Sunday, February 21, 2016


This has become the diocese of the afterthought. Long after the rest of the Catholic World celebrated the 50th anniversary of the close of Vatican II, our diocese gets around to doing it over a month later and hurriedly tells pastors to cancel their Masses so everyone can hurry down to the Cathedral for a belated hoopty-doo so "I don't care" Apuron will have a photo of a full Cathedral to show Rome. The thing wasn't even announced in the U Matuna.

Then they get around to putting on some Valentine shin-dig a week after Valentine and that too isn't even announced in the paper. And it really nothing more than a thin disguise to raise money for Apuron's Yona playpen he calls a seminary. (Join the Laity Forward Movement today at 5pm at the Outrigger to protest this nonsense.)

And now our illustrious religious leaders get around to celebrating the Year of Consecrated Life 3 MONTHS after it is over. And how are they going to celebrate it? By treating religious men and women to a three day retreat with a psychologist from Pittsburgh.

Here's a better idea. Have Apuron and his chancery children spend those three days with the psychologist and leave the real "religious" alone. It's THREE MONTHS after the fact and probably somebody in the chancery just remembered it. These people get more pathetic everyday. 

Oh, and they are asking you to pay for it!


  1. Another money making venture that reeks NEO....SMH. STOP THE MONEY !!!

  2. This is another Trojan horse to prop up a NEO cult paper that no one wants to read. I feel sorry for any business that advertises there.

  3. Interesting that they are not asking their NEO presbyters to submit replies for these same questions. Aren't they also members of the consecrated life? And just think about the interesting replies they would provide.