Thursday, February 6, 2014


I had read about this, but it wasn't until I watched it that, well, I don't have the words....other than to say "amazing!"

At the meeting with the Neocatechumenal Way on February 1, instead of turning the podium over to the pope when he arrives, Kiko makes him sit for another 20 minutes while he schools the pope in front of the whole world on the Neocatechumenal Way. The pope's expressions and body language during his "schooling" show alarm and amazement.

Pope Francis enters Paul VI hall at 46:16. After waving to the crowds and greeting some of the people on the stage, he sits through an opening song led by Kiko. At 50:50 the pope gets up from his chair, expecting to deliver his address.

It's a funny moment, Kiko sees the pope stand and hastily jerks between the podium and the pope and lets him know that it is not his turn yet. The pope sits back down. Kiko goes on for another ten minutes, essentially leading a rally, first getting a round of applause for each friendly cardinal in attendance and then introducing the NCW members who are going on mission.

Everybody claps and waves and the camera catches people in the crowd, especially children, waving their Kiko crucifixes at the camera. (Note: I don't know about you but I was brought up to reverence the crucifix. If I had dared to wave it around like a flag at a football game as these people have taught their children to do, I would have been slapped.)

At 1:01:33, the introductions end and the pope appears to believe that it is now his turn. Ah but not yet. Kiko motions to the pope to stay seated, then jerkily runs across the stage and moves a big banner showing a diagram of the stages of the Neocatechumenal Way towards the pope so he can see it.

Kiko then turns to the pope and lectures him for the next ten minutes! 

The pope's body language is one of incredulity. See for yourself. Of course the Neos will not see it this way, but anybody else, even one who knows nothing about what is going on, will see that something is clearly amiss. The pope, the supreme leader of the Church of Christ on earth, is made to sit through a lecture by this layman, not only in front of the 8000 people in the hall, but in front of the whole world watching online and on television.

As Kiko gets increasingly rabid in his presentation trying to get a sign of approval from the pope - which the pope does not give him, the pope leans forward in his chair and looks at Kiko as if to say "enough", or maybe even "What the hell?"

Kiko goes on, shouting and waving, Hugo Chavez stlyle, and finally at 1:09:29, nearly 25 minutes after the pope had entered the hall, Kiko shuts up. But we're not done. The arch-Neo priest, Mario Pezzi now has to lead us in a Kiko-song and finally at 1:12:50, the pope gets the microphone.

The crowd goes wild upon hearing the pope's words thanking them for their ministry, but then falls silent as he gets into his real message: the primacy of church unity. There is a smattering of polite applause when the pope stops for effect. The camera pans the crowd and most are not clapping. The pope speaks on. Incredibly, the camera captures two priests (or seminarians), turning towards the camera, smiling and waving, while the pope is speaking. Really?

As the pope goes on, the camera captures some quite serious expressions in the crowd. This is not what they were expecting to hear. There is no mistaking the cloud that has descended upon the hall. The pope finishes speaking at 1:21:45, half the time it took to get through the Kiko-show.

Of course, Kiko knew that the pope didn't need a lecture about the Neocatechumenal Way. Kiko knew that no one in that hall needed a lecture on the Neocatechumenal Way. Kiko used the presence of the pope to lecture the world about the Neocatechumenal Way, and for the purposes of creating a recording he could later use. The pope was only a prop for the Kiko-show. And the pope knew it.

As we've said many times on this blog, and as evidenced by themselves, the Neos themselves provide the best evidence for everything the rest of us have come to believe about the Neocatechumenal Way. And here, Kiko does the best job of all. In the presence of Pope Francis, he turns into the pathetic little man that he pretends to be.

Hmmm. At first I couldn't think of a word before to describe this horrid display of ego. But it just came to me: Faustian. 


  1. Only a sorcerer would have the nerve to use the Pope as a photo/audio prop. Who else would be so evil. Perhaps the Pope already knows about the changes being made on Guam and doesn't have the strength to handle it. If the sorcerers continue at the rate they're going, Roman Catholics will either cut away or go to Christian churches to Praise and Glorify the Lord. The Neonites are moving at the speed of sound and no one seems to be strong enough to protect what Jesus created before he was crucified. NEOs have already changed the way they receive communion and it seems according to the Spanish interview that the change will include the Christenings. Confession is made after communion within earshot of the other neons....confessions of adultery and all other sins are confessed, but bet no one is brave enough to confess murder since the police can get their own 'confessions' via those that were at what they call 'celebrations'....Jesus, are these the sigh on end times? Is the anti-Christ within the halls of the Vatican?

  2. Kiko's curial buddies must have given him a "heads up" about the Pope's "simple recommendations", so maybe he was a little desperate. What do you think?

  3. I find it odd that a lay man can overpower the church. Apparently Kiko has them under his thumb.

    Yes, there are many movements that have been recognized in Rome for evangelization. The Communion and Liberation founded by Father Luigi Giussani and Volutas Dei founded by Father Louis-Marie Parent are just examples. They have spread nation wide with their evangelization.

    Yet, none of them seem to care if they are in the spotlight. They spread the Goods News without asking for recognition. Yet, Kiko has the characteristic of being an arrogant man who wants to be placed on a pedestal and be known as the saving power of God. He seems to want to change the decree, dogmas, and whatever there is I regarding out Catholic Faith and belief.

    How can one not label the NeoCatechumenal as not being a movement.? Kiko has something planted up his sleeves. I am afraid for what is to come. I had recently came upon a photo of Kiko, wearing a long black garment like the cardinals in the video, and he had a purple cape on and a red hat shaped like the hats priest wore in the 50s. In the video the cardinals were in black, with a purple sash and red beanies. Scary to think that this man wants to think of himself as the appoint, anointed one and is equal to a priest, bishop, etc.

    What is scarier is the thought that this man will make complete changes and consider himself the righteous one to sit on the seat of Peter.

    No matter what, a Neo will always be a Neo. This is what they are taught to be. You are part of this community to listen and obey the rules, keeping silent and not question.

    I found it hard to follow the changes in the church. I learned the Latin Mass in the 2nd grade, because of first Communion. Then boom, years later it was I'm English with the priest facing the congregation. Boom again, stand to receive communion. Boom then it was receiving communion using our hands. I adapted to the changes in the church, but when the changes are made that disrespect authority to the Church or Christ, then I have a problem.

    I believe that the presence of the Eucharist in the tabernacle should be venerated. But when you dance around the altar in the presence of the Eucharist this is uncalled for. To me this is having no respect at all. There are many things but I will not get into it.

    Punch line....Kiko seems to be spreading his propaganda for something bigger..???????????????

    1. I'm of the opinion that it's a cult on its way to schism. People will laugh at that - maybe it seems far from schism right now, with Kiko professing all kinds of loyalty to Peter, but that's what I think.

    2. Kiko Argüello, initiator and responsible of the Neocatechumenal Way, was formally invested with an honorary doctorate in Sacred Theology by the Catholic University of John Paul II in Lublin, Poland. Those purple robes were the medieval academic robes of the the NEW DOCTOR OF SACRED THEOLOGY. Don't worry hope he won't wear them around Rome, HA.HA

    3. Saw that impressive ceremony in Poland on YOUTUBE. Kiko the Honorary Doctor CATECHIZED all the Bishops and tenured faculty the way he did to Pope Francis. Oh, dear. He just can't help himself. God help him. God Help us.

  4. "Unofficial Vatican Commentary" on above video -
    Timeline Comment
    00:14:56 Hey. there's that bishop from Guam all of Vatican is reading
    about. Nice seat! 2 rows behind Arch-Priest Pezzi, right
    behind my Cardinals and 1st row of bishops. Ah. How nice.
    He is showing his unity with his brothers by wearing his
    Capuchin habit. I hope he takes his vow of poverty as
    seriously as I take mine!
    00:38:55 Wow! Kiko just mention that Guam guy by name! Apuron.
    And his RMS seminary in Guam. I wonder who really controls
    that these days? Hmmmm. That's not very modest, he just
    stood and clapped for himself. I must remind myself to speak
    with him about humility. It's how Christ wants all His
    Apostles to behave.
    00:45:00 Ok. This guy Kiko has had enough time warming up the
    crowd with his rhetoric. I have a Church to run here. Quick,
    tell the guards to take their positions on the stage. I
    cannot wait forever!
    00:46:47 Why is Kiko charging up to me? I hope he has no gun. I
    normally go to greet my guests, like every good host, but
    I guess this is his way to be on camera a little longer.
    00:47:07 - I love meeting my people. we have a lovely church. Too bad
    00:47:20 I can't quite reach the Guam guy, Apuron, and let him know
    I am praying for him. He is so embroiled in controversy I
    truly worry for his soul AND for the sheep entrusted to him.
    I fear he is losing his people. I must reach out to him.
    00:47:36 Almost at my chair, good, my assistant has my notes
    ready, let's get started.
    Hey! What is Kiko doing? I thought I was in charge?
    00:50:21 What the heck?
    00:51:29 Even my boy Apuron looks bored? He is right behind
    Fr Mario and Carmen.How does he do this all the time?
    This is my first, and it is already a nightmare!
    00:52:35 Okay. Is it my turn yet?!?
    00:54:07 Please someone pinch me. This can't be real.
    00:59:13 Hey, was that Fr Fabio in the crowd? He must have
    been Apuron's baggage boy. I wonder who else is here
    from Guam? I hope their JCD Canon lawyer is here to
    take some much needed refresher courses. All those
    problems back home, and their priority is to come here?
    I MUST have a heart to heart with my Capuchin bishop.
    1:00:36 This is not what I was expecting.
    1:01:30 Does this man Kiko have no respect? Most people turn
    and bow to a bishop before passing in front of them. This
    guy walked straight to his board and turned it to me to
    look at. I'm not stupid, so I won't look at it but just leer
    at him. Maybe he'll get the hint.
    1:01:51 Incredible. Kiko just pranced in front of me again and just
    as he was in front of me he turned, not to me, but to the
    audience and waived. Is he all there? It is as if I am not
    even here. Maybe my guards should let him know I
    entered this hall 15 minutes ago! Sheesh!
    1:03:17 Will someone please get this nutjob off the stage...please!
    1:05:10 Enough - guards!?!
    1:06:40 I'M BORED. But at this point I am completely powerless.
    I hope Kiko runs out of gas soon.
    1:09:35 Praise be to God. He is done. He has stepped off his
    high horse. I cannot believe he just lectured me in that
    tone for 20 minutes. After I am done talking to Apuron,
    Kiko needs to hear a few things as well. Now I am really
    worried about this "Way". I hope they take my words to
    heart. They may produce fruits, but they sure do sow
    division as well. This Kiko guy is way too full of himself.

    commentary to be continued

    1. I'll give you ONE reason and one reason ALONE why Apuron is wearing his Capuchin robes now when he goes to Rome. He thinks it will score points with Pope FRANCIS. Cardinal Sean O'Malley is a Capuchin and close friend of Pope Francis and always wears his Capuchin robes. Apuron thinks if he wears his brown robes he'll become best friends with Pope Francis. What a JOKE. This archbishop's ambition and obsession with playing on stage is a joke.

  5. commentary continued...

    1:09:35 Praise be to God. He is done. He has stepped off his
    high horse. I cannot believe he just lectured me in that
    tone for 20 minutes. After I am done talking to Apuron,
    Kiko needs to hear a few things as well. Now I am really
    worried about this "Way". I hope they take my words to
    heart. They may produce fruits, but they sure do sow
    division as well. This Kiko guy is way too full of himself.
    1:09:40 Is this another Neo song? OK. The Gospel, but did I just
    hear Fr Mario say according to Kiko? Normally a deacon
    should proclaim, but I guess Deacon Larry Claros could
    not make it from Guam. Oh my God! I hope he is not
    running things back in Guam!
    1:15:00 OK. Now I finally have a chance to connect with these
    people. I think I will need to ad lib a little here for
    emphasis. They need to know they are not THE Way,
    but a way. Only Jesus is the Way.
    1:20:55 Smack down - Papal style. I will be pastoral, but I will
    also speak the truth. If done the right way they will hear.
    If done a more arduous and painful way, they will just
    tune me out, like the people of Guam have tuned out
    poor Tony. I am being as gentle as possible, but the
    crowd has grown so very quiet. Do they hear what I am
    trying to do? I fear this group may be a hopeless case.
    So very sad. Some much potential, but their leadership
    only want to inflate themselves and their pocketbooks.
    I hope the good Lord will be merciful to the NCW
    leadership when the time comes.
    But the Church cannot wait for that judgement day. The
    damage they cause far outweighs any benefit they bring.
    One cannot be offset against the other. I must reel them
    in, before they cause another schism. Apuron is the one
    bishop in the world who walks in community. Too bad he
    chose Kiko over his commitment to the Church and to
    the people.
    This must stop now.

    I mean no disrespect to our Holy Father. But what Kiko did was so disrespectful, I had to comment in a way that brought that to light. Thankfully our Bishop of Rome is very pastoral and did not let loose an entire barrage upon Kiko in front of the world. That is what makes him a holy man. Our Anthony, on the other hand is a cad. He is ruthless, mean spirited and conniving. The way he treats people is completely contrary to the Gospel he preaches every week. Dear Anthony, I hope the Bishop of Rome treats you with more respect than you have treated your own priests and sheep. A more arduous and painful conclusion awaits...not from Rome, but from your judge. Repent, retire, and relocate...while there is still time!

    1. Question: Why is Arch wearing the Capuchin habit all the time in Rome and more and more at home. This is new. Fr. Pius has been sporting his Carmelite Habit too....whasssup? Maybe Super 8 Cardinal Sean wannabee. Another Neo fanatic although he has enough sense just to hang out....NOT WALK in the WAY.

    2. You for got that Kiko said APURON something something, then capuchinu. He is not.longer a Capuchin. He is a diosesan priest. One cannot lead a double life. Either you belong to the capuchin Order and follow their rules or you a diosesan priest where poverty is not a vow you pledge to as do the capuchins. Make up your mind. Where do you belong?

    3. There is a canon law I believe 706 or 709 where a clergy who,is appointed as bishop, archbishop! cardinal and even the pope is still considered part of their order! but does not have to follow the rules of his superiors.

      Sorry guys you are wrong and so was I. Unlike Pope Francis who carries his ideas as a Jesuit to help him make wise decisions, Apuron is leading a double life.

  6. Yes, but Kiko cannot say something something Capuchinu and get the land ....has to be His Excellency Something, Something Corporate Sole give me your land. You see?

  7. KIKO said Monsignor TONY Apuron de Guam Redemptoris Mater Capuchino. TONY !! now there are a couple of old friends. TONY - yet another fleeting moment of fame which cost a mint. Tony, Tony, Tony.

  8. Such horrible "music." Diabolical.

  9. Speaking of the LAND when will we learn to whom it belongs. Seems should be easy enough to find out. Why was this important information dropped from the Jungle watch conversations. ?

    1. It was noted in an earlier post that the Title to the property is still showing the Archdiocese of Agana. However, the issue is that the Title may have been "assigned" and not technically "alienated" (transferred). An assignment would not need to be recorded and thus would not show up in a title search. However, as the legal counsel opined, an assignment would put a cloud on the title and make it very difficult for a future bishop to claim ownership. There's no way to know if the property has been assigned as it could have been done without the knowledge of the finance council. More later.

    2. Actually, this is not exactly correct. The law does not recognize a significant distinction between "assign" and "alienate." Guam law has minimum requisites for a document to convey title. A document can meet these requisites using either term. Nonetheless, it is very true that the seminary property could have been conveyed from the archdiocese to the NCW without that conveyance being recorded. A deed does not have to recorded. More importantly, even if that deed is never recorded, it is still absolutely binding upon the parties involved in the transaction. So, if the archbishop executed a deed or other instrument of conveyance in favor of the NCW, then, irrespective of whether it was recorded, the seminary has been transferred to the NCW and no longer belongs to the archdiocese. Again, this would not be a mere cloud on title. This would be an outright legal transfer which no subsequent bishop would have the legal standing to rescind.

    3. Any land transactions must be recorded under the department of land management deed or otherwise.

    4. Being in the real estate business, I should have thought this through a bit more as I was only quoting the legal counsels opinion. I just went through a probate situation where a property was "deeded" without being recorded. A property can be "willed" or even "deeded" on paper, but it may never get recorded until someone wants to record it or make an issue of it. In short, I can "deed" or otherwise sign over my house to my son upon my demise, and he can have the document, but it may or may not get recorded. This is where the "cloud" comes in and the attorneys get involved. I die, my son produces the document that says the house belongs to him, even though none of his siblings may have known about it. The scenario won't happen in my case, happens quite a bit nonetheless. And this may be what we are looking at with the seminary. The potential for this is why the legal counsel OPPOSED the constitution of the RMS corporate docs in the first place which gave 75% power to foreign guarantors.

    5. If the property is not paid in full it is in escrow, right? My question now is, if 75% is owned by these people but listed under the Archdiocese of Agana as owners, then we the people still have to donate to pay for their land taxes which is well in the thousand?

    6. The property is "paid in full" and because it is church property, it is probably not subject to property taxes.

    7. Church’s tax exemption questioned

    8. In response to Anonymous February 7, 2014 at 4:37 AM: Sorry, but that is just not true. A deed does not have to be recorded. The mere execution and delivery of a deed effects a transfer of the property which is binding on the transferor. A transferee records the deed for the sole purpose of ensuring that a third party with a competing interest does not record first and thereby prejudice the title taken by the transferee. But, again, an unrecorded deed is absolutely binding on the transferor. So, if the archbishop executed and delivered an unrecorded deed in favor of the NCW, then the NCW would own the seminary. And there is nothing -- except perhaps bring a lawsuit -- that a subsequent archbishop could do to reverse the transaction.

  10. Like the above, repent, retire, relocate. One day he will have to retire that's for sure. It is in retirement in seven years, if he lives that long, that he will become aware of how he damaged so many people. With his personality, and all that happened, he could relocate and be happy in Spain, south America, Mexico, but then he will see how his life went so wrong.

  11. The day will come before the age of 75 when tony will have finish as archbishop. It's just a question of time. No way can he continue to lead the archdiocese for another seven years with this disunity . Impossible. He will either have a heart attack in next couple of years and pass early, or retire early. The latter would be better for all concerned. But for sure less than two years he will be gone. One way or another.

  12. After watching the event with Kiko as master of ceremony, I can understand the affinity between Kiko and our ArchBishop: They both like to hear the sound of their own voices singing center stage and as often as possible!

  13. After watching the event with Kiko as master of ceremony, I can understand the affinity between Kiko and our ArchBishop: They both like to hear the sound of their own voices singing center stage and as often as possible!

  14. 50:37
    Kiko says to Pope:
    "I am sorry I am turning my back to you."
    Pope stands up & says:
    "Angels have no back."

    I do not know your intentions, I can only witness a lot of anger in your writing, but maybe just write what you understand and do not imply your impressions of what you see. This clip isn't mute. You just don't speak Italian or Spanish.

    p.s. And that song that Father Mario is singing - its actually a gospel reading.

  15. Botttom line, the Archbishop has no control over at what goes on in the seminary, who goes in and gets ordained. The seminary is built for the purposes of the Neocat. You cannot enter the seminary if you are not part of the Neocat. i know what goes in and out of the Neocat because i was with them in my part of the world for 22 years as member, catechist, itenerant catechist, seminarian of one of the first Neocat seminaries in the world.

    1. OooooK! Then we know the intent of the gift of Yona property was not respected.

  16. So why not post the video with the english translation??

  17. i'm a newcomer to this blog and so this is the first time i've seen this old post. i got here by following the link from the animated gif of kiko that had the word "demo" on it.

    it’s certainly disrespectful of kiko to take up all that time lecturing pope francis. it’s pretty obvious kiko had an ulterior motive and agenda for doing so. it reveals an opportunistic and self-promoting side of his personality, for sure.

    the part that the animated gif was taken from around 1:08:43-1:09:00 of the video. my spanish is very basic, so i had to keep replaying that section to see what kiko is saying. he is speaking in italian and the commentator is speaking the spanish translation (not sure if it was a prepared text--perhaps it was, since the commentator is sometimes speaking ahead of kiko).

    anyway, i think the spanish i'm hearing goes like this:

    "... se puede ofrecer a la iglesia este, es el fruto del bautismo de un camino donde se empiezan tantas cosas que no se pueden entender que no existe en todas las parroquias la iniciacion cristiana de los adultos. ¿cómo es posible?"

    i think this roughly translates to:

    “... it can be offered to the church this, it is the fruit of baptism of a way where so many things are started but it’s incomprehensible that the Christian initiation of adults doesn’t exist in all parishes. how is it possible?"

    1. You are correct. I saw the English translation earlier. He's lecturing Pope Francis. Basically bitching him out for not having the Way in every parish. The kiko's take the pope's lack of immediate action against Kiko as an approval. Let them. Rome gave Fr. Maciel many years and then WHAM!


  18. Thank you ray d for sharing with readers you are a newcomer. Welcome to these articles.
    Please spend some time looking over the postings to further learn about the evil leadership our church is now under.

  19. I don't know if you realize that gossip and slander is a very serious sin and that not even Jesus condemned any one

    1. For me, not gossip. Facts that need to be known. Absolutely need to be known. We have been so blind.

    2. Of course, Anon 3:31am, speaking the truth is no sin, and is in fact a very necessary thing to do here in Guam at this time. The dark underbelly of the Neocatechumenal Way is being revealed here, whether you like it or not.

  20. Yea. Let's humiliate the Pope. And celebrate.

  21. Thank you 12.52 p.m and thank you everybody for reminding me.