Monday, June 9, 2014


I figured this would happen. The posting of Cardinal Tagle's letter and exposing the BIG LIE has sent the kikos into a predictable rage. Not able to take me down they are aiming at people who are close to me, particularly priests. 

I don't care if the cowardly kikos come after me. As you have seen, I have put up with months of their cowardly crap. But now that they are trying to hurt others it's time to start with some of the things I haven't wanted to post...till now. 

Here's one:

As we know, in January of 2006, Archbishop Apuron publicly discredited Cardinal Arinze, the then-Prefect for the Congregation for Divine Worship. By extension he also publicly mocked Pope Benedict, since what Archbishop Apuron mocked was a letter from Cardinal Arinze which opened with the words "The Holy Father wishes you to know..." (The letter involved placing restrictions on the Neocatechumenal Way's celebration of the Eucharist.)

The 2006 incident occurred on Guam's Catholic radio station, KOLG, during a show entitled "Why Do Catholics Do That" which was hosted by Fr. Mike Crisostomo and Fred Rodriguez, in which Archbishop Apuron appeared to defend the NCW. The Archbishop's mocking of Cardinal Arinze occurred close to the beginning of the segment and it immediately prompted some angry calls. The first part of the segment is already posted

The episode was very damaging to our Church, and Fr. Mike, immediately recognizing the damage, did his best throughout the balance of the interview to moderate the Archbishop's comments. But the Archbishop did not take the hint, and things got seriously heated.

The news of what the Archbishop had said traveled quickly and many tuned in for the afternoon replay of the show. But the show did not replay. The phone at KOLG began ringing off the hook with callers asking why the show was not being rebroadcast. 

The technician in the studio did not know what had happened that morning, and did not know he was supposed to lie, so he simply told the truth: "I don't know. They just told me not to play it."

Of course this news "not to play it" created an even greater firestorm and a meeting of the KOLG staff and the show's hosts was called to deal with it. The show was scheduled to air twice more the following day and something needed to be said about why it would not be. 

I am not going to use the name of the Deacon who conducted the meeting. He knows who he is and he knows what I say is true. But I will use the names of the other people present so that my account of that meeting can be verified: Fr. Mike Crisostomo, Fred Rodriguez, Therese Mantanane, Chuck White, Jeff Fitzgerald, myself, and oh yes, one more, Archbishop Apuron.

The problem was laid out. The episode with the Archbishop was too damaging to the church to rebroadcast. But the whole island had heard of it and, after the first rebroadcast was cancelled, many became very aware of a cover up, which caused even greater outrage. 

The issue at hand was to construct a statement to explain the cancellation of the rebroadcast. The meeting was extremely tense. The Archbishop was there. We had to come up with a story to cover for him. There were a few suggestions. And then the Deacon said "Why don't we just say there were technical difficulties.

The room froze. The Archbishop looked down at the floor. I was seated directly across from him. I waited for him to speak. This was a LIE and the Deacon had proposed it in front of and FOR the Archbishop. He said nothing. In fact, nobody said anything, until I did. 

My first thought besides this being a lie was that they were going to let the technician take the fall. It was going to be his fault that the episode could not be rebroadcast. There was only one problem. The technician, the young man who answered the phone the previous day, the young man who didn't know he was supposed to lie, was MY SON. And they were going to hang this on him. 

I looked around the room. No one looked up. We had just been asked to LIE for the Archbishop and my 20 year-old son was the scapegoat. Barely able to control my anger I slowly said: "Deacon, that's not true." Silence, more staring at the floor, except for me. I stared at the Archbishop. 

I don't know why. Maybe I thought that my pointing out that this was a lie would cause him to act like an Archbishop and tell the Deacon "No, we can't say that." BUT NOTHING. Silence. Go ahead lie. Let my son take the fall. I couldn't believe what I was witnessing. But there it was. 

Finally Fr. Mike broke the silence and suggested that KOLG simply state that the episode would not be rebroadcast in the best interest of the church. At least that was true. I don't know if that statement was ever aired. I didn't care. I left.

As the record shows, I did not let that incident stop me from defending the Archbishop and the Church a few years later when the Archbishop was attacked for a statement he didn't write about homosexuality and when Senator Cruz and SNAP were trying to throw him in jail. But I never forgot what I was asked to do and who the Archbishop and the Deacon were willing to blame.

So you want to go after my friends, go ahead. But check with the Archbishop and see if he knows what SVD stands for. I don't want to have to go there either. But I will. 

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