Sunday, February 21, 2016


Dear Anonymous at 11:33 pm the hatred finally comes out. When it comes to Tim Rohr, it is okay for him to produce children like rabbits. But when the parents are in the Way, that is a whole different story.

LOL, Dungbat. The only "different" part of the story is that "parents in the Way" obey Kiko. We obey God. Bye. 

Oh, and then there's that public report "parents in the Way" have to give to their catechist on how many times they have sex each week. Wow! The things you people do to get your jollies. LOL. Courage



  1. Public Report?????? Huh?

  2. You say you obey God but you disobey your bishop, who is the heir to the apostles. Sounds like you are following your own religion and trying to get a following of your own.

    1. Please do tell in what ways I am disobeying the bishop.

    2. And while you're at, please do share where it says that a Catholic must obey a bishop who publicly rejects the authentic magisterium of the Catholic Church and who is demonstrably submissive to a catechist. Thx.

    3. 3:57AM, Archbishop Apuron has NEVERTHELESS been a shepherd for the island Catholics, for as long as I have known him. Back then, he only tended to those who had status, held titles, or constantly gave him an envelope. He continues to do the same now. He tends to his newly found community and the presbyters that he has ordained. What closely next time you hand him an envelope, the hands are quick and the deposit is on the same day especially if check is written. Probably afraid the damm thing would bounce. APURON IS MONEY HUNGRY!

    4. The shameless Apuron invited himself to another funeral mass, this time in Santa Rita, for the late Mayor Gregorio Borja. Father Gus Gumataotao and Father Jose Villagomez were there and their presence was understandable as Mayor Borja worked closely with them while they were Santa Rita' s parish priests, before Neo Fabio was assigned there. Poor family probably had to give Apuron money. Tai Mamahlao!!

    5. Don't know where to post this but word is that Our Lady of Guadalupe's statue was found at the Chamorro Cultural Center by Mayor Dale Alvarez who was there for a recent event. The statue is now in the hands of the person who's tasked to restore it, according to my source. Perhaps the Mayor can share the details with us.

    6. Out of fairness, it is possible that Apuron could be related to the deceased. I hardly think he's doing anything for the money anymore. He has plenty. And given how uncomfortable he is in public I don't think these public appearances are something he wants to do.

    7. Apuron said he is probably related to the deceased through the Santos side, but in the past he had stood up relatives who were expecting him to say Mass and instead chose to go to another funeral Mass for someone who was a public figure. So I think he came to the late Mayor's funeral hoping it would prop up his image as Mayor Borja was well known and highly respected.

    8. @AnonymousFebruary 22, 2016 at 4:27 PM
      The Arceo couple who were keepers of the Chamorro cultural center are part of the Agat Santa Ana NEO community...or whatever it's called. Perhaps that's why it's there. Just saying

  3. Choice of words, is of course very important, not only because it conveys your thoughts, but because it reveals where your thoughts come from and what they reveal.
    By looking to the dingbat choice of words, you open that window in her/his/its psyche.
    Lets look, just for a moment.

    First, the mandatory : "the hatred finally comes out", it is a Mantra of the Neos, and the justification for almost all what they do. Specially it is the 'cure all' excuse, they use for any challenge that is posed to them.
    It is because they hate us....see you are being victimized for believing in are martyrs for your faith.

    Of course to most of us this a load of crap (excuse my french), but to the kikos, it is the most logical explanation.
    It is one of the ABC of most cults. It is their version of batting down the hatches, or as some see it, the bunker mentality.
    That is the answer to all criticism, the magical wand of Kiko and his hoodlums.
    It is almost an entreaty to all kikos, when they have to justify something.

    What is most troubling is what follows.
    "When it comes to Tim Rohr, it is okay for him to produce children like rabbits."
    This is clear: here we have what the dingbat just denounced in her previous sentence, pure unadulterated hatred for Tim. It is a classical kill the messenger move.
    But what is most sickening is the rest of the phrase:
    " it is okay for him to produce children like rabbits"
    This is so revealing of the twisted, sick and perverted version of life the dingbat and people around her have.
    A) it totally gloss over the loving relationship of a Catholic marriage, and the role of the spouse. In this version Tim is just reduced to a rabbit-like sex machine, and his spouse is of no consequence. Really sick, yet not surprising. Basically what she does in this short phrase, is what Pius and other sick minds do to their flock: defile and debase the Joyful result of a true loving marriage, the procreation of children. She cheapens one of the most sacred thing we human do in our lifetime, the creation of life.

    B) it absolutely denies the long tradition of large Catholic families. Would the dingbat say the same thing about the just departed Justice Scalia, for having nine children?

    C) It demonstrate a twisted approach to the role of women in family life. It falls directly in the very troubling approach of the NCW and its founders. Please refer to Pezzi or Kiko completely out of touch theories of the role of women in family life, and you will find the same exact type of argument.

    If you were not convinced of the depravity and perverse concept of the NCW teachings on this subject, you have here in this little phrase the whole synoptic of it.

    Again, thank you to Diana for demonstrating, the inanity of your movement, and giving us another window in that Sect's troubling view of the world.