much! He was my confessor in Canada and I would give ANYTHING to have him chastise me and my husband to inflame in us the ZEAL to be the FAITHFUL warriors of Christ we are all called to be! If you come to serve the Lord PREPARE YOURSELF for TESTING! In this day and age we are all too SESITIVE (sic)! The devil is real people! He is trying to prepare us to FIGHT not to be LUKE WARM! Can you not hear this? Ah! This man has SO much compassion. I am living PROOF. AMEN! And pls just pray for him if you think he is wrong and take a good look within yourselves. This is what we are called to do.

Ms. Beaune,
Merry Christmas!  I know that Fr. Pius would absolutely relish the opportunity to chastise you again too! So perhaps – if you’re willing – you could ask him to move back to London, Ontario, permanently. Or back to Malta. We’d be forever grateful!
Si Yu’os Ma’ase (thank you),
P.S. Ms. Beaune, Fr. Pius’s problems here stem from much more than merely publicly humiliating people.

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