Thursday, February 18, 2016


Reposting from the Laity Forward Movement:

Please announce to your family and friends of the upcoming silent protest for the Archdiocese's Valentine Sweethearts' Ball this Sunday, the 21st. at the Outrigger Guam Resort, at 5:00 p.m. Please come and support our cause.

Also, join the LFM, at Piti Church, 9:30 am for "handbilling." 

Contacts: Priscilla at 969-7842, Lou Klitzkie at 653-6605, Mae Ada at 734-7777. Teri Untalan at 727-3577.


  1. And NO! to the AAA. I hear some parishes will have people accepting donations before and after the Masses.

  2. No money for the NEO Cult Factory!!! I commend Goes CNMI for sending thier seminarians to other seminaries then this NEO Cult factory.... Wake up Guam!!!!! Our island seminarians deserve a decent formation then this half baked NEO Cult Factory.....Stop the money until this infestation goes away...

  3. I attended the mass last night at St. Anthony and Fr. Rudy ranted before he did his homily because most of us were on the left side of the altar and not right in front of the ambo. He needed to make his homily short because he would have stiff neck if he will have to turn to our side. (?) Were we running away from the Gospel? He just hoped that we were not avoiding him. Oh, it was tempting to answer that one. I think Junglewatch is getting to him. I didn't know there is a right and there is a wrong place to sit in church. At least we were in church. I know of a group........

  4. Rudy's losing his marbles. Constant references in Jungle Watch to his misconduct unbecoming a priest, together with details and sometimes pictures,
    are obviously taking their toll on his sanity to the point that he now sees others (read: non-Neos) as his enemies. His guilt and paranoia has reached the point that he would see empty pews directly in front of his podium as a sign that people are avoiding him. His big mouth being his only tool of defense, he lashes out at an audience whose main purpose of being in Church is precisely to hear the gospel, not run away from it. I'm sure the church audience regrets Rudy as being the celebrant of the Mass that night.

    And if people avoid attending Masses celebrated by Rudy, I wouldn't be surprised. Serves him right!.

  5. Rudeee, Rudeee, Rudeee, what happened? PI sent you back here to Guam? Now we have to continue to listen while you use our presence at Holy Mass to insult us, ask stupid questions to embarrass people, preach with no preparation at all, blah, blah, blah. And best of all to crudely insult good women who dress appropriately for Mass saying we only come to church to show off our clothes and designer purses. Where did you come from. You are such a poor excuse for a priest. By, the way, Rudee, stop criticizing people's confessions publicly. He said, I said. Just shut up. Ok?

  6. Rudee's not being entirely paranoid. There are a lot of us who will avoid attending his mass if we know he will officiate. I feel sorry for the Carmelites for having him assigned as their mass celebrant. They're stuck. They can't avoid him.

  7. One Padre who took Rudee place at Sisters Mass complained to all that Rudee was supposed to be there and he was busy and not supposed to be him. So grateful to the nuns. Another fine priest of Guam. I was there. Everyone looked surprised at this announcement. "I'm busy"

  8. First ceremony at Mass put envelope of cash in your pocket. That being done, put your grouch face on and say Mass. Won't be complete until shout at or insult someone. Don't blame it on Neo he's not a real neo. Just kissing ass as usual to brother Ton. Neo? Nope. Our Agana presbyters prancing around as missionaries and we are paying double dipper Rudee. Excellent administration San Ramon hill.

    1. Apuron and Rude-ee are no friends. As is usual, they both have trash on each other.