Wednesday, May 11, 2016


On Saturday, May 7, the Laity Forward Movement organized a motorcade around the island, sharing information, raising awareness, and stopping to pray at several churches. Thank you, LFM and friends. This is truly the "active participation of the laity" called for by Vatican II...though maybe not the kind our current church leadership expected!!


  1. So what Churches on Guam are officially under the Neo mantle? Do the people who go to their village parishrealize that their Church is under the NCW, talking to some friends and relatives who attend don't even know and just think that their pastor just has a strong accent. I used to go to Mt. Carmel, but haven't been there since Father Jason left, he was a good priest surprised to see that he was replaced.

  2. It was a great idea to take the petition to the Agat festival. Maybe the same could be done tonight at Chamorro Village, and tomorrow/Thursday night Flee Market at Mangilao. Just a thought...

  3. Yes, can someone make a list of the NCW Cult parishes, so we know which ones to avoid?

    Or if the list is now shorter, a list of the NCW-free parishes or other places to attend a real Mass?

  4. ncw parishes:

    Agana, Dulce Nombre de Maria CB (altar was converted to a "table" during the gennarini/cordes celebration)

    Agat, OL of Mt. Carmel (pastor was at San Vicente; see below)

    Asan, Holy Family (notice the sideways chapel at the entrance)

    Barrigada, San Vicente/San Roke (the altar is a full blown table, kiko murals)

    Chalan Pago, OL of Peace and Safe Journey (edi is pastor, need more be said?)

    Merizo, San Dimas and
    Umatac, San Dionisio (pastored by recently ordained RMS product)

    Santa Rita, OL of Guadalupe (she is still missing after having been "lost" by the last pastor, also missing are parish-raised funds for a pastoral center)

    Being groomed for neo incursion:

    Yigo, Santa Bernadita Chapel (made a parish, physical modifications undergoing)

    Dededo, Santa Barbara and
    Mongmong, OL of the Waters are undergoing physical modifications. BE VIGILANT! The types of changes being made are "little rooms" which are favored by neo cult.

    BE WATCHFUL! Question any unusual changes in your parishes. Ask you pastors why, how and who.

    1. Teri, thank you for the update.
      You are right: question, question and again question...

      Remember silence is acquiescence

  5. Teri, what about St. Joseph in Inarajan?

  6. WOW!! I don't see the NCW getting into Dededo..I always wondered also if they were going to make an attempt to get into St. Jude, Fr. Gus has been i'll but Deacon Steve is there so that is likely not going to fly if they tried.
    With all the attention the RMS is getting, is there more Friars in the Friary ready to get their own parish or as usual will the RMS graduates have preference by AAA

  7. I am not sure about Inarajan. I know neo communities were formed when an rms presbyter was assigned there. The current priest is sympathetic to arch, but I think he still believes in the Real Presence in the Eucharist. Just keep a close eye and ask father if strange art and practices start occurring what his intentions are.

    And until we Catholics get an accounting of ALL funds, including parish collections, STOP the MONEY!