Saturday, June 4, 2016


I know she's useless, but given the intense week, we could use a comedic break. Courage!

  1. Dear Anonymous at 1:50 pm, 

    If the Holy See can take the butler to court for stealing and leaking out the Pope's confidential letters, then the Archbishop can take it court. Do you call it worldly business when the Holy See took the butler to court?
  2. The butler leaked information about how the NCW was compromising the Pontificate of Pope Benedict. He was convicted in October 2012, and in December 2012 Pope Benedict visited him and granted him pardon. Through tears, the butler told the Pope, "you know that I did it because I love you". In other words, the butler was punished for opposing the evil of the NCW in the Vatican, and was pardoned by the pope.

    Less that two months later, Pope Benedict was forced to resign. As Bishop Schneider said, the NCW has a powerful presence in the Vatican. In fact, they can bring down a pope.
  3. The butler, Gabriele was personally visited and pardoned by Benedict XVI on 22 December 2012.
  4. Dear Anonymous at 5:42 am, 

    Pope John Paul also met with the person who tried to kill him in prison and also forgave him. So, what is your point. Both of them went through the civil court.

Ummmm, May, er, I mean, Diana, Benedict's butler was arrested by VATICAN police, was convicted by a VATICAN tribunal, and was sitting in a VATICAN jail when Benedict pardoned him.

Gabriele, 46, was arrested May 23 after Vatican police found what they called an "enormous" stash of papal documents in his Vatican City apartment. He was convicted of aggravated theft by a Vatican tribunal on Oct. 6 and has been serving his 18-month sentence in the Vatican police barracks.

The case NEVER went outside the VATICAN. 

JP2's would-be assassin was arrested by the ITALIAN police, was convicted in an ITALIAN court, and was in an ITALIAN jail, which is why when JP2 personally pardoned him he still stayed in jail. 

You know, I'm gonna miss you. Hope you're planning to move soon. The people of Guam soon will not be taking kindly to the Number One defender of Guam's Number One Child Molester. Nope, nope, nope. It won't be nice. Bye.


  1. The butler did it in the kitchen with a lead pipe. Or maybe it was Professor Plum.

    1. - So, Diana/May, since when does stealing paperwork and child abuse can be label as the same thing? Child Abuse is horrific since the child will live with the guilt forever! I cannot believe that a person like you really exists! And you still have the nerve to keep posting in defense of your Brother Tony. I am sorry that you are a woman (well maybe not) because I know "Mothers" protect their children - not serve them up for abuse!

    2. a woman, maybe. a mother, not.

  2. .....and this one use to teach children??? Really??? Like I always say, You Can't Fix Stupid.

    1. Maybe we can rally in front of her (May or is it Diana) I'll give her a nickname MD as Most Dummy. We can rally in front of her house but make sure it we all stand on the MAIN STREET as she might sue us and call her out why is she supporting someone who is being accuse of just about everything as he TONY is also an MD.

  3. The butler was convicted of the crime of theft in the civil court of the country called Vatican State. It was a crime under civil law and brought before the statatue of limitations had run. Unfortunately for the sex abuse victims of the pedophile Apuron, they can't sue in civil court because the SOL has run and the local AG can't files criminal charges for the same reason. But if the legislature does the right thing and life the SOL for these victims, it will give them some sense of justice and closure to go after Apuron in civil court.

    1. True. I was careful not to say that the Vatican was merely a church court. However w Benedict as the head of state he could pardon the butler and he could go free. The Diana tries to equate the crime of JP2's assassin w the butler's misdeed. LOL


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