Thursday, May 19, 2016


  1. Marilu D. MartinezMay 18, 2016 at 8:48 PM
    For far too long Archbishop, the faithful have not only observed but felt the different levels and ways you condescendingly treated and regarded our island faithful and our non-neo Clergy who steadfastly refuse to bow down to the non-Catholic and heretical ways of the neo-catechumenal religion that you chose to sell your soul to. We have been the brunt of your lies, deceit, fraud and your belittling of our intelligence by your transparent attempts to pull the wool over our eyes! You did not succeed!

    Now Archbishop, in shameless boldness and smug-satisfaction, you dare ask the faithful of our Church to choose to believe you over the victim who accuses you of sexual molestation; over the child-victim you took advantage of, and over the child-victim you planted fear into by flexing a trust and priestly authority that young altar boys had for you? Your self-developed mendacious reputation will, unfortunately, now be only one of the causes of your downfall.

    Take this last opportunity Archbishop, to salvage at least whatever bit of dignity you can still salvage because Archbishop, the faithful of our Church on Guam believe Roy Quintanilla and will have his back. We applaud Roy’s courageousness and his family’s loving stance in support of him and we will keep him in our prayers. Yes, we will also pray for you Archbishop -- that you may find sincere humility and “true compunction of heart” to apologize to and to ask forgiveness from your victims first -- and then, from our all-knowing, all-just, all-merciful and all-loving God and Creator.


  1. Far too long indeed. We have been far too patient and so hopeful for a reconciliation. Ironic that the one tasked with reconciling men to others, and men to God, would opt to hide behind the skirt of the Catholic Church once people figured out what he is really about. Would it have made a difference if he chose a conciliatory and priestly tone to accusations lobbed at him? You bet! Unfortunately his life choices have been tragic, spineless and destructive and now in full view for the world to judge.

  2. My early life was filled with hopes and dreams, with trust and respect,
    My early life then took a turn I never would expect.
    My early life then focused on surviving a living nightmare,
    My early life would go on, but I did not know where.
    My early life is shadowed by a secret I would hold,
    My early life is now unburdened by the secret I have told.

    God bless you Roy. May your courage inspire other victims to summon the courage to speak out.

  3. Fr.Matthew Blockley.May 19, 2016 at 9:54 AM

    Absoloutely disgusting. A man who worked hard to tarnish the lives of so many others now asks us to believe him
    Tony why would we believe you when you spent 24 years to my knowledge lieing to tarnish destroy others who stood up against your sick thinking.
    Do you ever stop to think of those you have hurt?