Tuesday, April 12, 2016


On the eve of January 20, 2012, the Kiko's were hyper-ecstatic with glee. The pope was finally going to approve their liturgy. The Kiko's, including Apuron, descended en masse on Rome for the big news.

I remember watching it on TV. In the Vatican's Paul VI hall, Kiko was on stage in all his glory, strumming away, and leading everyone in song...his own, of course. The frenzy was palpable, even half a world away and on television.

Here's what had happened:

"The pontifical council for the laity headed by Cardinal Stanislaw Rylko had prepared the text for a degree of blanket approval of all the liturgical and extra-liturgical celebrations of the Neocatechumenal Way, to be made public the January 20 on the occasion of a meeting scheduled between the pope and the Way. 
The decree was redacted according to the guidelines of the congregation for divine worship, headed by Cardinal Antonio Cañizares Llovera. The founders and leaders of the Way, Francisco "Kiko" Argüello and Carmen Hernández, were told about it and joyfully told their followers about the imminent approval. 

All of this was "unbeknownst to the pope!"

Long story short, Benedict intercepted the coup at the 11th hour and turned the tables on the conspiracy to usurp his authority and make him nothing more than a rubber stamp.

Typical of Benedict, humble shepherd and classic gentleman that he was and still is, the Kiko's got a kind, supportive, and pastoral lecture, but it was still a lecture. In fact, for those who had ears to hear, it was massive slap down by a very angry pope.

Most important though, Benedict DENIED the Kiko's the approval they were so sure of getting. There was NO approval of their illicit Mass or any of their other celebrations that mimic the liturgy and the celebration of the sacraments.
The Decree approving the celebrations listed in the “Catechetical Directory of the Neocatechumenal Way” has just been read. They are not strictly speaking liturgical but are part of the itinerary of growth in faith. 
He then goes on with a BIG BUT and proceeds with a solid lecture against the division the Kiko's thought they had engineered:

It is another factor which shows you that the Church accompanies you with attention in a patient discernment which understands your richness but also looks at the communion and harmony of the whole Corpus Ecclesiae. This fact affords me the opportunity for a brief thought on the value of the Liturgy.
I revisit all this because as Apuron's Gotterdammerung moment approaches, we expected the Stinking Monk to ramp up his radical takeover of our diocese, and so he is.

There is no doubt that Cardinal Paul Josef Cordes is a friend of the Kiko's. In 1990 he was appointed their "go to guy" in the Vatican by JP2, who had a thing for movements, which is all the Kiko-thing really is. Pius the Putrid talks about him here on his website.

Note: JP2's favorite "movement" was the infamous Marcel Maciel's Legionnaires of Christ. JP2 might have been made a saint, but the destruction of countless souls and damaged children because of JP2's protective mantel over Maciel is one our Church's saddest horror stories. Read more at HOW KIKO GET'S AWAY WITH IT

Since 1990, Cordes continued to work, mostly behind the scenes, for the Kikos. In 2005, Cordes wrote an "ardent preface" to a book entitled "The Neocatechumenate: A Christian Initiation for Adults," which was synthesis of the teachings of Kiko and Carmen and an open apologia for the Neocatechumenal Way.

Cordes continues to show up in relation to Kiko on many occasions. "Just google Paul Josef Cordes Kiko Arguello." In 2013, he was one of the Cardinals present for Kiko's faux symphony "The Suffering of the Innocents.

However, and here's the reason for the above preface, it is thought that Cordes played a major role, working with Rylko (referenced above) in fashioning the conspiracy to sneak approval for the Kiko's liturgy by Benedict. In fact, I got a confirmation from Rome about this just last night:

I copy the transmission in full here:

Cordes is the Kiko backer par excellence.

He is a German Cardinal, who has reached the 80 year old ceiling in 2014, and can no longer vote.

  • Priest in 1961
  • Auxiliary Bishop in 1975
  • V.P Pontifical council for the laity 1980
  • Archbishop and President of Cor Unum 1995
  • Participated in several Synod of Bishops in 97,98, 1999, 2001, 2005
  • Cardinal in 2007, seated on 7 congregations

At first a student in Germany and France. He is a follower of Karl Rahner, Henri de Lubac and Yves Congar. The inventors of modernism and architects of Vatican II. (They are also, the main influence on Carmen.)

He got his first Vatican Job as a protege of Archbishop of Austria: Alois Wagner, also a modernist.

As president of Cor Unum he replaced a long line of French Cardinals. He starts his conversion to fake conservatism under JPII,  in the mid to late 90s. Named the Cameleo, he apparently gets close to KIKO in Rome thanks to a discalced Carmelite from Spain, Jesus Castellano Cervera  a Doctor of theology  and teacher at Teresarium, Cervera is another one of Kiko's friends who will die in "unusual circumstances" in june of 2006.

Since his "retirement" Cordes has taken positions very similar to the NCW on the issue of gay marriage and secularization. He has had a huge fight with Cardinal Marx the head of the German council of bishops, and has pleased many conservatives.

But his main focus is the Catholic Charismatic renewal. He wrote several books on the subject. Some prefaced by Cervera, with several with Kiko paintings on the cover.

Lately he is traveling around the world, receiving honorary degrees, and lecturing in many Kiko ventures. He still has many powerful connections in the Curia.

He was suspected to be the main actor in the failed attempt to make the NCW liturgy official, and has not spoken with Benedict since.Until then he had been one of the trusted cadre of German prelate around the pontiff emeritus.

Now that you know all this, read THIS.


Meanwhile, over at St. Anthony's parish, the Stinking Monk is sneaking in another Kiko under the guise - as usual - of authentic Catholicism, because if it was known who this priest (?) really is, many people would not attend. In fact, perhaps the Laity Forward Movement should plan to target the Stinking Monk's sneaky attempt to take advantage of the good parishioners of St. Anthony's.

Pius the Putrid has invited a certain Fr. Paolo Benetton to give a conference, hosted by St. Anthony's, titled Martyrdom then. Martyrdom now. We can expect it to be filled with KAKA and designed to serve the Kiko-god because:

Redemptorist Mater
Missionary Seminary-Manila
Rector: Father Paolo Benetton

Once again, the Stinking Monk tries to screw us:

Ummmm, I wonder what is "the current situation." 

Yes, Msgr. (Arroyo), DO LET US KNOW "the details of place, time, etc." We will be sure to attend. Signs will read: PIUS, GET OUT!

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