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Following is last night's PNC news segment with Cordes and Gennarini. My comments are in red.

Cardinal Paul Cordes and Professor Giuseppe are on Guam to teach some courses at the Redemptoris Mater Seminary in Yona. [If "Professor Giuseppe" is here to "teach some courses" then what explains his being accompanied by his wife and Angelo Pochetti, who, along with Apuron, make up the full four members of the Board of Guarantors who have absolute control over RMS? Okay, maybe his wife came along for the free vacation and the $1200 a night suite at the Hyatt. But why Pochetti? And why even Apuron - as he was said to be very sick and in the states. He is not here to "teach some courses."] We had the opportunity to sit down with the cardinal and professor, both of whom are considered key individuals in the Neocatechumenal Way. They talk about “the way” as they are often referred to. Cardinal Cordes speaks about how the neocatechumanal way was born.

 "There were several initiatives, so called spiritual movements and one of these movements is the Neocatechumenal Way founded by a painter of Spain and he was very successful because he was very sensitive to what people are feeling today," says Cardinal Cordes. "Many of us have been baptized as babies and so we don’t feel so strongly linked to our baptism as in the early Christianity." [Apparently the Cardinal has a dim view of the efficaciousness of infant Baptism. And what's more, the Cardinal contrasts infant Baptism with what supposedly occurred in "early Christianity" as if infant Baptism did not occur. Though the Bible makes no specific reference to infants being baptized, Luke tells us in Lk 18:15-16 that "they were bringing even infants" to Jesus; and he himself related this to the kingdom of God: "Let the children come to me . . . for to such belongs the kingdom of God." And since Jesus also said that one must be "born again of water and the spirit," we have to assume that the early Church practiced Baptism for "even infants." And in Acts 16:33 we see the apostles baptizing whole "households." Baptism is a sacrament which leaves an indelible mark. There is nothing that can be done to increase or remove that mark. Also the Cardinal's insinuates that without the NCW we somehow are not "linked" to our baptism." That's BULLCRAP, Cordes!]

The cardinal says the Spanish founder, Kiko Arguello, came from a rich family, but he decided to live among the poor in order to learn from them and see how he could help renew the faith of those who felt disconnected from the church. The Neocatechumenal Way, Cardinal Cordes explains, is a sort of school of faith and gives adults and young adults a chance to experience the effect of being baptized and renewal of their faith. [I see. So the way to get adults to experience a "renewal" of their faith is to take them away from the Mass, away from the Church, and teach them to sing Kiko songs and divorce themselves from all family and friends who are not in their cabal!] Professor Gennarini emphasizes however that it is not necessarily a second baptism.

"This is not allowed. The baptism of babies is valuable. [Whoah! Did you just read that? "The baptism of babies is VALUABLE. What? Only "valuable." The baptism of babies, the baptism of anyone makes them sons and daughters of God! "Valuable????" What a way to DE-VALUE the very FIRST sacrament!] But on the other side they prepare the adults or the young people in order to rediscover the value and the grace of baptism," explains Gennarini. "Because the world has changed, thinking has changed and so we have in a new way rediscovered our faith." [There it is. The same old facade of "the world has changed," so it needs the NCW. What a joke.]

While there are many misconceptions out there about the Neocatechumenal Way, Gennarini and Cordes say they have received the blessings of several popes, including Pope Francis. [LOL. Anybody who stands outside the pope's window on a Sunday or attends the Wednesday audience will get words of encouragement and a blessing from the pope!]

"[Pope Francis] gave a bible’s talk about the Neocatechumenal Way. He was very much appreciating. I was there," says Cardinal Cordes. "Because normally if you say something positive in a certain moment there will come 'but,' but there was no 'but' in his talk and so I was so surprised that he was so identified with the work and the message of the Neocatechumenal Way." [This is real bull crap, Cordes. The pope gave a lot of BUT'S, including his admonition to you idiots that "It would be better to renounce to live in all its details what the itinerary of the Way would demand, in order to ensure unity among the brethren who form the one ecclesial community."]

"We have now John XXXIII, his holy; John Paul II; Benedict and now Francis," he adds. "It’s a grace for the church." [BIG TIME LIE. The only OFFICIAL "blessing" the NCW has is the final approval of its statute in 2008 after it was heavily modified and included the demand that the NCW liturgy, except for some very small exceptions, follow the liturgical books. There is no no official papal "approval" of anything else the NCW does. And they are counting on our ignorance when they throw the popes' names around.]

Finally, they respond to some of the criticism from some in the local catholic community. Gennarini says most of the frustration stems from false information being spread amongst Catholics. [Ummm, Mr. Gennarini. It's simple. Show us the DOCUMENT. The one Apuron can't find. It's easy. Case closed. Discussion over. But there is NO document, is there Mr. Gennarini.]

"Both of us, we came to give a course in the Theological Institute and myself too. I accepted this invitation to speak, with the cardinal, at this television because we thought it was important to greet all the people of Guam, the people of goodwill, that we are very happy to be in Guam," says Gennarini. "We understand also their expression, there may be a frustration, but this is due to false information." [Okay, big boy, then give the correct information, and not just from your lying mouth. Show it to us in writing. That's how the Church the rest of belong to works. To protect from error and abuse, our Church, the real one, makes certain that what is taught and practiced is WRITTEN DOWN, not handed down in some backroom by some cardinal to Kiko to you to Pius to a catechist. That's not the hierarchy of our Church. So shows us, Mr. Gennarini. Or get the hell off the television.]

"To say it in a very simple way, become holy then this will help and it will make you happy," says Cardinal Cordes. [Ah, yes. That's what it is all about, isn't it? This is what the NCW is all about: YOU, YOU, YOU, ME, ME, ME. Make me "happy". Happy, Happy, Happy. Yes, Christ came to make us Happy. LOL, Cordes. You are a cardinal embarrassment.]

And now for the real kicker. The story led off with "They have been persecuted even before their arrival on Guam." Oh, their favorite word, persecuted. L-O-freaking-L! Persecuted. Living in a million dollar home in New Jersey. Traveling around the world in the front of the plane, not the back. Staying in a $1000 plus suite at the Hyatt. Poor Gennarini. Persecuted. Both of you are idiots. Here's what persecuted really looks like:

Story here

Story here
Story here
And here's the "persecuted" one.


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