Wednesday, May 11, 2016


RYaeger's thoughts, copied below, are very insightful. I know this situation to be true.

In some ways, I do feel for these young men. Not all freely choose to be a priest. They are under extreme pressure to become priests from their communities, family in some cases, and then you have the persuasion factor within their communal meetings drawing people to step forth and dedicate themselves to vocations. Without all the outside influences, would Luis have chosen priesthood? Could he have freely walked away if he wished to? Can any of these young men? Do they have the resources to just leave if they want and a support system outside the NCW? (They will be shunned if the leave the NCW or RMS or priesthood from other walkers.)

I think the blame lies with the NCW and the bishops who ordain these men. Although I do not know, it would not surprise me if Luis were kept on a tight leash within the walls of the Christian compound built in Qatar. Who knows if he or any of the men on the island have access to their passports and money to leave if they wanted to?

A man like OJ has probably been indoctrinated into the NCW since childhood. He has been indoctrinated to be obedient to his catechist. Who knows for those of us not walking, what the consequences are for disobedience-psychological or otherwise? Yes, these men are not quality priests, and if the NCW had a discernment process, they would not be priests.

The priests are tools for the NCW to gain favor within the hierarchy of the Church, bring in more members, and bring in more money to the NCW.

Both Chuck White and I - since we are very visible in this war - have received lots of mail from many people around the world who have been severely and deeply wounded by their experience in the NCW, especially once they choose to leave. 

Their description of it reminds me of "Neo's" escape from The Matrix. (Is the name "Neo" coincidental?)

One particular person has shared with us the most intense emotional suffering and deep struggle of her break with The (NCW) Matrix to swim back to the surface of some sense of reality in her life. If the normal members experience such hardship in attempting to escape The Matrix that is the NCW, how much more those who are "groomed" for "presbyter-hood." 

In the horror "film" that is "The NCW Matrix", a simulated reality is created by the Arguello-Gennarini machine to subdue a human population, while their bodies are used as capital to trade for power amongst the fallen princes of the Church (thus their lust for numbers). 

The OJ affair is classic. I've known him since about 2004. No doubt he was sincere, and may even have become a good priest in a real seminary. But there was no intention of helping him to become a real priest. The only intention in the NCW is the machine production of numbers (and in our case, playmates for Tony), and guys like OJ are feted and fanned into thinking that they are superhuman so that they will be all the more pliable to the will of the Arguello-Gennarini Matrix that manufactures and uses them to grease the cogs of their power-broking machine.

Escape from The Matrix OJ. Seriously. "Trinity" will help you. But you first have to believe. 


  1. When Father Santiago came to Chalan Pago a lot of us "Old Timers" were elated for he showed that he is a PRIEST who is doing what he became a priest for..., to help those who are "marginal" in their belief, and help those who are close to the church get out and help others. When he and I sat down and discussed the issues of teaching the Faith Formation Program, the NEO/NCW movement, my previous court trial, he was very open and honest in the discussions, after three session of NEO/NCW I explained to him why I felt that I don't want to be part of this group. One night, after Mass, he asked if I have a few minutes to sit and discuss my refusal to be part of the NEO/NCW movement. As we sat and talked, he will throw out a passage and I will make a respond that that is not complete, or he would say something aboutthe bible, but I wwould respond with something from the Catechism of the Catholic Church we ended up talking for four hours. that is when he got up shook my hand and told me to continue teaching the Confirmation Classes, and no one would bother me to join the NEO/NCW. This continued until the "Mouth" took over the parish. I didn't want Fr. Santiago to leave our parish for he was doing good in binging back those "strays". The first thing the "Mouth discussed is to remove me from the Faith Formation Program. His main reasoning is because of my pleading "Noli Contendre" in court. Actually I do believe that it was because I was critical of the 'non-enlighted walkers" and their puplic confessions of how they were unfaithful to one another" Jes Cepeda of Chalan Pago

  2. I chose the red pill quite a while back.

    BTW, heard a little bit of frustration at the FDMS Baccalaureate Mass last night. Was hearing the Cathedral staff would not let anyone for a while until a couple of parents started arguing and raising heck. I guess we finally lost the Cathedral to NCW. Sad.

  3. Yes, the extraordinarily insightful post by RYaeger, followed by Tim's amplifying commentary, really shows a strong charitable reason why we must persevere in the One, True Faith and oppose the NCW Cult.

    (The doctrinal reasons are self-evident after perusing this blog.)

    Yet it is somewhat harder to find realistic, practical ways to help those who wish to escape the NEO vise. Especially under the current NEO episcopate.

    It may be resource-intensive enough to emotionally support (and de-program?) an ordinary walker in the Way as he or she returns to normal life, bereft of NCW Cult companionship, shunned by friends and even family -- lost and alone.

    But what about presbyters? If OJ took up Tim on his final paragraph, how should we handle it? What would or could the anti-NEO laity do?

    Is some sort of worldwide support group needed to assist NCW Cult refugees, including seminarians and priests?

    Perhaps some more of those who have already escaped might consent to publication of their stories, suitably redacted?

    Maybe there are already such anti-NCW Cult websites, in which case, mutual links or referrals could be beneficial. Or maybe Guam is truly the tip of the spear.

    1. With respect to anti-NCW Cult websites, I see the first of your five helpful “Related Sources” on the right-hand column itself contains more than a dozen “Other Resources” on its left-hand column, in several languages, including this site.

      (My recent comments have been on a cell phone.)

  4. Yup. Been makes no this comment for awhile. See many guys leave? Nope. Prisoners.

  5. To quote the San Francisco Gate - “The seminarians' wallets are empty, except for driver's licenses and insurance cards. To buy cigarettes or clothes or anything else, they must ask their superiors for money - an exercise in obedience and a reminder that material things aren't important.

    They have virtually no time alone, on or off campus, and are required to travel in pairs, "two by two," like Jesus' disciples. They live in a world without cell phones or personal computers, and their evenings end promptly at 10.”

    Yes, it is an exercise in obedience but more importantly, control. And this control can also be used on the presbyters. No money, no phone, and no computer thus totally dependent on superior (Pius). The “two by two” method is also for control for the seminarians. They keep each other in line and any transgressions are reported to the superior.

  6. Neo-Free Guam (World)May 11, 2016 at 12:44 PM

    Tim Rohr and JW are the best thing that has happened to our Church and the worst possible press for Kiko and his cohorts. They badly miscalculated the strength of Catholic Faith and degree to which they will defend it. Tim Rohr, Chuck White and others have provided the platform, facts and the resources to effectively expose these charlatans. JW has been the Paul Revere exposing Kiko's soft underbelly and their tactics for mind bending and money grabbing scheme. Who would be so bold as to hoodwink, a gullible, lost Sheppard to abandon his faith and flock and to "gift" a 50 million dollar asset to his masters? Te mymygo si Yuos :(. Kiko, the dumb and gullible natives are"t so dumb after all, they have exposed your diabolical scheme to world. Guam indeed is good.

    1. Can you imagine what could have happened if Tim Rohr, Charles White, Bob Klitzski (sorry if I misspelled you name), CCOG and others did not exposed what is happening in our Churches? These newly ordained priest preaching could not understand what he is talking about. Could not speak english well. Anonymous Chalan Pago

  7. Is keeping mission families with presbyterys another way of "monitering/controlling" them? I have witnessed pius questioning a maintenance guy about a local priest with a neo community...amazing. spn2