Thursday, May 19, 2016


3:48AM - see update at end of this story

I haven't seen it yet, but I heard that a news item was aired on PNC featuring Deacon Frank Tenorio defending Apuron against Roy Quintanilla's accusations that he molested him when he was a twelve year old altar boy in Agat. I also heard that the masturbating primatologist para-presbyter could be seen in the background coaching Tenorio.

Tenorio was said to have said that he doesn't believe Roy Quintanilla because he was at the Agat parish at the time Roy was an altar boy.

So it's gloves off. The first time I wrote about this (here), I left out Tenorio's name. Not this time. Read it and weep:

On January 9, 2006, Archbishop Apuron publicly discredited Cardinal Arinze, the then-Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship. In doing so he also publicly mocked Pope Benedict XVI, since what Apuron mocked was an instruction from Cardinal Arinze which opened with the words "The Holy Father wishes you to know..." (The letter involved placing restrictions on the Neocatechumenal Way's celebration of the Eucharist.)

The incident occurred on Guam's Catholic radio station, KOLG, during a weekly Monday morning show entitled "Why Do Catholics Do That?" The show was hosted by Fr. Mike Crisostomo and Fred Rodriguez.

During the show, the conversation turned to the Neocatechumenal Way and the recently released instruction from Cardinal Arinze. Apuron was listening and in a few minutes barged into the studio to take over the conversation and defend the Neocatechumenal Way.

The Audio File can be found here. The Transcript can be found here.

Apuron's public mocking of Cardinal Arinze occurred close to the beginning of the segment and it immediately prompted angry calls.

Fr. Mike knew that Apuron's public discrediting of a papal directive and the Cardinal Prefect who delivered it was incredibly damaging to the Church. Immediately recognizing the potential damage, Fr. Mike (as you can hear or read) did his best throughout the rest of the show to moderate Apuron's temper-laden comments. But of course, Apuron did not take the hint and things got seriously heated.

The news of what Apuron had said on KOLG on the morning of January 9, 2006 traveled quickly. As the show was normally rebroadcast the same afternoon, many tuned in for the replay to hear for themselves what Apuron had said. But there was no replay.

The phone at KOLG began ringing off the hook with callers asking why the show was not being rebroadcast. The technician in the studio at the time did not know what had happened that morning, and did not know he was supposed to lie, so he simply told the truth: "I don't know. They just told me not to play it."

Of course this news "not to play it" created an even greater firestorm of anger. KOLG's station manager, Deacon Frank Tenorio, called a meeting of the KOLG staff and hosts to deal with it on Tuesday afternoon, January 10, 2006. The show was scheduled to air twice more the following day and something needed to be said about why it would not be.

The meeting was held at the Kamalin Karidat office, which is also managed by Deacon Frank Tenorio. The office was then located on the second floor of the building which is located directly across the street from Wendy's at the Agana Shopping Center.

In addition to Deacon Frank Tenorio, also present at the meeting were Fr. Mike Crisostomo, Fred Rodriguez, Therese Mantanane, Chuck White, Jeff Fitzgerald, myself, and oh yes, one more, Archbishop Apuron.

The problem was laid out. The episode with the Archbishop was too damaging to the Church to rebroadcast. But the whole island had heard of it and, after the first rebroadcast was canceled, many suspected a cover up, which caused even greater outrage.

Deacon Tenorio began the meeting. The problem presented was what to say to the listening public the next day when the show was scheduled to replay once in the morning and again in the afternoon. The truth of course was not an option. Suggestions were asked for. There were none.

Then Deacon Frank Tenorio, the archbishop's brave defender, asked us to LIE. He said: "Why don't we just say there were technical difficulties."

The room froze. This was a BLATANT LIE. An ordained deacon had just asked us to publicly lie in the presence of an archbishop.

Apuron kept looking at the floor. I was seated directly across from him. I waited for him to speak. Apuron said nothing. In fact, nobody said anything, until I did.

My first thought besides this being a lie was that they were going to let the technician take the fall. It was going to be his fault that the episode could not be rebroadcast. There was only one problem. The technician, the young man who answered the phone the previous day, the young man who didn't know he was supposed to lie, was MY SON. And they were going to hang this on him.

I'm sure it never even occurred to Tenorio and Apuron that the technician's father was sitting right in front of them.

I looked around the room. No one looked up. We had just been asked to LIE for the Archbishop and my 20 year-old son was the scapegoat. Barely able to control my anger I slowly said:

"Deacon, that's not true.

There was more silence and more staring at the floor. Except for me. I was staring at the Archbishop. 

I don't know why. Maybe I thought that my pointing out that this was a lie would cause Apuron to actually act like an Archbishop and tell the Deacon "No, we can't say that."

BUT NOTHING. Silence. Go ahead lie. Let my son take the fall. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. But there it was.

Finally Fr. Mike broke the silence and suggested that KOLG state that the episode would not be rebroadcast in the best interest of the church. At least that was true. I don't know if that statement was ever aired. I didn't care. I left. DISGUSTED with Apuron and his LYING Deacon.

As the record shows, I did not let that incident stop me from defending Apuron and the Church a few years later when Apuron was attacked for a statement he didn't write about homosexuality and when Senator Cruz and SNAP were trying to throw him in jail. But I never forgot what I was asked to do and who the Archbishop and Deacon Frank Tenorio were willing to blame.

And there's more. But I'll save it for the next time Tenorio wants to play hero.

P.S. Hey OJ. If Tenorio is all you got, then you got nothing. Everybody is on to him. And stay out of the camera next time. 



During its 6pm newscast, PNC aired a version of the statement showing Edivaldo's reflection in the glass behind Tenorio. It's obvious who is the puppet master here.

Here is the PNC video.

Deacon Tenorio on PNC 5/19/16 from Tim Rohr on Vimeo.

After seeing the stupid Edivaldo's performance in Tenorio's video during the PNC 6pm newscast, Edi the Waldo and his fools scrambled to produce a different version of the video and sent it to KUAM at about 10PM. As per this link to KUAM the story was:

Posted: May 19, 2016 10:30 PM
Updated: May 19, 2016 10:30 PM

This is really pathetic. They re-recorded the whole thing, this time positioning Tenorio in front of a picture of the Blessed Mother. This is really hilarious. The whole world is going to be able to compare the two versions and know exactly what they did and why they did it.

Deacon Tenorio from Tim Rohr on Vimeo.

BTW, Deacon, everybody knows about the Tenorio's "perks." But talk about "walk into this!" So stupid, but just as we planned it. You'll soon see. You're going to go out with the trash too. BTW, does the number $80,000 sound familiar?

Oh, and P.S. Deacon, you live in Agat, right? Well you just called the whole Agat Quintanilla clan LIARS. Roy is one of 16 children. Have you thought about that?

4:27AM UPDATE. So now who are you going to believe, an Apuron lapdog (Tenorio) or Vince Pereda, a 30 year clinical psychologist and now FORMER member of the sex abuse review board:

And one more thing, Deacon Tenorio, the fact that Edivaldo's reflection was caught on camera during your little charade is not an accident. That was the work of the Holy Spirit. We could not have asked for more DAMNING evidence of the LIE you, Edivaldo, Apuron and the whole lot of stupid fools, are conspiring to put out. And the Holy Spirit has decided to help us out. How providential that He chose your video to do it on. Does the number $80,000 sound familiar?


  1. Tim, I went back to look for this story on the PNC website and it looks like they removed the video and the story. Can you find out what's going on?

    1. I too went back to watch the videoclip of Deacon Tenorio on the PNC website and I couldn't find it, either. I wanted to see if I could see Edivaldo's reflection in the background as described.

    2. Try KUAM although may be different.

    3. The video can be located on facebook:

    4. Interesting, the KUAM version is different. A different background, no shadows, and more practiced!

    5. Tim, where's the Jungle Tiger??? That photograph is so strange. What is Archi doing there??

  2. Wow! Two Dakon Deacons. Dakon Deacon Claros the clown and Dakon Deacon Tenorio the tentago'. It wouldn't surprise me if Santa Maria Kamelin walks away from her nitche. Santa Maria Kamelin, tayuyute ham.

  3. Lying dogs! So willing to blame a young man when a simple retraction of a public statement made by the Archbishop himself would have quelled troubled hearts. The nerve of this lying deacon, and the cowardice of an archbishop! Of course, edivaldo, diana and their heretic clan would spin this again for their blind defense to prop up the lying archbishop. Thank you, Tim, for sharing this story - so credible because it was firsthand experience, not anecdotal or urban legend spin as the neos are so adept in doing. This Tenorio lapdog needs to examine his conscience. Why would he disprove a victim's testimony right away just because he was in the same parish in 1977? Of course, Fr Apuron would not broadcast his crime to the parish - unless Tenorio was also in the bedroom with the priest and the altar boy and did nothing to protect a minor from a predator? So stupid!

  4. I used to think, with envy, that deacons were of a higher moral character than the average Catholic and put becoming a deacon in my bucket list, but not anymore. Frank Tenorio and Larry Claros, two DACONS (liars) have destroyed my desire of wanting to be a deacon.

    1. That's why none of the 11 permanent deacons have not been ordained after four years of intensive liturgical training, and a life time of parish ministry experience. They are not lap dogs and will do the Lord's work the right way.

  5. Perhaps there is enough real news to post. Heaven knows there was plenty today. The media airing these self-produced pronouncements amounts to promoting propaganda. It gives no opportunity for follow up questions by reporters. Again, allowing these bozos to have things done on their terms, always "their way."

  6. Tim, as I remember it, Fr. Santiago Flor Caravia was also in the room. At first, I wondered why he was there. My son Andrew and I were helping him produce a Japanese show for the station, but other than that, he had nothing whatsoever to do with KOLG. Then I realized that he was not there to protect the Archbishop's interests, but rather, to protect the interests of the Neocatechumenal Way. I think that meeting confirmed for me that we were dealing with something quite a bit more than it seemed with the Neocatechumenal Way.

  7. Fr.Matthew Blockley.May 19, 2016 at 10:56 PM

    Deacon is a pathetic individual who has been licking Apurons Ass since 1992 to my Knowledge. Come on everyone " pathetic Tenorio" lets get shouting " Shut up pathetic Tenorio."

  8. It is obvious he is reading a text not written by himself as he seems to be slowing down and squinting at times, as he reads off the text. If he wrote it himself, if the thoughts were really his own, he would not have been trying to read it word for word as he was obviously trying to do.

    Poor Frank Tenorio. You have greatly disappointed me. You are no longer one of the elders of Guam that I look up to. No longer one of my role models.

    1. I love my Archbishop, I love my Archbishop, I love my Archbishop, I love my Archbishop, I love my Archbishop, I love my Archbishop, the tearful version, please. Thanks Frank Tenorio.

    2. Call him deacon, but don't call him Frank
      Reading a statement while his face is blank
      In the background lurks Edivaldo
      Our readers also call him Waldo
      Trying to keep brother Tony from the tank

  9. note to: dakon tenorio
    the hard truths about liars... two lies don't make a truth...

    1. Liars Are In Love with Themselves:
    Think about it, why do people lie?
    What are some of their motives?
    They don’t want to look stupid, they don’t want to be wrong, they don’t want to let people down, they want to keep everyone happy, they want to get what they want.
    All of these motives have the “self” at the center.
    Liars make every situation all about them.
    They’re not thinking about the questions, How will this impact people I care about?
    What will be the consequences of my lies?
    No, liars are very short sighted, focusing only on the immediate and easy way out of a situation.
    In the long run, it is impossible to have a long-term, healthy relationship built on mutual trust and honesty because liars are narcissists.
    They’re essentially only in a relationship with themselves.

    2. Liars Are Cowards:
    Anyone who lacks the courage to look at the truth is a coward.
    Cowards are really hard to love.
    They will perpetually frustrate you.
    Instead of admitting their shortcomings, their failures – their basic humanness – they will lie in order to cover it up.
    They’re so busy keeping up with “the Joneses” that they destroy their closest relationships in the process.
    Liars need courage to overcome their lifestyle of deceit.

    3. Liars Have No Legs to Stand On:
    At the end of the day, at the end of one’s life, what do you have besides your good name or your reputation?
    Liars have essentially chopped their own legs out from under them through continual denial and lying.
    They have destroyed their own reputations and in doing so, their name in the community.
    Since they have no legs, they can’t take a stand on anything that matters. Their lives have become meaningless wastelands, easily forgotten and dismissed.
    No one with any discernment trusts them and they end up isolated in their lifestyle of lies.

    a perfect description of the chancery dakon posse...

  10. for my dakon tenorio

    the concern i have with your statement is i know you have lied in the past, so knowing this about you i doubt the sincerity of your words...

    considering that the person you are defending is a known liar, your attempt to protect him leads me to think brother tony has something to hide...

    so my dakon tenorio, i will add your name to my list of people that are freely willing to say anything to protect a liar like brother tony...

  11. I listened to that whole interview. Archbishop could not even explain clearly why the Neos do what they do versus how the Universal Catholic Church directs. He got slammed by a caller who questioned him when he said the Neos want to experience the "fullness" of the mass; the caller asked him to explain then why the regular mass attended by the parishioners all over Guam in their village churches at regular times on Sunday and during the week was NOT an experience in the fullness of the mass? He did not know how to answer that. He did not know! He should know to guide us!! Frankly, he is a very shallow man. All show, no substance. His tone was arrogant throughout the entire interview, and though to tell callers: "Don't question me; just accept what I tell you and shut up!" Geeez. . ! And as for Frank Tenorio, he's another shallow guy. When he helps out at mass in Agat, he has to be helped by the altar servers. Periodically, he will use a cane. But, wow(!) when he is walking around downtown, alleluia! He needs no cane or anyone to help him walk!! They all drank the Kool-Aid of the Neo-Kakas!

    1. 12:10 AM, your cane reference reminded me of another lying apuron ass-kisser! Our fornicating rudee! So funny how these two neos employ the cane as accessory to induce pity from church people. Liars! Hypocrites! Thank you for pointing out that people like you and me observe these shenanigans as they "perform" for apuron to get scraps.

  12. "A member of a board within Guam’s Catholic Church that reviews sexual misconduct complaints wrote an email to the church’s sexual abuse response coordinator Wednesday stating he believes accusations that the archbishop sexually assaulted a minor.

    Vincent Pereda, the board member who wrote the email, also stated he would resign from the board immediately."

  13. Read. Diana the psycho-logist and sexual assault professional. Get out SNAP. They have Doctor of all trades. Dr. Diana Esq...

    Dear Anonymous at 12:07 am,

    I have children, but I have also dealt with victims. And from my long experience with victims, these are the facts that I know:

    1. Real victims do not seek the kind of publicity that I saw Mr. Roy Quintanilla displayed in front of the cameras as they follow him to give a letter to the Archdiocese. Real victims shy away from publicity due to the stigma they can receive from society. This is why the names of rape and sexually abused victims are never revealed in the news and media.

    2. Psychologically speaking, a 12 year old child who was sexually abused by a priest would NEVER turn to ANOTHER PRIEST and confessed that he was sexually abused. That is unheard of. After being sexually abused by a priest, the very LAST person the child would turn to would be ANOTHER PRIEST. Every psychologist, psychiatrist, and police officer knows this fact. Roy admitted in the Patti Arroyo talk show and in his written statement that he turned to Father Jack after he was sexually abused.

    1. To Anonymous at 2:03am - you are full of crap. These are not facts. You say they are facts and they are not. The only fact is that you are an idiot. You say you don't have kids well let me help you out there. I have kids and I too have been a child victim of sexual molestation SO SHUT THE HELL UP YOU DONT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT YOU NEO ASS. Stop pretending like you are an expert on something you know NOTHING about. You are the reason victims like us get angry at your stupid assessments. If you want to defend the pedophile Archbishop then donate to his f%#cking defense fund but don't try and pretend you know what victims think and do. You make me sick.

    2. Just a note. Anonymous at 2:03am was reposting a comment by "Diana." I know it's sometimes hard to figure out who is posting what when there is a copy and paste. So, your comment should begin: To Diana at 12:07am...

    3. Okay my apologies I just re-read it. Sorry caught up on my anger and shock

    4. Dear anon 12:07 if real victims do not seek that kind of publicity, then the woman who was kidnapped at Crown Bakery and raped is not a real victim. I guess the jury and judge are wrong....great job "trained person"

    5. Whoa! the Diana is a very busy bee....
      She has walked the way for nine years, is writing a blog all by herself, while being an advocate for victims and taking a psychological degree! Impressive......

      The Diana should write scripts for Hollywood....

    6. AND, Frenchie, she cooks early breakfast for her family. She says her husband helps out a lot. What a guy, huh? Love that Mr. Diana.

    7. Yes, the Dungbat should peddle her fictitious writings to Hollywood. But then who will take the credit and the money as Diana is a made up name with several people writing her trash.

    8. Time to expose this "Diana"?

    9. Well, speaking of Lady Di....she still can't spell altar. I've corrected so many time. Read on...

      DianaMay 20, 2016 at 11:16 AM
      It was aired on PNC first, and the message remains the same. The important thing is what Deacon Tenorio said. Deacon Tenorio was there at the same parish in the same time period that Mr. Quintanilla was an alter server. Tim Rohr was not there at the time Mr. Quintanilla was an alter server. A-L-T-A-R. My goodness, DIANER. WHOOPS.

  14. Tony uses the church to hide his lies. Tenorio uses the soup kitchen to hide his lies.

  15. The gift that keeps on giving. Could you ask for a better group of people?

    The video's slight imperfection
    Was merely a glassy reflection.
    Let's have a "do-over."
    Hey, OJ, MOVE OVER!
    We don't want another rejection!

    1. Great one Andrew! Ha! The blunders of the neo's have set you on a new creative course. Thank you for sharing your talent.

    2. I see a book in your future. Can you start compiling your poetry for printing? Maybe a CCOG/LFM fundraiser...

    3. Too bad priest sociologist Andrew Greeley has passed away. He wrote blunt novels exposing scandalous behavior in the priesthood and in the Church. He would have loved using Guam's experience with the NCW as source material for one of his novel expose's.

    4. Maybe I'll write the next novel...if we can ever get to the end of this story!

  16. LOL.

    Why was the Waldo doing the Neocatechumenal Dance at 2'17" in the original video?

    Why was he shouting "yay!! goal!!"?

    1. What had happened towards the end was OJ experiencing an ejaculation after gettin all worked up coaching old man Tenorio. YES!YES! YESSS!!

    2. Edi Waldo, the Juicer, is from South America--Brazil to be exact. I don't know his background, but unfortunately, he does not speak English well, neither does Dakon Tenorio. Moreover, these guys don't even know how to talk in front of a news camera. They can't hit on key points in a news interview as newscasts of their interview will be dissected for a 10-second sound bite at best. They are narcissists who think the world revolves around them, so they take their sweet time to answer questions; good for us though as they look like fools on TV. If Edi OJ is orchestrating this interview, what does he know about presentation in front of a camera? Then you hae Dakon Larry "for sure for sure" Claros. Two sexual abuse accusations brought to his attention as the Archdiocese of Agana Sexual Abuse Response Coordinator, and he sits on them!! He is supposed to hire an independent investigator to check out these allegations and then give the report to the Review Board. He hasn't done didly-squat!!! What a motley crew this Archbishop has around him. Then you have the Neocats who are trying to figure out why we Guamanians don't love them?

      By the way, if you listen to the interview of Archbishop Apuron with Fr. Mike, Fred Rodriguez and Therese Matanane when he question the creditials of Cardinal Arinze who outlined the dos and don'ts for the Neos in their practices, I nearly fell off my chair when Apuron said there are really three altars in a home, when the neos celebrate their mass: The altar of sacrifice; the altar of the dining table to feed our bodies; and the ALTAR OF THE MARRIAGE BED, where life is created through the union of husband and wife!!! What?!! I am sleeping on the floor from now on!

    3. That's why he's Archbishop. He knows how to spel Altar. Diana sure doesn't know. Alter your Dress Diana.

  17. Pinocchio! Your noses all keep growing and growing!

  18. What about the other priests in the diocese? Why isn't anyone else standing up to tell the TRUTH? Tim, you mentioned Fr. Mike Crisostomo in another incident that discredits the bishop and deacon tenorio...why doesn't he come out and tell the truth of that situation? I'm sorry..but how am I supposed to believe that the people ordained to guide us are really leading us on the right path? I'm sorry, but this is just too much to handle...I'm not standing behind the bishop or discrediting Roy, I'm just asking how can we trust the priests in our diocese now that we have this going on?

    1. Apuron has threatened them. And so did Archbishop Hon.

    2. the "tony" rule of conduct...

      Anonymous May 20, 2016 at 6:58 AM
      I sympathize with your frustration, that being said, it appears to me as a Catholic we are subject to the "tony" rule on Guam...

      "If your against me, your against God"... something to that effect..

      anon, remember the clergy are more than welcome to support, to even promote, and MUST always speak well of tony in his endeavors, but are NOT, NOT to speak ill of the devil that is brother tony...

      simply put, YOU speak well of tony, or keep your mouth shut...

      one last thing, in the eyes of chancery, to be considered a "GOOD CATHOLIC" on Guam one MUST LIVE and OBEY the "tony" rule...

    3. ANON 6:58, the priests have taken a "vow of obedience", so they cannot, even if they wanted to, go against an "order". If they do, it's suicide for their vocation.

    4. Obey the jubileeeeee prayer!!!!!!!!!

    5. I am finding it more and more difficult to understand how a vow of obedience supersedes the responsibility to the Church. Is this how tyrant Bishops remain in their office?

    6. Lawful Obedience is what is expected of these priests. They are accountable to God first, the Sacrament of Orders is from God not Apuron. It would not be morally right in their capacity as teachers of the truth to obey a lying, deceitful bishop.

    7. They also must make some strategic prudential decisions such as the value of coming out publicly against Apuron or working behind the scenes to try to save the souls of those he has ruined while leaving the war front up to us. Personally I want nothing from the priests other than to celebrate the sacraments in the most solemn and holy way. I believe that the present situation is forcing us laity to grow up and stop waiting for priests.

    8. Amen to that Tim.

      Plus, if you think a little forward,you shall see that when our movement finally bears the right fruits, the priests shall be necessary to reorganize the Archdiocese. I know that it takes time and a lot of work.

      Therefore having priests as bridge builders will be essential to the reconstruction of this Church on this island.
      It is wise for them to bid their time and bite their tongue.

      It does not go without a lot of frustration, when they see and hear the damage done. The priests are not the only ones, this is also true for the sisters and brothers of the different orders, as well as some deacons.

      What we do as lay people can only be done by us. If one or several of the priests would do that, there would be a huge schism on this little island.
      The damage is already large enough, without making it worse.

      What we do is similar to spring cleaning, and God knows there are a lot of cobwebs in this particular house.

    9. What will far flung RMS priests do when reorganization takes place? How different it will be for them to take their place as younger priests. How will they all integrate when they're used to Brother Ton as their Ordinary? The very thought of it.

    10. Frenchie, you are absolutely 100% correct in this statement. At some point, there will have to be a lot of healing and building, and the clergy will have to carry the heavy load. They cannot do that if they have all been removed by the pretenders on the hill. Be patient, I assure you, when the time is right and safe, they will come out. May God bless you, and the people of Guam. More important, I pray for healing for those who have been abused, physically as well as psychologically by the archbishop and his henchmen. Remember that those who knew about these crimes, and covered them up, are just as guilty as the offender. Anonymous and concerned clergy.

  19. The fools on the hill made a blunder.
    Another one? They're going under.
    They sing their old tunes
    As they lick their wounds
    And tear our dear church asunder.

  20. Dakon Deacon Claros should also turn in his resignation paper. Deacon Steve is the BEST person to run the show. We all know why Deacon Steven was booted.

    1. Harshly threatened. FOLLOWED BY THE EPISCOPAL BOOT. PRAYING FOR STEVE. Be strong.

    2. Claros is cut out of the same cloth as Apuron. He will stay until the bitter end.

  21. With their threats, we in our Parish do not want to lose any of our Non neo Priests. We do not want to risk losing them and getting a neo so call want to be a priest assign to our Parish.

  22. And why did the Waldo need a picture of the Blessed Mother to support the ongoing lie?

    1. Waldo thinks he's smarter than anyone. The picture of the Blessed Mother was placed there because island Catholics are very devoted to Our Mother. In Neo thinking, if the deacon is devoted to the Blessed Mother it follows that going against the deacon is like going against the Blessed Mother. Just like they say the NCW is a gift from the Holy Spirit and approved by popes, therefore to challenge or go against the NCW is the same as going against the Holy Spirit and the Pope. Yeah right!!

  23. A blunder, a bungle, a slip?
    These "brainiacs" shoot from the hip.
    They desperately fumble.
    They stammer and stumble.
    These rats will soon start jumping ship.

    1. The ship is adrift and the rats are in charge.
      They gnaw of the bones of the humble and weak.
      Let them fill up their bellies; let them roll in their filth;
      The trap has been set as we speak.

  24. Deacon Tenorio!
    What a shame, you cannot even look into the camera!
    Liars never look you in the eyes.

    I will gloss over the second take or editing without Ed the Waldo, to concentrate on what the Deacon says.

    Basically Tenorio tells us, he has no knowledge to contribute to the case, but that he believes his Compadre Tony the phony bishop. Not the most compelling testimony. Actually it is one of the most pathetic thing I have seen in a while. The over reach with the blessing at the end, still without looking at the camera, is more than telling.

    He was in Agat at the same time? Then was he part of the coverup?
    Time will tell. It would be an interesting twist, wouldn't it?
    Lets wait and see if any of the altar boys will come out and tell us their version.

    On another issue, Ed the Waldo bringing Tenorio as a character witness shows their desperation. They are really checking every drawer to find whatever loose change they can gather.

    It is evident that they are trying to convince the few people still not blaming the Arch: the very elderly.
    Funny! Since two and three weeks ago the Diana was making fun of the elderly, their supposed Alzheimer, and lack of cognitive capabilities.
    They really want to have their cake and eat it as well.

    Ed the Waldo and Tenorio, are falling in the same path (or is it a way) than the Diana. They improvise themselves as specialist on almost every subject. Sadly it shows, you don't improvise yourself a PR specialist, or media producer.

    "Nothing is more dangerous, than a little knowledge, when it is applied to serious problem".

    We have a perfect example of that case.

    1. Nice pick-up on that one. Elderly with alzheimer. They are desperate indeed even if they need to eat their words. Cake and words they will eat.

    2. They think we are stupid and will believe them, that is why they say what they say and do what they do. This is how narcissists think. Deacon Tenorio

  25. Tripudio asked why that Mr. Ternorio decided to show a picture of the Blessed Mother as his background for the second video? Because it was just an afterthought! Appearance, Appearance, Appearance is more important to Tenorio than the truth, truth, truth, especially when there’s nothing, nothing, nothing valuable to say. I know some of your lies, lies, lies Tenorio, so you’re not a credible witness but Apuron and you sure are lying "birds of a feather".

  26. A bumbling band of buffoons
    Would be more at home in saloons.
    They dance and they lurch
    Desecrating the church.
    One day we'll be rid of these goons.

    1. Agreed. This is just the beginning
      The faithful can see who is sinning
      Edivaldo pulls strings
      The marionette sings
      And the dummies believe they are winning!

    2. Now, two questions on Guam still remain:
      will Kiko defend his domain?
      Or Giuseppe undone
      take the money and run,
      and book passage for Archie to Spain?

    3. I think that the fact that Apuron is buying Kiko and Genarrini time by not resigning, now or before, answers your question.

      Their strategy is clear:
      1) Worst case scenario, they hang on to the property in Yona, while downsizing their operation here. (like they did in Japan).By then they have taken over so many parishes with their presbyters, that even a new Bishop will have to count on them.
      Bid their time and come back later when they are in better position and people forgot the issues.

      2) best case scenario, they get as much time possible to really pull out all the stop and replace Apuron with a sly operator close to them. They continue their operation on the island as before, and continue claiming persecution...while keeping ordinating new presbyters by the bushell until they control all of the parishes.

      Option 2 is their obvious choice, but Genarrini has put his firewall in place, and he knows he can sacrifice a couple of useful idiots if necessary. Even option 1 is a win win for him. Guam would have been a great cash cow, and a fertile ground for half bake presbyters at no cost to him.

    4. Ah, the lyrical Irishman, Sir!
      To my grandfather’s words I refer
      “In the world there are two
      Types of folk – Irish true,
      And those who just wish that they were!”

    5. St Kiko is visibly quiet
      Consumeing his lobstery diet?
      Perverse catechesis
      And all his showpieces
      Just go to prove he’s a complete and utter wanker….

    6. I agree with Frenchie 100%. This must be why four half baked candidates will be ordained transitional NEO Cult Deacons next month. Another group of NEO Cult Presbyters that will be forever on the Archdioces of Agana payroll (paid by Guam parishioners) while they go about on mission attracting the innocent to partake in the KAKA Koolaid.

    7. LOL. I meant it as tongue in cheek, but that last bit is funny.

  27. Edvaldo coaching behind the scene
    Telling Tenorio to sound mean
    Waiting for the deacon to finish lying
    To the faithful who are not buying
    Edivaldo fighting off thoughts obscene

    1. Hey, respect for the Arcdiocesan Spokesperson. He's on the job! Just like Tony, going over to ruin Academy graduation. Talk about an all gone wrong celebration.....did he go to Religious Mass???

    2. Yes, he was at the Religious. Listening to the radio.

    3. Tenorio props up Apuron as being incapable of commiting sexual abuse against a 12 year old child. If the brightest of God's Angel Lucifer fell from grace, what makes Apuron not susceptble to temptations and sin? Tenorio apparently Loves his Archbishop so much so that he is willing to turn an eye against a possible sinful action by denying that Apuron is capable of committing sexual abuse, This denial is one of the reasons why many clerics in the church are rampant in the repeated commission of these very grave acts of injustice against innocent children. Tenorio has just showed us that he is an enabler of this cover up process. As a deacon, we can see How far has he fallen in his moral reasoning. Hope You sleep well at night Deacon Tenorio, keep in mind all those victims of sexual abuse that you are covering up because of your Love for Apuron.

    4. Tenorios blind professed love for Apurom is really wacko. Kinda weird

  28. "If you don't align yourself with the Archbishop on this issue, you may find yourself out of a job come tomorrow. Even myself, I may not be in charge of XXXXXX anymore."

    I saved the chancery the trouble and quit that weekend.

  29. But Deacon Tenorio seemed so sincere in the first video. It was so so uh beleev able. He never stuttered because what he was reading seemed like something uduvaldodo would write. These guys are falling into the disgusting category. No integrity, no class and so juvenile in their actions! What a bunch of Maroons! They all need to resign not just the bishop. I'm tired of putting arch in front of that word since he or any of them cannot come in front of a camera without checking all their lying sources. Hasn't been an ounce of truth since the Pale Gofigan incident and it keeps getting worse. Hope Deacon T. didn't give away a car!

  30. He was probably threatened by Edi-the-Waldo that they were going to close the soup kitchen next on the way to the interview. I can just hear Edi-the-Waldo yelling at him, NO SOUP FOR YOU, NO SOUP FOR YOU!!

  31. we should send all homeless up the hill to get their food from tony since he been taking all the has been donated to feed the homeless.
    Maybe we can get a bus and bus all of them up the him and let them sleep off in his yard or I should our yard.

  32. God works in mysterious ways.

    One action or event can have an amazing domino effect and lead to unexpected results.

    The presence of the NCW on Guam:

    allowed the slimy creatures hiding in plain sight to reveal themselves.

    gave Guam Catholics a chance to fight for their faith (first time for most of us).

    opened our eyes to the many problems in the local and world wide Church.

    inspired and motivated us to "clean house." Long overdue.

    I'm sure the jungle dwellers will have many other ideas to add to this thread.

  33. The poets among us again
    Have picked up their trusty old pen
    Composing creative
    Their words unabated
    In limerick form. Ah, what zen!

    Great job guys!!!

  34. Janet B - MangilaoMay 20, 2016 at 2:24 PM

    My favorite part of the video is when Fr Egivaldo fist pumps in utter glee as dakon frank successfully reads Egi's cherished part. Bishop Flores used because he is dead. Look at Egi's reaction between 2:15 and 2:30 of the video. Rome, I hope you are watching.

    1. Edi-the-Waldo's premature ejaculation, ahem, I mean celebration is a sure telltale sign of his immaturity and deceitfulness of an RMS fruit (an orange fits his description best). Go ahead and celebrate. This is probably the closest you will ever get to believe that you're winning this battle. You may have scared the wits out of Deacon Tenorio with your idle threats but we have the Lord God on our side and the truth will always prevail. Again, go ahead and bask in your celebration. You're already used to Neo celebrations anyway.

  35. The reason for the second version of the Dakon Tenorio interview was there was "technical difficulties" with the first one!

    1. Thanks for pointing that out. It might be attributed to "Divine Providence." 10 years ago, Tenorio wanted to LIE and blame my son for "technical difficulties." And he would have had I not been there to stop him. And now, 10 years later, a "technical difficulty" in a video featuring the same Tenorio, exposes the LIARS all over again. What goes around comes around, Tenorio.

  36. Something diabolical about that shadow image. So wrong.

  37. Deacon Tenorio, you assert that if Mr. Roy Quintanilla, as a boy, really did go to Fr. Jack Niland, why would Fr. Niland not then report to Bishop Flores? And how convenient it is, with regard to gathering evidence, that Fr. Jack is dead. Well, it is just as plausible that Fr. Jack did tell Bishop Flores, and in turn the Bishop removed Apuron from Agat and placed him at the Cathedral where he could monitor his actions; sadly, a modus operandi that too many bishops of the time employed.

    While at the Cathedral, Apuron treated his altar boys like Boy Scouts, taking them on overnight camping trips to San Carlos, sleepovers in the Cathedral attic during the Triduum, group trips to Palau and Saipan, and hanging around a lot at the old rectory. I've never known a pastor since then that has treated the youth under him to so much recreation and extracurricular activity. In retrospect, I cringe to think that it may have served as an effective grooming procedure for the next poor kid Apuron inappropriately fancied. For the record, I was at the Cathedral serving masses from 1977-1981. Although my nearly 40 years of knowing Apuron is decidedly less than your more than 50 years; Deacon Frank, I believe Apuron is culpable.

    Furthermore, I believe Roy Quintanilla is telling the truth.

    P.S. Deacon, I can no longer in good conscience donate my services as a concert guitarist to the cause of Kamalen Karidåt for its annual fundraiser in light of your misguided support of Apuron and his NCW cohorts.

    1. Deacon Tenorio's rash judgment on a brave victim of abuse and his slavish allegiance to an alleged sexual predator open him up to closer scrutiny as well. I believe in the work of Kamalen Karidat but not so much on the unbridled afministration and supervision by Deacon Frank Tenorio and his wife. I mean, who does the accounting for donations and gifts to this program? It is time we call a spade a spade because of his going public with such quick and subjective comclusion. I smell mismanagement and other perks.

    2. Mr. Duenas, if Bishop Flores knew about Apuron's behavior with boys, why would he allow him to become an auxiliary bishop?

    3. Janet B - MangilaoMay 20, 2016 at 11:05 PM

      Thank you David, for being so open with your thoughts. What Deacon Frank has done is shameful, and every person on island needs to let this man know. He has no idea what was going on then, and he has no idea what is going on now.

      And you are absolutely right, for all we know Fr Jack did tell Bishop Flores, who then took the actions he thought was best. Deacon Frank leaves no room for this possibility, but it is very probable.

      All people now need to make their voices heard with their shoes (they need to move away from those who support sexual predators, and support the goals of the real Church and Pope Francis.

      David, I am sure your father is very proud of your stance, and I know your mother is as well!

      God bless you always.

    4. Like Jesse Lujan said about Tenorio's accounting system at Kamilan Karidat: "one for me, two for tony, one for me, two for tony..."

    5. Replying to:

      AnonymousMay 20, 2016 at 10:39 PM
      Mr. Duenas, if Bishop Flores knew about Apuron's behavior with boys, why would he allow him to become an auxiliary bishop?

      I started asking that question awhile ago as I have hard evidence that not only did Niland report Apuron but that others had already reported Apuron which is why he kept moving from place to place so quickly.

      I have had several responses from Flores himself being compromised and preferred a weak successor to follow him to better cover his tracks to Flores did not want Apuron but was forced to make him a bishop by inside the church political forces.

      The person who told me the latter was very credible while the other is still speculation. Since most people still want to believe the best about Flores, we can accept the latter. However, as you will soon learn, there was a widespread orgiastic culture of the most atrocious sexual perversions operating in full swing under Flores.

      As we know, at the time, such things were swept under the rug. While we might balk at that today, it really isn't any different than what most families still do today with what is going on right under their noses in their own families. It's no secret that incest and other sexual perversions are rampant in this society.

      Would that we be as passionate about exposing ALL sexual abuse as we are about sexual abuse amongst the clergy. It's the same sin and the same damage.

    6. It's the very depth of evil here that spreads back to the time of Bishop Flores that seems to give hope to the Hill. No one (they think) wants to bring his name into any other this, so they'll use him as a defense. Or at least try.

      A lot of people have been waiting on this to come to light for a long long time. Now that it is motion, I can honestly say that it's a little difficult processing it. It's terrible. But it's necessary. God help us.

  38. Deacon can read, easy to mislead
    OJ is pacing, three mice a-racing?
    Where is Adrian? Where is David?
    They are gone! They are gone!
    The ship is quickly sinking
    Wonder what they are thinking
    Run away, run away!

    1. Janet B - MangilaoMay 20, 2016 at 11:13 PM

      Hello Gerry. Just a short comment:

      The meter to your poem is good,
      but the accuracy is misunderstood.
      If the deacon can read,
      while he is told to mislead;
      then the man dressed in black,
      is a truth bending hack.

    2. Whatever the verse that one offers,
      I fear that we may become scoffers:
      our rapacious brother
      brings fear of another,
      until our distrust fills the coffers.

  39. Tim, thank you for your tremendous work. May God bless you.

    Not long ago I would have dismissed any idea that the late Archbishop Flores was involved in a scandal or coverup regarding sexual abuse. After learning about the trauma victims suffer and the difficulty to speak about after decades (if ever), I now can say it is certainly possible, if not probable.

    Archbishop Flores (my father's first cousin) was and still is a very revered person in our family. I cannot speak for the rest of the family. I can only speak for myself.

    If there are any victims of sexual abuse by the late Archbishop Felixberto Camacho Flores, please speak out and do not suffer in silence any more. You need to unburden yourself and begin the healing process.

    If there are victims I want to offer my deepest regret and apologies for your suffering. My prayers go out to all victims of abuse. Lord bless us and heal us. Make us whole again.

    I don't know if I will have a family after posting this, but the culture of silence needs to end. Speak up. Speak out. Stop the abuse of the innocent.

    Silence doesn't help.

    Silence doesn't heal.

    Silent No More!

    1. Thanks for your courage, Andrew. I am not suggesting Flores himself was involved in abuse, but only that given what we now know, that it would be very hard to believe that he did not know about it. If he did know, then he dealt with it the way families still do today. Rather than turn in "that Uncle" they just do their best to keep their daughters or their sons away from him. In the cases of real abuse within families, the rule of silence still predominates due to the fear of shame.

      When John Toves was here last year he let it be known that he was willing to listen to those who wanted to talk. Some talked. Some of the accounts were horrific. I'm going to tell you one here. A certain priest, now deceased, used to pay altar boys from the collection money to watch him masturbate.

      Another priest, involved with the boy scouts, would take them out to the jungle, make them undress, and make them masturbate as a competition to see who could "squirt" there's the farthest.

      Sorry to disgust you, but this was all going on well before Apuron became bishop. In fact, he became a priest in the midst of all this.

      Also, since his name is now public in Minnesota, a certain Fr. Louis Brouillard, the first pastor of San Isidro parish, is at the center of many of these stories. Apparently Flores got rid of him but only moved him to a diocese (Duluth) where he continued his molesting ways. He was finally removed from ministry in 1984, but has remained on our payroll ever since.

      It's not his being on our payroll that bothers me, it's the fact that Apuron NEVER did anything to see if there were any victims of Brouillard on Guam after Apuron became bishop. Obviously Apuron was not interested in helping victims since he was busy hiding his own.

      There's a lot more to this. And it is going to test the faith of many. But then faith isn't faith unless it is tested. And it is time we stop making gods out of men.

    2. How many priests that have been sent off under a cloud of concern are still on the payroll of the archdiocese? it really burns me when we hear that the arch needs more money, yet it goes to people who have not served on Guam for years. Is finger licking good Louie still on the payroll? Bruouillard? Wadson? All the wanna be priests on missions? Are we paying for health insurance and payroll? Where will it end? Bankruptcy? Enough is enough. Chancery the books and tell us the truth. Deacon Kim, tell know the answers. No more money until we get answers.

  40. Thanks Tim.

    What was done in the past should not continue unless we agree to have all kinds of abuse continue. Keeping quiet means you will have to live with the trauma and never fully heal.

  41. What about the cases made by snap in 2009 about Fr. Randy, Msgr James and Fr. Eric? Did the bishop hide that too?

    1. SNAP is not a legal group. It does not "make cases." It seeks to help victims heal. There were no "cases against Msgr. James or Fr. Eric. Their names didn't even come up when SNAP was here. So nice try. Fr. Randy's incident dates back to the 60's in New York. Fr. Randy (now in his 80's) had already profusely apologized to the victim, even saying he wish he could die (reported in Marianas Variety at the time). He was removed permanently from ministry after the incident was discovered. He humbly accepted what he knew he deserved. Quite a bit different from what we see Apuron doing. Thus it will be terrible for him.