Tuesday, June 28, 2016



ARROYO: "I know that if they have these allegations then say, 'Hey, I want revenge. I want you to do something right now.' 


Add Msgr. Arroyo to the list of defendants on your defamation suit. NOT ONCE did any of the victims say they want revenge. They have only asked that Apuron admit what he did to them and apologize so they can find closure and healing of their gaping 40 year old wounds.

Yet, this idiot Arroyo, in only his second day on the job as the new spokesman for the Archdiocese, taking the place of Eddy the Waldo, ACCUSES these poor people who were so horribly abused by the man they probably trusted more than their own parents, of wanting revenge.


But now that you mentioned revenge, Arroyo, I'm sure we can get them to seek it, and you have just placed yourself in the legal bullseye.

ARROYO: We need also to be patient. It’s not really that easy. The church, also, when it comes to dealing with allegations of bishops, that’s different,"

Yah? Well we'll show you in court that when it comes to bishops it is NOT different. But what a crock of crap. All these victims were asking was for the Archbishop to acknowledge what he did to them. And regardless of the veracity of the accusations, the Catholic Church has a "duty of care" to the persons making those accusations. This same pope who Arroyo and Hon are hiding behind has stressed over and over that this duty of care is to be of "primary concern."

But thanks to Arroyo and Hon, we are now going to show you that when it comes to bishops it is NOT different in the real world, in the world of courts and law suits and where there is no church to hide behind.

PNC: "You said that only Rome can make that decision when it comes to bishops. So Archbishop Hon doesn’t have that power?"

"No. All he can do is basically be there, say this is what the allegations are and then he presents it to Rome and Rome will decide on what to do ... when it comes to the bishops it’s gotta be the decision of the pope So nobody can remove the bishop from the diocese or archdiocese except for the holy father because he’s the one who puts them there, so he’s the one to remove."

Arroyo is either really stupid or really a LIAR. On June 5, this same pope assigned the responsibility for investigating bishops to the "competent congregation." The "competent congregation" for Guam is the Congregation for the Evangelization of People for which Hon is the Secretary, second only to the Prefect, Ferdinand Filoni, the Kiko-ite. And Arroyo wants to spit in our face and say that Hon can't do anything but send letters to Rome.


In the meantime, Msgr. Arroyo says Archbishop Hon is working to instill unity and harmony within the church. Msgr. Arroyo also says that the church is reaching out to the alleged victims.

"We tried to reach out to them. That’s the reason why Father Patrick is the one, kind of helping to reach out to these people so they would be able to come and and then give them some kind of encouragement, too; help them also with some kind of healing," says Msgr. Arroyo.

ONE HUGE ARROYO LIE! Not one victim received one phone call from anyone in Hon's administration.

As of news time, Doris Concepcion, who says her son was molested by Archbishop Apuron, says no one from the Archdiocese has reached out to her. She also says that the three other alleged victims have not been contacted by the Archdiocese either.

Different faces. Same lies.

Here. Enjoy a repeat performance of this LIAR.

Monsignor Brigido Arroyo on Archbishop Savio Tai Fai Hon's stay from Undercover Neo on Vimeo.

P.S. 7th grader. San Vicente school. "Take the bus." Mangilao rectory. 69. Check with Hon. He has the letter.

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