Monday, April 11, 2016


Well at least it looks like Fr. Luis, thanks to Apuron,  will have a few more "youths" present at this "youth retreat" than he did the last one!


  1. Caution parents of Qatar catholic youth. Fr Luis was arrested by police while having oral sex with a 17 year old parishioner of his. He removed the girl from school for the day, gave her food and then drove her to a secluded beach. Fr Luis immediately resigned as pastor and the bishop accepted, knowing the gravity of his terrible indiscretion. So fr Luis was sent where people would not know of his problems. People in Guam pray for the Catholics in Qatar that your children do not fall victims like in so many other places- like Boston and Ireland and elsewhere.
    The girl says it was consensual. As parents how would you feel if your daughter was seduced, even if willingly, by this good looking man who people on Guam say should have never been made a priest.
    If you send your children to this retreat you are condoning priests having sex with your children.
    Demand a real retreat with completely different staff that you can trust.

  2. Glad to be Back to Holy Mother ChurchApril 11, 2016 at 2:07 PM

    I would like to know how members of the Neocatechumenal Way feel. One of their priests was caught having sex with a 17 year old girl, and now he is in a country that does not know him, and will be conducting a youth retreat.
    As a former member of the NCW I am appalled. Do you find this at all troubling. I would like to hear your thoughts.

  3. Back to Fr Luis again!! Tim is that all you have, given up on that casino??? :(

    1. LOL. Oh Rude-ee, u so funny. I have so much more. Haven't even started on u yet. Better go outside before you, ... Well okay. LOL. Courage.

    2. Janet B - MangilaoApril 12, 2016 at 7:19 AM

      Fr rude-ee - do you condone fr Luis back serving youth, based on his history of being what fr OJ wormed girls of? A 17 year old girl. At least you have the basic sense to lie with a woman who is not a child (except by height).

      Is there something wrong with Tim speaking out against a sex abuser conducting a youth retreat? In a foreign land where maybe some parents won't know his Sordid past?

      You are sad, please do as Pius says and stay out of the jungle.

    3. Rudee, Rudee, Rudee, you heard Pius say " stay away from the blogs!" But then, you really don't care what Putrid Pius says, do you. No, you don't.

  4. Rudee Rude! Always grouchy to us at Sisters Mass. Why are you there everyday? We want to come there, but not to hear you insult us. Feel sorry for sisters. Innocent nuns see dirty Rudee Rude everyday. Horrid.

    1. Those poor Nuns seeing Rudee everyday.
      Nuns need to ask for another priest who lives priestly life in conformity to his priestly promises.
      God only knows where his hand have been before consecrating bread wine into Body Blood of Our Lord.

    2. luis looks fat since he left Guam? What is diet in Middle East. MR & Mrs Camacho you need to take responsibility for your son. What kind of a Mother leaves her priest son like this. Perhaps there is more go this than we know. Shame on you Mr & Mrs Camacho.

    3. Mr and Mrs Camacho looked so old now. The also have to obey!!!!! See what you got yourself and your family into?

  5. Unless that page blocked my FB profile from seeing the posts of Luis because I linked news articles of the scandal in the comments, this isn't there anymore lol

    1. Hello L,
      would not be surprised if Zoltan or some other kiko, reported you to FB for infraction to their rules. The Z is famous for these kinds of low blow.

  6. Scandal Bishop Ballin allowing a priest who was discovered having oral sex in a car in a secluded AREA of Guam operating a retreat for teenagers. Reckless scandal to the Middle East Catholic Church.

    1. Not going to let him get away with it that easily. Patience, just watch.

    2. AnonymousApril 12, 2016 at 5:50 AM
      If he was so innocent, why did he resign and leave the island?


      DianaApril 12, 2016 at 7:17 AM
      Dear Anonymous at 5:50 am,

      To save the soul of the girl who had a crush on him.

    3. Pure disgust. The smearing of Fr. Luis' victim is the lowest of the lows.

      Edivaldo can now add Fr. Luis to his story of the examples of "boys who suck the juice out of young girls and then abandon them after they are used up."

      These are the vile fruits of the RMS on Guam.

    4. What else did you expect from the thing? This is pure Pius the very Putrid.
      This is the Denial phase....
      With soon the deflection, and perhaps at the same time the destruction of the victim and the family who will be led to the slaughter, without knowing it until it is way too late.

  7. So was it sexual or not? I'm not sure what to believe

    1. Dear Anon 9:58pm - was it sexual or not? You are easy prey for the kikos. Have you learned nothing in the past theee years?
      Look at facts:
      fr Luis arrested at a beach in agat - fact
      Fr Luis immediately resigns as pastor - fact
      Archbishop accepts resignation - fact
      Fr Luis immediately shipped off island - fact
      Archdiocese had an obligation to clear his good name if it is found that fr Luis has been wrongly accused - fact
      Archdiocese has never claimed the priest to be cleared - fact

      Fr Luis serving off the record in Qatar and preparing to conduct a three day retreat for teenagers - fact
      So anon @ 9:58- do you still think it was not about sex?
      Get real! The real question you should be asking is: if fr Luis can be sent else to hide after sex abuse, how many presbyters from other locations have been sent here thru the kiko mill? How many seminarians have a history of abuse and have been sent to Guam?
      Anon @ 9:58pm - those would be good questions to ask. Unless you have no children and grandchildren and you just don't care.
      Our bishop is totally corrupted.

    2. Which part of Cunnilingus you do not understand? Please consult your thesaurus.

    3. It was reported that the 17 year old girl consented to the "activity" going on in the vehicle that led to the police officer to initially arrest Fr. Luis. Hence, there are three points to keep in mind:
      1) What type of activity would cause an officer to arrest an adult in the context of what they are preforming on a minor?
      2) What activity requires a 17 year old to claim she gave consent to Fr. Luis to engage in order to reduce charges to a misdemeanor?
      3) Why else would Fr Luis resign immediately if all he did was keep his hands [or tongue] to himself? (keeping in mind the above preceding points)

      I submit that if it were not sexual, we would still have Fr. Luis on island protecting not only his reputation, but the integrity of the minor whom he exploited - exploitation according to the Sexual Misconduct Policy definitions of sexual misconduct written and approved (but ignored) by the Archdiocese of Agana. You can read it for yourself as this policy resides on the Archdiocese website.

  8. Cant believe that Cunnilingus Louie got away with this criminal act of sexual abuse on an innocent teen, and is now acting as if nothing happened, all the while he is within the presence and reach of other unsuspecting teens. Apuron along with the bishop of that location where luis is conducting his monkey business should be held accountable for exposing the innocent to the dangers of this wolf louie masquerading in sheep skin. What happened to your 0 tolerance sexual abuse policy Archie? Looking more like 0 action policy. Guess you cant enforce it on Louie, if you yourself are a suspect. That means under your administration, all sexual abuse will be covered up, swept under the rug. It is open season for all sexual predators to do as they please. This is you legacy Archie.

    1. Correction. It is only open season if you are a presbyter Kiko priest. But if you are non- Kiko like fr Paul then the archbishop will look at any reason to nail you.
      Archbishop allowed the same person to serve the same parish 20 years earlier. But all of a sudden it is a big thing for safety that fr Paul allowed the person to volunteer. Yet fr Wadeson and fr Luis are themselves the abusers and they are merely shuffled off to a new start while they continue to suck money from our diocese.
      Something seems terribly wrong here in Guam.

  9. 7.41am this is the problem.
    Selective Justice.
    Oral sex on paradise island with 17 year old is acceptable by Archbishop Anthony Apuron. Should police find a priest having sex in a car he will be protected.
    However, a priest who challenges authority of Archbishop Apuron and his cohorts will ve termed disobedient. Selective justice.

    1. to Anon April 12, 2016 at 7:41 and 9:30 AM, you two are too harsh...

      it has nothing to do about being a kiko, its about church authority...

      to quote from dianaville, if you are against tony, you are against the church, to be against the church, means you are against god...

      maybe you two are right, its all about being neo, or at the least which church and god is being followed and to them god is kiko...

  10. If the Neos feel that having sex with 17 years old or younger is okay, perhaps they won't mind giving the rest of us the contact info of their daughters and sons who are in this age group for us to do with them what the Neos say it was okay for Luis Camacho to enjoy. Oh Joy!

  11. One Hopes that Luis and Antonette, or for that matter uncle Tom, will attend the conference...if for anything, just to keep an eye on their Boy.

  12. The Dungbat is so delusional from all that KAKA....she insults Monsignor James, Father Paul and Deacon Martinez. Clearly they are not Catholic...

    DianaApril 11, 2016 at 5:08 PM
    Dear Joker's Wild,

    The accusation of Father Luis being a sexual predator was started by Deacon Steve Martinez. According to news report:

    "In an interview with KUAM, Deacon Martinez says he was obligated to file the report based on the Archdiocese's Policy on Sexual Misconduct. The report alleges Fr. Luis illegally transported the 17-year-old girl from her school without her parent's permission. He went on to state that Fr. Luis had the minor hide as they drove away from the school."He then drove minor child to Subway and then to a remote beach in Agat and had sexual contact with her, and that the GPD had arrested Fr. Luis," Deacon Martinez wrote in the report."

    This report started by the Deacon has many holes in it. The jungle does not care about who gets hurt in their attack against Father Luis. Their attempt is to stop the NCW in any possible way, but they have failed in all their attempts. As I said, three years and no accomplishment. They can brag about their page views all they want. The page views has not removed the Archbishop of Guam, reinstate Father Paul and Monsignor James, nor destroy the NCW on Guam.

    1. So Diana, no harm no foul. Why is he Qatar? To save the soul of the girl? Are you sh_ting me? Who picked up the girl? He could save her soul by saying no!! Who drove her to a secluded beach? Why not the Confessional? Now you blame Deacon Steve. What a crock of sh_ _!!!! He was doing his job, unlike the clown you have doing that job now. Lie, cover-up deflect. Kiko has taught you well. Damn, that probably was a compliment for you, wasn't it? You bastards will lie your ass off just to save your cult. Nothing else to it. It's a cult and you prove it everyday!!

    2. What else can be said, that the dungbat has not highlighted?

      The predator, is a victim.
      The whistle blower, is a trouble maker.

      More denial of the facts, the method is back as clockwork.

      It is the fault of the jungle, to relay the facts, therefore we are also guilty, by association.

      We are persecuting the NCW, without success, according to the mouthpiece.

      Finally she/he/it throws the gauntlet, and almost taunt. Patience my dear Diana, all good things come to those who wait.
      The Bishop is on his way, Father Paul and Msg James shall be vindicated, and the NCW on Guam will suffer the consequences of their evil ways.

    3. Deacon Martinez should be canned for his false accusation not only his investigation has many holes so is he a big hole. LOL!
      Black Spade

    4. I see. So Luis was hustled out of here in the dark of night for just giving the girl a ride home. LOL.

    5. Tim that is lame tasteless. So my question to you and Mr.White? How is it feel being CCOG's bitch?

    6. Chuck White must feel like an asshole!

    7. LOL Rude-ee. Are u typing with one hand again. Mass soon, right? Don't forget to wash. Joy.

    8. LOL Rude-ee at 6:27. Would u prefer he feel yours? Go wash now. Time for Mass.

  13. When I was telling you, Pius is on the full offense.

    Drip, drip, drip, the clock is clicking too, for the old monk.

    We had the Joker, now we have, black spade.
    I guess these guys play too much poker.
    That must be where they got the idea of the Casino.
    Knowing the putrid it is most likely strip poker. Bad! Bad!

    And of course Rude little Rudy. He must not have gotten any lately, he is really ornery.

    Watch out what you wish for, little Rudy, you might get spanked.
    Oops! I forgot, you like it!!!
    Now I know why the little woman got that paddle. LOL


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