Friday, December 25, 2015


I have a DVD set of old Christmas movies. "Boys Town" with Spencer Tracey and Mickey Rooney is one of them. While watching it tonight I was reminded of a post I did on this blog about Fr. Flanagan, the founder of the real Boys Town. I had forgotten what the post was about, only that I had been moved to write it after watching the movie. 

Searching the blog, I found that I wrote this two years ago. And having just married off a daughter a few weeks ago to a good man, the content of my post had fresh import - at least for me. 

As you will read, my post was about the infamous speech of a certain neo-cult presbyter, a speech which has forever nicknamed him "O.J." And while we must continue our crusade to rid ourselves of a fake seminary system and the cult which produces and ordains this kind of thinking, the real problem is that today, there are not enough Fr. Flanagan's. 

Maybe once you get your "church back"...there will be. Maybe. 

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  1. Edivaldo, that non-thinking charlattan braggart from Brazil, was merely referring to HIS ncw bad boy club, that included the cunnilingus louie who was caught in public sucking out an underage orange. No worries, his bad boy pal just got shipped off somewhere and richly rewarded for embracing his humanity. His reward is the absence of much-wanted chastisement from good mentor pius. It is horrible how these presbyters don't even get a slap on the wrist from the puppet archbishop apuron. And apuron wonders why no one obeys and respects him anymore?

    News flash, brother tony, you might get off by fooling your Vatican cronies into coddling your despicable behavior which is such an anti-thesis to church leadership, but people know better. They have ignored you, refused to give to your questionable fundraisings, made fun of you, and quite honestly, just wish you will decide to resign for the greater good of the Church. You give such a bad name to honest bishops who authentically honor the Lord by serving Him rather than themselves, For too long your position has been self-serving and disingenuous, and we are beyond sick and tired of your version of church leadership.