Sunday, December 27, 2015


The Neocatechumenal Way receives communion different from the rest of us because they believe something different from the rest of us. 

They believe it is only bread. We believe it is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ. 

This is why, at the root of everything, there is the absolute refusal to conform their communion rite to the liturgical books and why all manner of deception about a "document" is employed to deflect any and all inquiries into their practice. 

Kiko understands "lex orandi lex credendi" better than we do. He understands that practice begets, or rather, shapes belief. And he believes something absolutely different than the Church does. This is why you place yourself in danger every time you attend a "mass" by a neo-presbyter.

Obviously most of the members of the NCW do not know this. This isn't something they would be openly taught since it would probably be rejected or at least questioned. Rather, they are taught through practice that the eucharist is ordinary bread and nothing but a symbol.

They are taught this by the downgrading of the reception of the eucharist to a symbolic communal meal. Their practice is the equivalent of our taking the host in our hand and carrying it back to our seat.

The separation of the Eucharist from the One Sacrifice is Kiko's aim. But he cannot reach his aim all at once. Like the original Revolutionary, he must work by degrees.

Satan has always worked this way. He has always worked not only by degrees (gradually), but under the pretext that this is "good." Thus the fruit of the tree of knowledge of good and evil was presented to Adam and Eve as "good." Thus the taking of the "bread" in one's hand and sitting down and supposedly "contemplating" it, is cast as "good," as historical, as it was done "in the early church." 

It did not take long for that "early Church" to recognize, however, that the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ was prone to profanation. Already, even before the Gospels were written, we find the Apostle Paul warning the first Christian communities that when they eat and drink without discerning the Body of Christ (believing in the Real Presence) they "eat and drink judgement upon themselves" (1 Cor 11). He goes on to say that this is why many are getting sick and even dying. 

Because of the potential for profanation it did not take long for the Church to move from communion in the hand to communion on the tongue ONLY and distributed solely by a sacred minister (priest or deacon). Paul VI reminds of this in Memoriale Domini (1969):
"...with a deepening understanding of the truth of the eucharistic mystery, of its power and of the presence of Christ in it, there came a greater feeling of reverence towards this sacrament and a deeper humility was felt to be demanded when receiving it. Thus the custom was established of the minister placing a particle of consecrated bread on the tongue of the communicant."
Sadly, the degradation of the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Jesus Christ to nothing more than a symbolic piece of bread by Kiko Arguello is not unique to him. Once again, Kiko has simply tagged on to what we ourselves have already permitted and simply took it to the next level. The next level DOWN to be sure. But we ourselves had already begun the descent.

We began the descent by taking communion in the hand. The rationale was presented as "good." Feeding ourselves was presented as a sign of "spiritual maturity." And besides it's what the first Christians did, etc. 

And while Paul VI permitted the practice in a very limited and circumscribed way, the practice exploded universally within just a few years. Satan had to have smiled at this. The Real Presence, the Presence of Christ present in the Eucharist, his real Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity is Satan's kryptonite. And separating the belief in that Real Presence from the accidents of bread and wine was a triumph. 

And triumphed he has. 

This 2013 study shows us that less than half of Catholics are now "aware of Church teaching" and "believe in the Real Presence." 

Some would blame this on a lack of "catechesis," but what good is classroom instruction when actual practice contradicts it? We are told in a class or a homily that this is the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Almighty God and then we go to Mass and are forced to receive it like a piece of gum. 

Historically, the Church has always understood the importance of instructing the faithful through actual practice, which is why the practice of receiving communion kneeling and on the tongue came to be the tradition in the first place (tradition means teaching). 

A Georgetown CARA poll breaks the numbers down between those who attend Mass and those who don't:

And before you start trying to make yourself feel better by saying "well of course if you don't go to Mass you aren't going to believe...", realize that the same study shows that only 23% of Catholics actually go to Mass once a week. 

This poll and others tend to blame lack of belief in the Real Presence on not going to Mass. However, it is exactly the opposite. It is lack of belief in the Real Presence that has caused the increasing exodus from Mass and fueled the tremendous growth of other churches, not to mention the revitalization of atheism and religionless "spirituality."

For if we really knew that this is truly the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. If we really knew that Christ has commanded us to DO THIS. If we really knew that by receiving and consuming his Body and Blood, we are acknowledging Him before his Father in the way he has commanded (Mt. 10:32). And if we really understood the consequences of NOT doing so...would we be so inclined to miss Mass - the only place on the face of the earth where we can thus receive Him?

For those who "want their church back," THIS is how you do it. This was your church before it was taken from you, NOT by Kiko, but the "professionals" who thought they knew better. If you read Paul VI's Memoriali Domini, you will see that limited permission for communion in the hand was given to those places where the usage already "prevailed." At the time, it was only in a few German and French dioceses. NOT GUAM. 

Earlier in the document the pope noted that the practice in some places had already commenced without permission of the Holy See and it is truly tragic that the pope did not simply reprimand the disobedient and prohibit the practice he himself saw as a danger to the faith. However, there is no question that Paul VI - even while granting an extremely limited permission - demanded that the Church as a whole keep to the tradition of communion on the tongue:
This method of distributing holy communion must be retained, taking the present situation of the Church in the entire world into account, not merely because it has many centuries of-tradition behind it, but especially because it expresses the faithful's reverence for the Eucharist. The custom does not detract in any way from the personal dignity of those who approach this great sacrament: it is part of that preparation that is needed for the most fruitful reception of the Body of the Lord.
This reverence shows that it is not a sharing in "ordinary bread and wine"[7] that is involved, but in the Body and Blood of the Lord, through which "The people of God share the benefits of the Paschal Sacrifice, renew the New Covenant which God has made with man once for all through the Blood of Christ, and in faith and hope foreshadow and anticipate the eschatological banquet in the kingdom of the Father."
Further, the practice which must be considered traditional ensures, more effectively, that holy communion is distributed with the proper respect, decorum and dignity. It removes the danger of profanation of the sacred species, in which "in a unique way, Christ, God and man, is present whole and entire, substantially and continually."[9] Lastly, it ensures that diligent carefulness about the fragments of consecrated bread which the Church has always recommended: "What you have allowed to drop, think of it as though you had lost one of your own members."
As I personally will continue to shout from the roof tops: the evils of the likes of Arguello and Apuron and Pius are only the symptoms of greater evils. They are just distractions. And Satan is probably glad that there is so much focus on them. Your children were abandoning the faith before Arguello's prostitute religion was planted in Apuron's rotten bed. 

We will continue to fight the neo-cult and its tyrants, of course, but you must also begin to fight back on other fronts as well. Here are a few ways you can practically begin:
  • Receive communion on the tongue even if standing.
  • Receive it kneeling where possible.
  • Keep your head bowed and hands folded (just like sister taught you) as you return to your pew (i.e. STOP the "visiting")!
  • Come early to Mass and say the rosary.
  • Stay after Mass, head bowed, in thanksgiving. 
  • Take your conversations and greetings OUTSIDE when Mass is over. Let those who want to stay behind and reverence Almighty God as they should do it in silence. 
  • Genuflect before the tabernacle on your way in and out of the church - no matter where it is. 
  • Go to confession at least every two weeks. 
  • Get a missal and get to know the Mass. A good missal also has great prayers for before and after communion, as well as other important prayers. And some have summaries of the faith. 
  • Musicians, try not to do a "meditation" song. Let there be a long silence after communion so there can be a real meditation.
  • Stay kneeling during the consecration and after you receive communion. 
  • Strike your breast at the consecration and at the "Lord I am not worthy."
  • Do not receive communion if you are in a state of mortal sin. And if you are not sure, go to confession. 
  • And most important, when you do receive communion, make sure that you are receiving the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ and and not just a piece of bread. Stay away from neo-ordained presbyters. Unless they can show us in Kiko's catechetical directory that they believe in the One Holy Sacrifice of the Mass and that Jesus is Himself the One Sacrifice and fully present in the consecrated species, find another parish and another priest. Your soul and your salvation may depend on it. 
These are things that YOU - the laity - can do an do NOW. 


  1. Sadly we live in the digital age where Satan uses fools like Diana to propogate their Sacriligious agenda. You can't correct an idiot.
    DianaDecember 27, 2015 at 8:21 AM
    Dear Anonymous at 8:12 am,

    Exactly! If the Eucharist is to just follow the liturgical books in the Roman Missal, why should it even be an issue to others in the Curia? In addition to this, if the NCW had control of the Vatican (as Tim Rohr often claimed) it would not be an issue, and the Statutes would have been approved in 2006 after the experimental period was over.

    1. For a "young woman walking in the Way only 8 years" she certainly knows a lot. LOL.

      Of course she is not a "young woman" nor has she been walking only 8 years."

      Still, she's not very bright. The five year ad experimentum period began in 2002. 5 plus 2 is 7. Thus the period ended in 2007.

      Kiko might have had his way except for one problem: Pope Benedict. And when Benedict did not give Kiko what he wanted, he released his full legion of demons upon him, eventually driving him from office in 2013 after Benedict publicly embarrassed Kiko in January 2012.

      Kiko had gathered all the neo's in Rome to hear Benedict approve the neocat liturgy - so certain was he that he had manipulated its approval and had vanquished Benedict. But Benedict still had something left in him and stopped it at the last moment, turning Kiko's victory lap into a lecture from the pope on obedience. Kiko then turned his full hatred on Benedict.

      We are dealing with the full anti-christ in Kiko Arguello - but even he is but the costume. The real anti-christ is Carmen Hernandez.


    2. Diana, Diana, Tim is saying you're not a young woman walking for eight years. He didn't mention you are not a priest!

  2. Amen, tim.

    recovery from the state we find the local Church in will have to be slow, gradual process. the small actions you listed may be small, but eventually, if people do them with the conviction of faith, the Church will be in much better shape.

    i think i shared here before that as a young newcomer who had just moved to guam from the philippines, communion in the hand was utterly unknown to me. we never did that in the p.i. but fr antonio cruz at st anthony church at the time was so insistent on communion in the hand, that he refused to give me communion unless i closed my mouth and extended my hands out instead. to this day i receive in the hand most of the time. i myself am slowly recovering.

    1. Ah yes, the "famous" Fr. Antonio Cruz. Many boys will remember him. Right "Brother Tony"?

    2. did fr cruz do something else objectionable other than denying communion on the tongue? uh-oh, apuron. or should i say, oh snap?

      your mention of this has triggered my vague recollection of hearing rumors--more like quick whispers--of some kind of accusation against fr cruz back in those days. but he died before there was anything more about the rumor. the rumors would have been going around when apuron was either the auxiliary bishop or already the archbishop.

    3. Since he's dead, we'll leave it there. But Brother Tony knows. And who knows what may come out under penalty of perjury. Something is coming soon.

  3. St. Francis Parish in Yona under Fr. Andre move the Tabernacle from the side of the Church to the center where it rightfully belongs. This move has changed the entire atmospher of the Church. For this Christmas Season, the Mass being offered is pre-Vatican Council and more solemn and reverent. He also provided a kneeler to receive Communion kneeling down. These changes truly made the Masses a joy and welcomed change. Fr. Kidd of Maina also adopted the same changes. These changes are only made for this holiday season so all are invited to experience the Joy of attending. Special invitation to the NCW members to attend these masses and experience the joy of the solemnity of mass.

    1. Just a small correction. The Mass with all facing Christ together was precisely how Vatican II proposed it.

    2. KUDOS TO YOU PRIESTS. I agree wholeheartedly with you, Tommy. Kudos to Fr Andre for bringing back these “coming home” changes to the parish he is now entrusted with – St Francis in Yona. (No offense to any of his predecessors, all very good Capuchin-priest friends of mine). I remember Fr Andre fondly when my Island Choralers choir used to sing at Agana Heights Church on the 3rd and 5th Saturday evening Masses. Such a young priest, yet his ministry is reminiscent of pre-Vatican II pastors – very pastoral and very liturgical. He gives his parishioners that feeling of reverence in Church. I truly admire and thank all our non-Neo priests who are doing all they can to preserve our pristine Catholic Church ways of worship liturgically, theologically, and parochially, uniting pastor and sheep in the right way of Catholic worship. And I believe this admiration is not only mine, as I see so many parishioners of prysbyter-run parishes go to Mass on Sundays at Toto, Mangilao, Yona, Maina, Mongmong (and perhaps others) where the Sacrifice of the Mass is offered, not where a celebration is held. In my parish of Toto they had to accommodate the congregation by brining in folding chairs to a standing-room-only church on Sundays. Thank you, true servants of the Lord and true “pastot i taotao siha.” “Si Yuus maase hamyo na man-mauleg mamale”. – jrsa (Dec 28, 2015)

    3. It should be noted that what Fr. Andre and Fr. Kidd are doing is exactly what the Moto Proprio Summorum Pontificum called for. Seems most others ignore it.

    4. I also attended Mass at st. Michael at Talofofo and Fr. F elix provided a kneeler for parishioners to receive communion. Very reverent.

  4. i'm not able to go to yona, so by "pre-Vatican Council" did mr tanaka mean ordinary form but ad orientem, or extraordinary form?

    1. As per my comment above, it is not pre-Vatican II but exactly what Vatican II prescribed. Today it would be known as the Ordinary Form celebrated ad orientem.

      For those who don't know, the Vatican II document on the Sacred Liturgy, Sacrosanctum Concilium, ordered that "Latin be retained" and "Gregorian chant retain pride of place." Vatican II never ordered the priest to turn around, altar rails to be removed, altar girls, guitars and bongos, lay people on the altar or any of the other gazillion things we see today.

  5. How did the Church veer so far off course?

    1. Satan never sleeps. We do. It's not the first time. Goes back to Adam and Eve. But for the record, the pope who kept the "window" propped open after his predecessor threw it open in the hopes of a new "springtime" of the church, soon regretted what he had permitted:

      "In 1972, on the feast of Sts. Peter and Paul, Pope Paul VI delivered a sermon that startled the world. Describing the chaos then consuming the post-conciliar Church, he lamented : “From some fissure the smoke of Satan has entered the temple of God.”

      Learn more:

      I would also recommend a serious read of Church History. I recommend this book: