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In defense of the NCW, Anonymous says:

Tim has responded to me by saying, I've been misled. So far, and in all honesty, I haven't. I entered the NCW with many criticisms and everyday I find out that many of the misconceptions have arisen from individuals who did not understand something that was said or something they saw and decided to leave without clarification. 

Of course no one in the NCW is going to say they are misled, so this person's defense holds no water. So let me tell you how you are misled.

Compare the way you receive communion in your community to the way the rest of the church receives it. What is different?

There are two differences:
1) You remain standing in your place instead of processing towards the minister
2) You do not immediately consume it but wait until all the communicants have received and then consume together upon a signal from the minister.

Compare this practice to the Statute of the Neocatechumenal Way Article 13, § 3 which allows for you to remain standing in your place, but DOES NOT ALLLOW for you to continue holding the consecrated bread in your hand. 

In this matter, the statute refers the reader to footnote no. 49 which further refers the reader to the instruction from the CDW of 12/1/05 demanding that the NCW change this practice to conform with the liturgical books and to the speech of Pope Benedict of 1/12/06 telling the NCW that the instruction was from him and he expected it to be obeyed. 

NOTE: The fact that this footnote is IN the final statute means that it is to be obeyed, that it is no longer up for consideration or interpretation or awaiting some other approval. It is to be OBEYED. And IT IS NOT. Get it, Anonymous?

You have been misled because your leaders told you that the manner in which you receive communion is in conformity with your Statute. They lied. And it is time to tell you why they lied.

In April of 2008, four months after the "grace period" ended, I wrote to a priest at Redemptoris Mater Seminary who is a member of the NCW and inquired as to why the NCW had not changed its practice of receiving holy communion as Rome had required. We'll get to his response, but some background first. Read on, if you dare. 

The 12/1/05 instruction from the Congregation of Divine Worship and the Sacraments (CDW) had given a two year grace period to "pass from" the manner in which the NCW was currently receiving communion to "the manner of distributing the Body and Blood of Christ that is provided in the liturgical books." In other words, you were to distribute and receive holy communion like the rest of us. 

About a month later, Archbishop Apuron publicly criticized the CDW's instruction on KOLG and called in to question the credentials of the Cardinal Prefect of the Congregation which had authored the instruction, even though the instruction began with the words "The Holy Father wishes you to know…" 

"The Holy Father wishes you to know" was further and emphatically reemphasized by Pope Benedict himself in a speech to the NCW on 1/12/06: "I am sure you will attentively observe these norms that reflect what is provided for in the liturgical books approved by the Church."

The reason the Pope said this is because he was aware of the decision by Kiko NOT to conform to the instruction, a decision that was echoed in Archbishop Apuron's public rejection of the instruction a few weeks later, which of course was a direct rejection of Pope Benedict and thus, the Church.

As you might be aware, the Archbishop's public discrediting of Rome caused quite a stir and eventually led (along with other events) to a public protest outside the Cathedral on the occasion of its 50th Jubilee in 2008. There is more to what happened with the KOLG event and I will document that in an upcoming post.

The reason the KOLG affair is important is because the Archbishop drew a line in the sand for the communities which said "We will not obey" - which, of course was really just an echo of the decision made by Kiko - which in turn, spoke loudly to Guam's Catholics about which "pope" the Archbishop had decided to follow, and it wasn't Benedict.

It became quickly evident to the hosts of the show in which the Archbishop had made these remarks that something very bad had just occurred. And of course, something very bad HAD. Since I was working with KOLG at the time, I was called to a special meeting regarding how to prevent further damage to the diocese from the Archbishop's remarks. I am going to detail that meeting and tell you who was there in another post. (I bet you can't wait.)

Meanwhile, though, all of Guam was now focused - due to the Archbishop's public defiance - on whether or not the NCW would obey Rome. As expected, they did not.

So In 2008, I wrote the letter to the priest in the NCW and asked WHY NOT?. 

The response was that Kiko had decided NOT to obey the instruction from the CDW and  had ordered the NCW to proceed status quo. In other words, Kiko was now the pope

This was of course couched in more complex terms so I am going to copy here the actual response from the priest and then comment on it.

Kiko spoke to Cardinal Rylko, the head of the Council for the Laity, back in December when the two year transitional period ran out.  Both Kiko and Cardinal Rylko knew that the statues would contain a modification of Cardinal Arinze's instructions.  Rylko gave an oral reply to Kiko to maintain the present practice so that the Holy See would not be put in the awkward position of seeming to change its mind by going from Arinze's letter to the new statues in a very short time.  The pope approved the statues in the beginning of February and they were to be promulgated on February  27th.  But just before the promulgation, the statues were removed from the hands of the Council of the Laity and sent back for further considerations by the other four  dicasteries of the Curia that have to review any changes in the statues.  We were just told to hold tight until you receive further word.  No explanations were given at the time.  There is, however, evidently still some strong resistance to the statues on the part of some in the Curia and they are trying to introduce further changes.  However, there are no documents to show you at this point.  All our instruction have been oral, but we are satisfied with that.  We have no choice.  All we were told is to take no action until the Holy See resolves these matters.  This is what we are doing. However, I hope you understand that this information is not for publication.  I share it with you so that you will understand the delicate position we are in at the moment.  I would caution against reading into these events more what I have said.  I mention them simply to show that we are not disregarding Arinze's letter, but that subsequent events have changed the situation in which we find ourselves.

Let's take this a part piece by piece so you can see the real intrigue by your leaders:

"Kiko spoke to Cardinal Rylko, the head of the Council for the Laity, back in December when the two year transitional period ran out.  Both Kiko and Cardinal Rylko knew that the statues would contain a modification of Cardinal Arinze's instructions. Rylko gave an oral reply to Kiko to maintain the present practice so that the Holy See would not be put in the awkward position of seeming to change its mind by going from Arinze's letter to the new statues in a very short time." 

First, there is the admission here that the instruction from the CDW was rejected from the outset. It was never complied with and there was never any intention to comply even though Pope Benedict himself had doubly emphasized that the instruction was his own. This in effect sets up a new magisterium: the magisterium of Kiko. He decides what's best for his followers. 

Second, after the two year grace period "ran out", we are given the lame excuse that the reason the NCW still did not conform is because Kiko believed there would be a modification to the CDW instruction. This thinking is incredibly reminiscent of the many pastors in the mid-60's who began privately counseling Catholic couples to feel free to contracept because they believed there was going to be a "modification" to the church's teaching on birth control. And we have seen how that turned out!

Third, there is the incredible excuse that the reason Kiko ignored the instruction - even after the two years had run out -  was to save the poor pope from embarrassment from "seeming to change (his) mind by going from Arinze's letter to the new statutes in a very short time." Well, thank you for that!

Fourth, note the words "Rylko gave an oral reply to Kiko". Note that the instructions in the NCW are always "oral". How convenient. No paper trail. Really? The whole church is to accept that Rome can be rejected because of a private conversation between two guys over coffee. Geez!

"The pope approved the statues in the beginning of February and they were to be promulgated on February  27th.  But just before the promulgation, the statues were removed from the hands of the Council of the Laity and sent back for further considerations by the other four  dicasteries of the Curia that have to review any changes in the statues.  We were just told to hold tight until you receive further word.  No explanations were given at the time."

Really? The "pope approved the statues" (sic). And we're supposed to believe this based on what? More oral instruction? Apparently, because the priest goes on to say "We were just told to hold tight until you receive further word." In other words: 
Continue to disobey Rome as you have for more than two years. - Love Kiko. xoxoxo

And of course "No explanations were given at the time." Are explanations ever given? Well certainly false ones are, like not wanting to put the pope in an "awkward position." 

And then we get this:

"There is, however, evidently still some strong resistance to the statues on the part of some in the Curia and they are trying to introduce further changes.  However, there are no documents to show you at this point.  All our instruction have been oral, but we are satisfied with that.  We have no choice.  All we were told is to take no action until the Holy See resolves these matters.  This is what we are doing."

This hardly needs comment. It is clear that for the NCW, Kiko trumps the Pope. No documents are needed: "All our instruction (from Kiko of course) have (sic) been oral, but we are satisfied with that. We have no choice." 

LIKE HELL! You have a choice to obey Rome like the freaking rest of us, Father/Archbishop!

Oh, excuse me. Got a little excited there. 

The priest goes on to tell me that this information is not for publication and that he shares it with me in the hopes I will understand "the delicate position we are in at the moment." 

Well that "moment" was over in June of 2008 when the final statutes were approved by Rome and the ONLY modification was that NCW communicants were to be allowed to remain STANDING in their place. You were NOT allowed to continue to hold the consecrated bread in your hand as is your continued practice. 

But at this point, that's not even the point. The point is that the Archbishop, Kiko, the leaders of the NCW knowingly and obstinately rejected a direct instruction from the Pope and in so doing placed Kiko and his "oral" instructions at the head of YOUR church. 

So you see, Anonymous. You were "misled", lied to, actually. And yes, it IS your fault. You have a duty to catechize yourself and not sit like a docile bag of potatoes lapping up Kiko's oral instructions. This is why Rome gave you your Statute, so that you would know what is allowed and not allowed, so that you could remain CATHOLIC! The fact that you did not care to read it and understand, OR ASK QUESTIONS, is on you

Understand, that this rejection of papal authority puts the NCW outside the Catholic Church. It doesn't matter that it is good for some or saved your marriage or whatever. The church of Pastor Billy Joe Jim Bob down at the abandoned gas station can boast of the same thing. 

In the end "Catholic" means something. Catholic means we recognize a central magisterial authority united under Peter. When a bishop or priest divorces themselves from Peter, they cease to have any authority of their own. 

This is what happened, not just in 2006 when the Archbishop publicly rejected that authority, but still today when he continues to allow the offending practice to continue under his auspices. 

NOTE: I have the audio recording of the Archbishop's statements on KOLG and I have the letter from the priest. And there is a follow up letter, confirming that the instruction in the manner of the distribution of holy communion was rejected, and giving a more incredible excuse. But I'll save that for another time. And I will only post the KOLG interview if things get worse, for unfortunately, the Archbishop said many other things. 

ANOTHER NOTE:  As you can see, I kept this to myself since 2008. I had NO interest in pursuing this. I was content to live and let live. Many people have complained to me over the years because they knew what I knew, but, as they can testify, I simply told them to go to Mass elsewhere or look the other way. The NCW wasn't hurting me and I was glad some people were being helped by it. However, things changed with the Archbishop's decision to destroy Fr. Paul. But even then I did not intend to get into the subject of the NCW, and if so, then only tangentially. However, when the Archbishop decided he could silence me from Rome (bully, is more like it)...well THAT changed everything. It made everything fair game. Whoever advised you to do that, Archbishop, you should have their head. Because I am just getting started. 

And you wonder why people are MAD?


  1. And theycallow us to continue. I wonder why?

  2. I guess that time ultimately will tell on the subject of the Neo, and the way that the local Archbishop continues to be disobedient to the authority of Rome, instead taking his directions from Kiko. This is not the first time in history that the church has had issues with cults of this nature, though it is a more dangerous time, due to the ability of the cult itself to communicate in such a fast manner due to technology.
    Rome acts slow, and deliberate, however, when it acts, and i believe it will, it calls the disobedient to task.
    What is so ironic in this case, is that the mantra of the Neo leadership on Guam, is "you must be obedient to the bishop, he knows what he is doing". With obedience, comes an obligation on the part of the person you are obedient to. That obligation, is to always have the best interests of the other person in mind. Not being truthful, deliberately lying, leading ones flock into sin and separation with Holy Mother Church is not deserving of obedience, and becomes a matter of moral conscience.
    It is time for people to wake up, and stop blindly following the church leaders on Guam.
    The Holy Spirit guides the church, and preserves her for all time. This heresy will be exposed for what it is!


  3. That is it! I have had enough of this NEO crap!

    You NEOs need to wake up and smell the church incense because apparently you are smelling a bunch of manure!

    How could you follow Kiko and Carmen and believe that you are following the church when they themselves are not following the church???

    How could you "persecute" Fr. Paul and not do anything about it? How could you side with Anthony and think it is okay to send our very own loyal priest away? Being silent about it only makes it worse and makes Anthony think it is okay when it is not!

    A lot of the members in the NCW are very intelligent people. They are business owners, teachers, government officials, lawyers etc., and yet, for some reason, I can't seem to understand why they believe "the way" is the answer to their faith! I don't hold a professional job but I know where my God is at all times and he is definitely not in the hotel or social hall!

    Have they forgotten that Jesus never left the church, that Jesus is in the tabernacle? Have they been blinded by the idea that Kiko and Carmen have all the answers?

    Tell me, why do you follow Kiko and Carmen? What is it that makes them better than the church and better than the pope?

    Wake up because you are being used. Do you know where your money is going? You are being used to make Kiko and Carmen very rich and the priests and Pius and anyone else who's above all. Keep passing that trash bag around and keep throwing that dirty money away...because you know the saying they say...

    "Everybody's trash is someone else's treasure"

    Biba money...for Kiko and Carmen. ...let's not forget Pius and Anthony and everyone else who's high up there!

    Just a lay person who wants the church to be returned back to the people!!!

  4. Just for laughs no posting please thank you

    Growing up

    Capuchins OFM= Oder of Fat Men

    Pius Sammut OCD =Obssesive Compulsive Disorder
    Anthony Apuron DD=Disillusional Disorder

  5. You know so little about our "trash bag" collection. To be honest, you know so little period. Yes Tim has documents about the Eucharistic celebration. And yes he is right. But for you to think that Kiko is rich? That's false accusations. Kikocwas a famous painter who had plenty money. Enough money to forget the church. In no ways do we give them money to be rich. Fr. Pius is not being paid to be here. Nobody is. The collection of money is so we could pay back the church for power we use: air con, lights. Ect. We call money trash because really, it is the evil of the world. It can control a person and drag into worldly wants. You are angry at us and I see that, but as time goes on, things will work out. If God allows it. And many members of the NCW are youth as well. Fr. Paul's incident has nothing to do with the NCW in my eyes. If that was the case, all pastors who are not in the way would be kicked already right? Yes it's said we are misled, but hey I still attend my parish mass. I do not make the NCW overtake other Eucharistic celebrations. Why? because we are no different.Nothing makes anybody better than anybody. We are all the same.

    Just another lay person as well.

  6. Tim...thank you for being courageous enough to reveal the heretic acts going on. I hope the Cardinal in your Knight Order sees that there is a real problem with the way things are. As a prince, I trust he will look after us with great concern and compassion...something Anthony has not done, except for those in his "special flock"...wolves in sheep's clothing!

    To Anonymous-Just Another Lay Person: Have you ever heard of guilt by association? And now that you know how the mass is celebrated is wrong, you are doubly guilty If you remain in the NCW, then demand from within that these abuses stop. Abuses in the way the Blessed Sacrament is treated, abuses by the responsibles in their attempts to control the people, abuses against the clergy not in the Way.

    I didn't mention this before because I wanted to protect my cousin, but when he was studying for the deacon in 2003, the Archbishop forced him into joining the NCW. Fr Andrian, his top henchman, threatened that if they didn't all join the NCW they would not be ordained. He called it a test of obedience to the Archbishop. That is an outright abuse of power. The priest from the states who did most of there classes was outraged, and said it was totally illegal, but Anthony and Adrian continued with there scheme to dominate Guam with the Neo.

    As far as I know they all joined the NCW movement and went thru their "special" catechesis, but then once they were ordained all but three left. Check with one of your Neo friends in the Agana cult, because Anthony lamented to his community how disappointed he was in those deacons ... thereby putting them in a bad light to all who heard.

    As far as the put your money in the trash bag, but do you know where it goes? Can you say for certain it goes to the parish to pay for power, etc? Something tells me, it goes whereever they want it to go, the leaders that is. I don't think it goes to the parish, because my parish has the Neo infection, and on our weekly bulletins that always report collections for the previous week, it has never listed one of these secret masses as contributing. I really think you should check on this, because you are right about one can corrupt weak people. I fear our leaders in the church are just that weak as to let themselves become corrupted.

    Money, money, money. Why do all the rugs look the same? Why do all your crucifixes look the same? why do the icons always have Kiko's signature on them? I tell you, someone needs to follow the money trail because it sure looks to me like all these items world wide are being sourced thru a central place...could it be Kiko? That where a betting person would put there money. Take a look Anonymous, you are one of them, surely they will answer these questions for you. If you get a response, let us all know. If we don't hear back then we will assume there is a dark secret that you are now also complicit in.

    Anthony & Adrian - I hope you finally come clean. Anonyomous says Fr Pius is not being paid to be here...I don't believe it. What do you say? Silence will be construed as yes he is paid to do nefarious Neo works. Shame on you for breaking with Rome to follow Kiko. But there is always good news. Even though you may lose your power, prestige, and seminarian coddling you so deeply desire, you can save your soul. Step down, fix your lives, and allow Guam to move forward to reverse the backslide we have been living in for these past 25+ years.

    Janet B - Mangilao

  7. Ask about the letter sent to Father Manny Qimbao? That letter from the archbishop stirred up a commotion and so began the protest across the Basilica. Who is the tyrant?

  8. Dear "Lay person as well",

    You say:

    "Fr. Paul's incident has nothing to do with the NCW in my eyes. If that was the case, all pastors who are not in the way would be kicked already right?"

    They are being kicked out. I will detail this soon. Keep an eye out.

    1. There you go again Tim! Baiting... "I will detail this soon. Keep an eye out."... you are staling to so as to entice HITS! for this blog. Boosting your ego.

      Come Clean! Be Honest!

  9. Priests being forced to joind...deacons being forced to join...what is next?
    I once heard that when Fr Adrian was at Barrigada he required youth to join the Neo in order to be confirmed, and maybe something like that with couples who wanted to be married as well. Fr Adrian, can you verify what your policy was in Barrigada re the Neo?

    Any other parishioners in Barrigada...can you help clarify what the situation was? I once heard someone say something, but I wasn't so upset then as I am now. Any help from out there to expose the real extent of this mandated entrance into cult life?

    Janet B - Mangilao

  10. To just another lay person, you say you have collections to pay for power when you use the church is hogwash. There are some communities who have immunity from paying.

  11. Dear "Lay Person as Well":

    I do know that the Agana Neo communities do not pay for the use of the Basilica's facilities unlike other organizations, groups, and individuals. They have racked up bills totaling in the thousands! And why don't they pay? Well, guess who the pastor of the Basilica is?

  12. Dear "Lay person as well"

    You don't seem to be very smart. You say:

    "Fr. Paul's incident has nothing to do with the NCW in my eyes. If that was the case, all pastors who are not in the way would be kicked already right?"

    Do you think that if Anthony kicked every non neo priest out of the church all in one day...that the people of Guam would say okay, no problem???

    No way! We will be very outraged! VERY!!! Don't even go there! You are not very smart...tsk..tsk..tsk..

    Just a lay person,


  13. Susan, let us not say kicked out, but rather say shoved to the side. I do agree with you that all hell will break loose and this is where one will see the truth in the book of revelation: church against church.

    We do need to stick together and fight for what we believe. All that is being said is failing on deaf ears.

    Archbishop Apuron needs to get off his high horse and come back to reality. The attitude of I am the Archbishop and that is that, do not question me just be

  14. It is time for Guam to wake up and stop this now! I am dishearten to hear what is going on in our island. First of all, Father Paul is a great priest who tries his best to follow in Christ's footsteps. He has a big heart and follows the greatest commandments: To love God and to love our neighbors. I have been attending Santa Barbara Parish for many years and have seen the GREAT changes that Father Paul has brought to the CHURCH!

    He has the CHURCH in his best interest and tries to shepard his flocks in the right path. I know this because I have seen him interact with his parishoners. I remember when the village drunk came into the church as we were preparing and cleaning for the advent season. This person came in drunk...Father Paul did not chase him out of the church, but invited him to help with the preparation. I was touched and felt the true presence of Christ among us. I am sure that if this happened with the NEO community, they would have shunned this individual. Why do I say this? I was invitied to attend one of the "Worship" night...I went, but did not feel welcomed. I felt that the neo community were looking RIGHT THROUGH ME as if i was a piece of meat. I left and will never do that again.

    You say that this is not against Father are wrong. The man on the hill is slowly getting rid of our local priests who do not see that this NEO Way is good for the church. This is a cult and not the WAY.

    So , I ask the man on the hill, why get rid of a GREAT PRIEST when he is doing a wonderful job at Santa Barbara. I have gone back several times to the parish and see that there is this feeling of "Being Lost". We have lost our Shepard and trying to find our way back. I am SO DISGUSTED with what is going on that I have thought many times TO LEAVE THE CATHOLIC CHURCH.

    SO MAN ON THE HILL... you call yourself the shepard, but I think you need to find your way back home. As far as Father Adrian is concerned, I have no respect for him. He needs to research first, then pray, then act. WHy don' t you two leave the Catholic church and leave us Catholics alone. GO JOIN YOUR "WAY" and let us be led by other shepards who have the spirit of CHRIST...the Christ we know who serve ALL the SAME!

    Losing the Faith

  15. Losing the faith

    I forgot to mention...the night of the procession, I was totally appalled when the man on the hill came back after his speech (which I did not listen to)...and stated that he forgot to say "Biba to Santa Kamalen" . What was that all about?

    Oh.. I am guessing that the "Way" got in the way!

  16. It seems to me that the archbishop has a problem with obedience when it comes to his "precious" Neo(think Lord of the Rings). He has publicly defied the Prefect of the Congregation of the Doctrine of Faith who was speaking on behalf of the pope, and has allowed practices by the Neo contrary to Church law. Now, is this the same archbishop who accused Fr. Paul of being disobedient because Fr. Paul refused to resign, a right given to him under Canon Law? Is this the same archbishop who told Father Manny and June that if they wanted to be incardinated in Guam, they would have to join the Neo despite their many years of loyal and devoted service to this archdiocese? And is this the same archbishop who, at a moment's whim and in violation of canon law, incardinated a Father John, a Father Santiago, and a Father Gallagher, all Neo priests, despite their little or no history of service to this archdiocese? This archbishop demands obedience to him or face a painful and arduous experience, and yet openly defies Rome for the sake of his precious Neo! It's time Rome retires him for his disobedience and defiance.

  17. Archbishop Apuron, as bishop, has effectively abandoned his flock in favor of a small cultic group, the Neo. After reading all the postings and comments to date, it is clear that Apuron is not interested in governing this diocese as a bishop should. He has showered favors, amenities, and perks to his Neo family, all at the expense of non Neos, which constitutes 99.9% of all Catholics in Guam. And because of his vicious retaliatory attitude on anyone who opposes him(pity Fr. Paul and others), clergy and religious are afraid to speak their mind. Guam is in dire need of a new bishop, and one that does not walk in the Neo, but one that will govern all Catholics, both Neo and non Neos. Let's pray that Rome makes it happen soon.

  18. I am mad because Archbishop Anthony has failed miserably as a bishop despite 25 plus years of In-House training! Guam's faces enormous social problems and all he can show for it is no casinos and two seminaries, one which is run by the Neo and one for one seminarian, both of which are losing money and need to be subsidized by the archdiocese. In other words, our donations! All I've heard these past few years are gushing self-congratulations that the Neo seminary is producing priests for Guam, and for Guam only. Now we hear that we are sending four priests to faraway places, but not too worry because we will be producing more! Yup! I agree with you Mr. Rohr. Archbishop Apuron is training foreigners, at our expense, so that we can send them to foreign places! My Lord my God, why have you abandoned us?

  19. For the sake of all of our souls and for the salvation of all of our souls: I pray that everyone has the wisdom to remain in the Church that was created by Jesus Christ. Archbishop Anthony is not the creator of the Church, and abandoning her because of actions he does that are disagreeable serves no purpose other than to move you away from the this communion of saints, our Church.

    Second, God has not abandoned us, and never will. These challenges test our resolve. We all know that time proves that God's love has always remained with us. The Holy Spirit is strong on this island, it is up to us to act through the fruits given to us.

    Go to Mass often, go to confession often, go to adoration, pray the rosary. Do things beyond commenting on this blog. Mr. Rohr is doing his part, we must do ours. Our main activism belongs in prayer.

    Pray for the intercession of Mother Mary, Saint Michael the archangel, and to all the Saints in heaven. Pray to the Holy Spirit that he may bring compassion and charity to our hearts in responding to the NCW. Above all, pray for the Archbishop that he receives the grace of strength to overcome his shortfalls and weakness so that he may return to being the shepard to the flock he was chosen to lead.

    Saint Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle, be our protection against the malice and snares of the devil. May God rebuke him we humbly pray; and do thou, O Prince of the Heavenly host, by the power of God, thrust into hell Satan and all evil spirits who wander through the world for the ruin of souls. Amen.

    Sáncte Míchael Archángele, defénde nos in proélio, cóntra nequítiam et insídias diáboli ésto præsídium. Ímperet ílli Déus, súpplices deprecámur: tuque, prínceps milítiæ cæléstis, Sátanam aliósque spíritus malígnos, qui ad perditiónem animárum pervagántur in múndo, divína virtúte, in inférnum detrúde. Ámen

    1. Well said, thank you for sharing. Prayer comes first. I prayed long and hard before doing this. And let us not discount that the Spirit may be moving some to comment on this blog. Without views and comments this blog would be of no consequence and have little or no effect.

    2. Thank you for this blog! I submitted the comment above more so in response to "Losing the faith" and the person who wrote "My Lord my God, why have you abandoned us?"
      I have no doubts that the Holy Spirit is working through this blog and the comments. Focusing back to prayer was for those who may be thinking things contrary to the Church.
      Again, thank you for this blog!

  20. It seems to me that we are being very selfish. We are complaining about a seminary that is forming priests that will serve beyond our Archdiocese.

    Are we not looking at the bigger picture? Do we think that all that matters is our tiny island and its church?

    We should be proud to know that "our money" is contributing to Christs Church beyond our shores. The rewards will be infinite for Guam and her people.

    I bet all these "foreigners" come from a place that is rejoicing in them leaving their towns and cities to be of service to our Lord.

    Yes, maybe this should have been stated since the onset but should it matter. Will this determine the amount of contributions from our local people? Will we put less in the basket because we know that these priests are not ours and ours alone? Something is wrong with this attitude.
    Tim has brought up problems within the NCW that need to be fixed and according to his records have been ignored for some time. When will this happen? Just as someone mentioned, Rome is slow. In the same manner, the NCW is probably deciding on a way to best handle this delicate issue. Delicate because it has helped people so much, to change in an instance is not good.
    Other than the issue(s) that Tim has revealed, I believe all the others really need to stop and think about what they are saying and how their accusations have no validity. Its all hearsay. Hearsay kept me away from experiencing the NCW for years.
    I good point was mentioned as to the approach that many are choosing to take with their criticisms of the NCW. We must also stop referring to eachother as belonging to different faiths. We are all Catholic.

    I posted a comment earlier in regards to Tim referring to my actions as being like "docile bag of potatoes" that all I do is listen to Kiko. This is just one misconception of the NCW, that is not true. Although I disagree with many of Tims comments I have yet to refer to him in this manner. That was the turning point for me.
    What I dont understand is that Tim has repeatedly counter attacked my comments more than any other. Is it that he thinks Im from Agat, his town Parish. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I am not from Agat. Ive repeatedly shared that I am not in here to attack Tim. In actuality most of the frustration comes from reading other comments not posted by Tim.
    I havnt seen my comment from earlier this morning, and I can only assume that Tim is going to use it for his next batch of secrets of the NCW.

    I have had many bad experiences from other movements in our Archdiocese but have I quit? No. I have had many troubling experiences with Clergy but have I lost respect for them? No. These things are little compared to the great spiritual gain I have acquired because of these experiences.
    Although it is not my intent, maybe I am of no use in here. I came in here to try and inform everyone that the NCW is not what they think it is. I now realize that I have not accomplished anything.
    Peace be with you this Advent Season! Maranatha!

    1. To anonymous of Dec. 13, 2013 at 3:35 PM:
      It appears that you (as with other NCW) do not get it! You don’t get why we feel utmost indignation toward Archbishop and the NCW “community” “movement” or whatever it is NCW’s existence is.
      When you heard of the high-handed bully threats against non-NCW priests who chose not to join the NCW, didn’t that signal a clear red flag? At the onset, as you attended your first so-called “Eucharist” (“The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass” to Catholics universally) and observed altered reverent postures and practices of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, didn’t those refashioned practices signal an even LARGER RED FLAG?
      When you read documentations and formal survey reports showing that the majority of the non-NCW clergy themselves, see and experience an unmistakably clear division among clergy since the arrival of NCW hierarchy and authority and the eventual embracement of NCW by the Archbishop, how could you not have seen dark red red flags all over!
      These are but a few examples of red flags “in your face”. Tim’s blog merely confirmed and continues to confirm what many of us have observed or have known for a while but were hesitant to speak out publicly either because we could not quite put our finger on what was disturbing about the NCW or because what we knew lacked documentation to bolster and support our suspicions; and because of potential reprisals. If retaliation can happen to clergy for doing what in clear conscience one knows is right in our Faith, why wouldn’t we be victims as well; we who are further down the totem pole.
      Our indignation stems from seeing that our shepherd does not lead; instead is being misled and misused by NCW hierarchy. Frankly, it’s disconcerting to many of us who see our shepherd succumbing to being a NCW puppet. What hold could NCW have on him, we wonder. Does he even realize how insulting it is to our intelligence if he thinks we don’t see it, we don’t get it and don’t know what’s going on?
      To be cont . . .

    2. Continued from previous . . .

      You say it’s selfishness to criticize NCW for sending priests away as missionaries. You don’t get it, again. Consider this. If your immediate family were dying of hunger and were deprived of the very basic needs, wouldn’t it clearly be pharisaical of you (i.e. of or pertaining to the Pharisees; resembling the Pharisees’ hypocrisy in their outward actions) to turn away from your starving family while providing care and nourishment to others? The Corporal and Spiritual works of Mercy were not meant to be applied in that manner.
      Don’t shepherd and NCW notice the spiritual starvation in our Diocese? Our souls aren’t tended to, we’re not fed, our pews are half empty and the confessionals are unoccupied. Why are we then, sending priests off island instead of tending to the perdition of souls at home? Rather, one of our good non-NCW priests is, ironically, harassed and let go for performing the duty and responsibility that his vocation requires of him! Pope Francis recently said “we should be disciples first and then, missionaries.”
      You claim you’ve experienced disappointments or problems with individuals or movements within our Church but did not quit in spite of it all. Well, I say: you did quit! You left traditional Catholicism founded and led by Jesus Christ and guided by the Magisterium for one that is founded, led and dictated by Kiko! Red Flag!
      NCW hardly can be compared to the movements, apostolates and ministries in the Church. They don’t practice self-altered and self-refashioned Liturgy of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, but continue to attend traditional celebration of the Mass in a Parish where The Holy Sacrifice of the Mass is offered on The Altar set prominently in the Holy Sanctuary of God’s House. These groups exist to promote and support our traditional devotions and teachings, not to counter nor refashion them. So you see, you did quit and in essence, simply joined an estranged movement known as “The Way” of Kiko which clearly is “moving away” from Jesus’ Way, (The Only Way) that traditional Roman Catholic Church members try to faithfully follow, led by our Magisterium.
      That the NCW is not kosher Catholicism, not authentic Catholicism, not even the Catholicism of the Catholic Church led by the Magisterium becomes crystal clear especially when NCW hierarchy and the shepherd-follower seem to think they needn’t be loyal nor obedient to the Magisterium and can pick and choose what to follow and obey. Huge Red Flag!
      We simply want to journey as Catholics under the same Catholic Church which began over 2000 years ago, founded and led by Jesus Christ who also desires that we honor, acknowledge and love His Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary in the various titles and honors paid her. We simply want Catholic Pastors committed to providing spiritual direction, teaching, hearing weekly confessions without requiring appointments, fostering vocations, expecting nothing less than reverence and honor for the Sum and Summit of our Catholic Faith, the Holy Eucharist, sans distractions and influences of NCW which is not only divisive but causes so much confusion for those not catechized and in vulnerable states in life and situations.
      We thank Tim for his courage to speak up. Many of us now feel emboldened to do the same through his medium; many more want to “come out” to express their concerns since you brought the NCW to our Diocese and island. So yes, we are indignant and angry! Are you listening, Shepherd?

  21. I come from a "neo" parish, and asked the pastor point blank, do the NCW communities contribute for the use of the social hall, CCD rooms, etc., to help pay for the power like everyone else does, because every time I've seen them there the A/C is on (twice a week for each community).
    He said, "not as far as I know."
    I have also heard that certain pastors have gotten phone calls when they do not accommodate the NCW.
    my fear is that many people will leave the church and we will lose souls as well as assets. Jesus said "do not Lord it over them like the pagans" and again "they will know you are my disciples by how you love one another". I don't feel much love coming from the hill to us "regular Catholics", are we not also children of God?

  22. Does anyone know who this Father John, Santiago, and Gallagher are? And why are they incardinated here but serve elsewhere? It sounds like Guam is being used as a station for Neo, homeless,and foreign priests to hang their be legitimate so to speak. I guess we have one heck of a BENOVOLENT archbishop who is so generous in giving these homeless and alien priests a home, and at our expense. I guess Fr. Paul does not qualify for such benevolence because he is neither a Neo or a foreigner!

  23. Howard Gunther, TamuningDecember 13, 2013 at 5:23 PM

    Mr Rohr: I don’t know how to get a hold of Edward Cardinal O’Brien, but I hope you can pass this message along to him.

    Your Eminence, Cardinal O’Brien:

    Warmest Greetings from Guam, or as they say here, Hafa Adai! I am a former resident of Baltimore living in Guam for just under two years. Having grown up in Baltimore, a classmate and lifelong friend is now a priest in Baltimore, Fr Andrew Aaron. He speaks extremely fondly of you, about your leadership, your compassion and pastoral care, and your great love for the flock entrusted to you. The people of Baltimore miss your abiding presence. This message is sent to you in the hope that you can help out the people of Guam, in your capacity as Prince of the Church.

    I understand you wrote Tim Rohr a while back asking him to cease his blogs which were causing the Archbishop to appear in a bad light. However, in going through Tim Rohr’s web site myself, , I find that what he has done is to expose a big problem here on Guam that Holy Mother Church should be concerned with. While the information revealed is painful and difficult to accept, I have found Mr Rohr’s information to be straightforward, accurate, and unbiased.

    The comments added to the blog site are independent of Mr Rohr, from various people within the Archdiocese. Unfortunately, most people are afraid to reveal their identity for fear of retribution from the Neo Catechumenal Way and from the Chancery, and perhaps from neighbors as well. I do not have such fears.

    It is interesting to note that very few people were courageous enough to comment back in July and August when the issues started to be revealed by Mr Rohr. However, more recently, you will note a huge increase in comments from the average Catholic in the parishes. Some support the Archbishop, and many are growing increasingly hostile to the situation here in the Archdiocese. This I do fear, especially since the Archbishop’s approach to this situation is to remain completely silent. This ongoing conflict has almost seemed to embolden him. Just recently he has changed direction in a previously stated policy of not sending diocesan priests away to missionary service outside of the Archdiocese. This timing has only added fuel to the fire, since people have been assured by His Excellency that money donated to the local seminary would not be used to train priests to be sent off-island. We ourselves are considered a mission territory by the Church.

    He also recently issued a decree to restrict deacons from wearing clerical attire. While I am not sure what the policy has been in other parts of the world, this change has also sparked dismay at his timing. Many problems exist here on Guam. We are a leader in cohabitation, we are a no-fault divorce state, and our divorce rates are among the highest in the nation. Abortion is easier to obtain on Guam than any other location in the US. So many problems, and this is where the Archbishop chooses to start reform.

    I do not know Archbishop Anthony S. Apuron, and have never had the pleasure to speak with him, but I have heard him at our fiesta and at other masses. He seems like a likeable type. However, if you look at some of the stinging comments being made, you will get a completely different picture of him. While some of these comments may be over-reactions or not in line with reality, many of them are undeniably true and correct. Many of His Excellency’s statements have been proven to be either misleading, or outright false. But what is most troubling is his open defiance on Catholic radio KOLG to a letter written by Cardinal Arinze (who was prefect for CDW at the time), where the Archbishop questioned what credentials Cardinal Arinze had.

    (to be continued)

    Howard Gunther
    Tamuning, GU

  24. Howard Gunther - TamuningDecember 13, 2013 at 5:27 PM

    (continuation of open letter to Cardinal O'Brien)

    I have seen the letter which you wrote to Mr Rohr. I am assuming that this letter was most likely prompted by a visit His Excellency made to Your Eminence during his visit to Rome in September. If you have not already, I encourage you to review the blog site mentioned above for yourself. If my guess is correct, you will find a vastly different picture of what is going on in Guam, versus what was first presented to you in September which prompted your letter.

    Your Eminence, the real purpose of my appeal to you is to plead for you to intercede for the people of Guam. Since His Excellency is not addressing the multitudes of problems that are causing a large schism on Guam, we are hoping that Rome can send an individual or a team to Guam to explore the matter and deal with the problems where ever they may lie. We love our Church here on Guam and desperately seek help to heal it before the wound grows larger and the infection spreads.

    God’s blessings in all that you do,

    Howard Gunther
    Tamuning, GU

  25. To Anonymous who said "Are we not seeing the picture"
    "Our money". I have seen where the Neo do not even contribute to church offerings during celebration especially during Holy Thursday or Good Friday. Yet, those Who attend masses every single day during Lent, give for the mission. Must be saving it for the hotel trash bag during the EAster Vigil. You want our money to go to a mission that is way beyond our island and church! Why don't you Go on a mission beyond the island churches and GIVE YOUR MONEY and this way you can tell us not to complain about giving. You did it on your own.

  26. Okay anonymous these priests are subjected to go anywhere they are assigned to, because they are considered diocesan missionaries.

    They are sent over as part of their missionary duties, study here, and get incardinated here. At the same time the locals pay for their studies, room and board , and whatever else. The logic is, when someone wants to go off island to study for the priesthood, it cannot be done. Yes it can,! Take care of the local boys before you take care of others. Why can't diocese where these boys come from fork out for their tuition, room and board they way we would if we sent our local boys off island. Same smell!

    We talk about the United States taking advantage of us so does the mission of educating foreigners with what little bread and butter we have.

    Maybe the Neos should have a collection during their gathering in Lent as part of the Catholic Charities Appeal and turn it in to their perspective parishes to be label as Community 1 - Agana $5,000 ;community 1 Barriigada $7,0000, etc and published in the Umatuna Si Yu'us like all other parishes.


  27. Dear Anonymous who posted on Dec 13,3:35pm,

    There is a great difference between your NEO and Rome. We may all agree that Rome is slow (and it stands to reason because they have every right to take their time ...they are our leaders and we adhere to them) but the fact of the matter is that the Pope did give Kiko and Carmen statutes to follow and they broke that statutes by not adhering to them. There is NO EXCUSE in any book as to why your NEO would not conform or why it is slow in following the popes orders. When Rome said we no longer should say "and also with you" and that we should replace it with the words "and with your spirit" it did not take days or weeks or months or years to make the change. When the pope told the priests and the priests told us, we obeyed. Simple as that.

    So you're telling me it takes time because "the NCW is probably deciding on a new way to best handle this delicate issue" is it that difficult for your NEO higher ups to figure out how to say "okay everybody, the pope wants us to consume the bread immediately after you receive it". Is there some red tape that Kiko and Carmen have to go through or is there no electronic communication system within your communities that you people are not getting the messages? Have you gone very far back in time to where you have to ride on donkeys and horses and paddle boats to get to everybody to give the message? And yes, I am being sarcastic towards all of you NEOs!

    You're telling us that everything that your ex brothers and sisters are sharing with us non neos are all hearsay? And are you telling us that we have no right to speak up about what your NCW is doing to our churches?

    You seem to know all the answers to your NCW. Why don't YOU TELL us what is or isn't true. Why don't YOU TELL us exactly what your NCW is all about. Why don't YOU TELL us why you have to hold a separate "mass". Why don't YOU TELL us why we have to be "invited" to be able to attend your "mass". Why don't YOU TELL us why you have to hide behind closed doors. Why don't YOU TELL us why you have to hold a separate sacrament apart from the regular children who receive sacraments. Oh, what is it that you are saying to me?....why don't I come join and find out for myself? Hmmm... That sounds like a Protestant answer to me. What, you got secrets? Really?

    Oh, as far as I can remember and from what history tells me ...the Catholic Church doesn't have any secrets regarding the teachings and the mass and there was no "you can come to my parish only If we invite you" attitude towards people. And here's a the neo leaders say "come and listen" BUT...YUP... There's a BUT... but you can't ask any questions! How's that for learning and catechizing!

    By the way anonymous....I'm all ears! I'll be waiting for your answers!

    Yup again,
    Just me a lay person!

  28. Addressing Janet B - Mangilao

    Yes. There are other parishes that are REQUIRING people to join the NCW IN EXCHANGE for something. Take for example...Chalan Pago Parish - Santiago was the neo priest there and you had to go through the neo catechetical classes in order to be married in the church...and how about the preconfirmation and confirmation classes? I'm pretty sure it's neo geared because the previous coordinator is a ncw member.

    To LOSING THE FAITH's earlier post --- Let me add my 2cents in since NCW loves to receive dirty money.


    HOW COULD YOU FORGET TO SAY "BIBA SANTA MARIAN KAMALEN!" You've done it every year for so many years and yet YOU FORGOT!!! Is Santa Marian Kamalen no longer important to you or not worthy of your praises to her???

    You have shamed our MOTHER CHURCH!

  29. Hi Susan!
    This is Anonymous(Dec13,3:35pm) writing to you.

    1. Your comparison to the Revised Roman Missal has no bearing. In fact the revised texts were published long before they were introduced at the Mass. Time was given for this transition. I know of this because I am a lector and a Choir Minister at my parish, we were preparing for the transition many months ahead(maybe even a year in advance).

    2. The Mass held on Saturday Nights is not by invitation only. You are welcome to see any member of the NCW in your parish and they should be able to inform you of the time and place, if there are communities in your parish that is.

    3.As far as I know, the Children receive sacraments along with everyone else in the parish.

    4. There are no secrets. In order for you to gain the most out of it, wouldnt you prefer an initial experience without already knowing what to expect.

    5. Even in regular classroom settings, the teacher plans the lesson were there are moments for questions and answer. What do you think would happen if a lesson were to be constantly interrupted by questions?

    6. I noticed your constant reference to the lack of invitations to the NCW. As I experienced, almost once every year the NCW shows up at the Sunday Mass to pass out invitations(cards with the exact info on the Scehdule of Catechesis) for you to in fact COME AND LISTEN, you are probably like me who ignored and often refused the invitation cards.

    7. When I encouraged/invited you to experience it for yourself, this is the invitation for you. Not an invitation that if answered will bind you to the NCW. The NCW is not for everyone, as is with the Christian Mothers, Legion Of Mary, Knights of C, Cursillos, El Shaddai and so on. If you dont like it or if it is of no help to you, no one will force you to continue.

    Lastly, all I have ever suggested is that if you should share something, be sure it is true. I am not saying your informants are liars. Just saying that we should be weary on relying on second hand info.

    You see I wrote all of this without sarcasm. I shared with you my personal experiences. I did not refer to you as anything, I did not compare you to a bag of docile potatoes or even an orange for that matter.
    Maybe you'll understand a bit more and be a little bit open to the NCW.


    1. And "time" was given for your transition: 2 years from 12/1/2005. You did not obey. 8 years later, you still do not obey. The actions of your leaders, the decision to "not obey", places the Neocatechumenal Way outside the Catholic Church. This is not sarcasm. This is not second hand info. This is fact. You are complicit in the lie.

    2. Dear anonymous ...

      Just curious, are you a NEO leader or just one of their many pawns who seem to think they know all the facts??? I think you need to go back up the chain of command and give me some real answers because the answers you posted earlier are very vague and don't even come close to sounding like true answers!

      Tim, thank you for replying to this post and for giving us some TRUE FACTS!!!

      Just a lay person,

  30. To the Anonymous who said we are "selfish" in opposing forming foreigners here as priests and then send them off to other foreign places, let me say this. It's not a matter of being selfish, but to wisely use what limited resources we have and to do the work you are supposed to do for the people of Guam. If you look at the oath the archbishop took when he was ordained by the pope as bishop of Guam, he swore to bear the responsibility of saving the souls of this archdiocese, not a diocese somewhere in Africa, Asia, Japan, or other faraway places. He is then to take all steps, use whatever limited resources he has at his disposal, and to do what whatever he can, with the help of God, to seek and garner the salvation of EVERY SOUL IN THIS ARCHDIOCESE. Other faraway places have their own diocese and bishops, and if they don't, that is why we have Rome and other orders established precisely for that purpose. If Kiko and his generals(Pius) want to train Neo soldiers for his mission, he can ask, and certainly anyone in this diocese is free to do so, but our archbishop was not task to do that, and he should not used precious archdiocesan resources to do what he was not task to do. If you were hired as a teacher to teach a 5th grade class at St. Anthony, but you decide during the process to start teaching other classes at the expense of that 5th grade class, would the parents, co-workers, and administrators be "selfish" if they demanded that you focus on what you were hired to do? Wouldn't disciplinary action be justified if you continue to deviate from your task? Wouldn't parents be angry and mad at you if you divert resources and time away from teaching and educating their children? Of course!

  31. Hi Howard, thank you for you letter. I believe it would be better received if it came directly from you so here's Cardinal O'Brien's address:

    Also, since O'Brien apparently reads my blog, I will make your letter a post, just in case. Take care.

  32. Dear Anonymous of Dec14, 12:52am

    How can you deny the "selfishness"
    of not wanting to contribute to the formation of "foreigners". Yes, the reality is that because of the "missionary" role of the Redemptoris Mater Seminary, the newly ordained may indeed at one point have a calling to go on mission. This does not mean that we will never see them again. To think that they we have invested our resources in to something that does not benefit us is of the contrary. The missions benefit not only us on this island but the whole world entirely. The faith was brought to this island in the form of missionaries. In a sense we are only returning to the world what has benefited us.
    If I were a 5th Grade teacher at St. Anthony school and I began to teach another 5th Grade class, If there is a need to do so, I will do it. Understanding that St. Anthony School is a catholic school, I would explain to the parents our christian duty especially torwards children to share our resources.
    There is a difference between a job and a ministry, the Archbishop does not work for the people of Guam, he ministers to the people of Guam. It is very hard to look at the ordained as "employees". If they handle their vocation as a job, there is a risk in loosing the zeal to serve at the beacon call of God.
    I dont think there is a shortage of resources within our church. We are more than fortunate enough compared to other places in the world.
    Also comparing our local church to other places in the world where parishes are being consolidated or even shut down because of the lack of clergy, we now have enough for every parish and even for the missions.

  33. In reply to Anonymous of December 14th at 12:35 PM, you seem to be dancing all over the place in trying to make your point, skipping quite a few steps to get there. Here is my reply.
    You argue that we are selfish because we do not want to contribute to the formation of foreigners, stating that the Yona seminary (RMS) is a missionary seminary, and although the primary mission is missionary, this is not to say that the priests formed there will not come back. You further argue that the RMS not only benefits Guam but the whole world, and because our faith was brought to Guam by missionaries, we should reciprocate (my word, not yours) in kind.

    You completely missed the point of my comment. I stated clearly that anyone is free to ask anyone in Guam to help them in their missionary work outside of Guam. The Protestants do it all the time. But my point is that Archbishop Apuron was not ordained (or hired, employed, or task) to minister to the salvation of souls outside of Guam. He was ordained for Guam, and for Guam only. Consequently, the archbishop has to concentrate his time and effort to serve and minister for the salvation of souls in Guam(his scope of work so to speak), not in China, Japan, Africa, or Russia. The Catholic Church is a universal organization with the pope as its head (the CEO). As the CEO, it is the pope's role(job or ministry) to allocate the resources of the Church to evangelize elsewhere. That is not the role and job of our archbishop, no matter how noble or charitable it would be (the unselfish part) if he was to deviate from his specified job or ministry, Otherwise, chaos will ensue if bishops of dioceses from all over the world willy-nilly include in their job description the responsibility of ministering to the needs of people outside their dioceses.

    In your analogy of the 5th grade teacher, you assumed that the other 5th grade class needed a teacher and thus you wanted to help by teaching that class, and you further argued that parents will understand that, as a Catholic school, we need to share resources towards our children. Again, you missed my point entirely. It is not the 5th grade teacher's decision or discretion(our archbishop in this case) on who should teach or help the other class. That authority and role belong to the principal(the pope in this case). Parents paid money(donations to the Church in our case) with the expectation that the 5th grade teacher stays and teaches the class he was hired(ordained) to do, and not to roam around to other classes asking if they needed help. In our archdiocese, our archbishop (the 5th grade teacher) was ordained (hired) to teach the students of the Guam class, and not the China class, Japan class, Africa class, or Russia class. If Sister Doris, the principal, at Saint Anthony found her 5th grade teacher roaming the halls to check other classes at the expense and neglect of the students of his own class, I am confident that she would send him packing to the nearest exit and replace him with an obedient and qualified teacher. (Continued)

  34. (Continued) The archbishop was ordained to minster to the faithful of this archdiocese, and only this archdiocese. He is to hold the assets of this archdiocese in trust for his ministry, and not to squander, misuse, or apply the resources of this archdiocese elsewhere. Now the 5th grade teacher is free, with the principal's (pope) permission to ask for help to benefit another class, as was the case when the archbishop made the call (following the pope's example) asking the faithful of this archdiocese for donations to help the typhoon victims in the Philippines.

    You indicated that you "don't think there is a shortage of resources within our church" which I presumed the Church in Guam. I presumed that you are privy to the finances of the resources of this archdiocese to make such a bold statement, but if we are awash in resources, then why is the rate of poverty going up, the number of homeless growing by leaps and bounds, the lack of a Catholic hospital, and why haven't we open a northern Catholic school? Perhaps because we are subsidizing the enormous cost of running the Yona seminary in order to train foreigners to become priests so that they can go to foreign places?

    These foreigners are lucky indeed to have such a benevolent and generous archbishop using a substantial portion of our limited resources to fund projects for the purpose of benefitting those who live outside of Guam.

    This archdiocese may look good from the outside, but upon inspection of the building inside, we will see the corrosive and deleterious effects of the high abortion rate, the abortion genocide of our own local people, the high divorce rate, the high teen pregnancy rate, and the high sex and spousal abuse rate. But hey, let's be positive and look at the bright side. We have no casinos, and two seminaries, one for foreigners and the other for one seminarian.

  35. These are all external concerns, what happens in the heart and soul is more important , conversion to Jesus Christ who loved us until his death. Persecution and doubt among the disciples existed since then. And He clearly said you will be persecuted for following me.