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Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "TRAPPED!":

Tim, why is Bishop Schneider's opinion so important to you? Does he run the church and does he approve whether or not the NCW is valid or not? You call yourself Catholic? I have no doubt you are a true one. So if you are, just stop all of this and obey Pope Francis, the LEADER of the church and stop trying to be the next Martin Luther. The pope approves the NCW. If you have questions try writing to him. 

LOL. The pope, the pope, the pope. Such a freak. This is the parrot talk of the NCW because they don't really know what it is the pope said, they only repeat what they are told what "the pope said."

So let's do this again - since I already did this awhile back.

First of all the Pope DID NOT SAY that HE "approves the NCW." That is the take of the lapdog Kiko media, ZENIT, which headlined its interview with - guess who - Kiko Arguello: Pope Francis Backs Neocatechumenal Way Liturgy

This is horribly dishonest reporting and is another reason why ZENIT should be discarded as a real news source.

ZENIT begins its fraudulent article right off the bat stating: "The Vatican Secretariat of State sent a letter on April 3rd from the Holy Father to Kiko Argüello. ZENIT wants the reader to think that Kiko received a letter from the pope personally delivered by the Vatican Secretariat of State.

LOL. These Kiko's and their lies, and so easy to prove.

Here's the background. After Kiko got the crap kicked out of him by Pope Francis on February 1, 2014 in front of several thousand followers - emboldening bishops and pastors around the world to stand up to Kiko's bull___t - Kiko went sniveling and sobbing to Pope Francis for a pat on the head in a letter to the pope dated March 15, 2014.

By the way, if you want to know why Francis kicked the crap out of Kiko, you have to know what Kiko did to the Pope first. He made the Pope sit in a chair while Kiko yelled at him for twenty minutes in front of 12,000 neocats.

Watch the video here.

Kiko received a reply to his March 15 letter, BUT IT WAS NOT FROM THE POPE. It wasn't even from the Vatican Secretary of State - as the lyin'-ass ZENIT said.

The reply was from Archbishop Angelo Becciu. And who is he? 

Becciu is the "Substitute for General Affairs to the Secretary of State." This is where general "to do" matters, not rising to the level of importance to be addressed by the secretary himself, are sent. Thus, the title "General Affairs."

So Kiko's little cry-baby diatribe didn't even reach a level of importance to reach the desk of the Secretary of State let alone the pope - as Kiko and Zenit want you to think. 

Let's go ahead and read the full letter from "the Substitute."

From the Vatican, April 3rd, 2014

Most Esteemed Sir

Mr. Francisco ARGÜELLO,

With a respectful letter of the past March 15th, you expressed to the Holy Father your grave concern because some people interpreted a quote from the discourse of the past February 1st in a negative way towards the Neocatechumenal Way; there, where His Holiness said that, at times, it would be better to renounce to live in all its details what the itinerary of the Way would demand, in order to ensure unity among the brethren who form the one ecclesial community.

I have to assure you that Pope Francis has considered carefully what you explained and wishes to confirm, as he has already expressed in the context of the Audience and of His Speech on February 1st, His paternal closeness and His loving encouragement to you and to all adherents to the Way.      

The Holy Father does well know the evangelizing dynamism of the Neocatechumenal Way, the experience of authentic conversion of life of so very many faithful, and the fruits of good generated thanks to the presence of the communities all over the world. His Holiness is convinced that the words above mentioned, which aimed to underline the need to safeguard the precious good of ecclesial communion, do not lend themselves to misunderstandings, above all because they are valid for any form of Christian life.

Such words do not in any way modify the Statutes, rather they confirm them: as far as it pertains to the celebrations of the Paschal Vigil and the Sunday Eucharist, mentioned by you, articles 12 and 13, read in their entirety, constitute therefore the regulatory charter of reference.        

As the Paschal Solemnities approach, Pope Francis assures His closeness and His memory in the Lord and, while he asks to persevere in prayer for His universal ministry, He sends from His heart to you, to the International Team and to all the adherents to the Neocatechumenal Way, His Apostolic Blessing.

With feelings of profound esteem and a heartfelt greeting in the Lord.

                                                                                         + Angelo Becciu

First, notice, that there are NO personal words from Francis himself, just a message to be relayed. So it is NOT a letter from the pope.

There are the normal pastoral niceties that the Pope says to everyone, but now let's look at what  the pope said specifically about the NCW's liturgy. Here it is:
"...articles 12 and 13, read in their entirety, constitute therefore the regulatory charter of reference."
Only the idiots over at Diana could interpret this to mean anything other than a strict order to Kiko to stay within his statute. Thus the reference to the precise articles which govern the liturgy and the emphasis that these articles comprise Kiko's "regulatory charter of reference."


The Kiko's go all gah-gah over the fact that there hasn't been an overt slap down from the pope ordering them to stop trespassing their own statute, but that's because they are children, and children need a spanking in order to understand not to "go there."

The pope is trying to treat Kiko like an adult. Like a good father he is giving him (and his vile spawn) time to grow up. But like Henry VIII and Luther (ironic that I would be accused of being him), Francis will see that his waiting will be to no avail. Like Henry and Luther, Arius, Pelagius, Nestorius, and all the others, in the case of heretics, the glorification of self eventually trumps the good of the Church.

And soon, what is happening on Guam, will cause someone in Rome to finally slap this pathetic Spanish mosquito.

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