Tuesday, June 28, 2016


Posted by Chuck White

(translated from a post found on Osservatorio sul Cammino Neocatecumenale secondo verita.)

Typical Neocatechumenal Gesture

Kiko Argüello receives Communion from Benedict XVI, 
with his arms folded.

Typical Neocatechumenal Presbyter

Naples: Kiko's presbyters in procession 
around the stage of the strumming Kiko

Naples: meeting with Kiko in the Piazza Plebiscito in 2012: 
Neocat presbyters proceed with the gesture of the gorilla

Since certain gestures do not happen by accident, what do you think about the miraculous "coincidence" of the gesture of the NeoKateKiko presbyters in procession around the doctor honoris causa Kiko Arguello?

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