Sunday, June 26, 2016


Msgr. Bibi Arroyo's first day on the job as the new spokesman for the Archdiocese of Agana is a major fail. From today's Pacific Daily News:
Monsignor Brigido “Bibi” Arroyo, who also got special assignment from Hon as spokesperson for the archdiocese, said on Friday the formation of the four committees are part of the task of promoting unity, and that the church is listening to the people.
No. "The church" is NOT "listening to the people." 

The church is listening ONLY to a bunch of clergy who have been cowering in the corners these last three years while two of their brother priests were publicly brutalized, millions of dollars of archdiocesan property was given away, a sham seminary erected, seminarians who don't even know how to say Mass were ordained, protests were ignored, attempts to meet were mocked, and more recently, except for Deacon Steve Martinez, victims of sexual abuse were left to cry by themselves in the streets while this coward clergy's "beloved archbishop" threatened to sue anyone who stood up for them. 

But what should we expect from a "spokesman" who characterized all this as only a "miscommunication?"

Archbishop Hon himself verified that he has NOT been "listening to the people." In his June 22 letter to the clergy and as published today in the Umatuna, Hon begins by letting us know that he has met with everyone EXCEPT "the people":
In promoting the unity of this Archdiocese, which is the main priority of the mandate given me by the Holy Father, I have met with almost every priest and deacon of this local Church, as well as with some Religious Superiors of the communities of consecrated women serving in Guam. I have also been convening the Presbyteral Council of a weekly basis to plan for the future of this Archdiocese. 
But then what should we expect from a Vatican bureaucrat who laughed members of the CCOG out of the room when they tried to meet with him last year and warn him what was to come.


While initially we did not support institutional liability for Apuron's crimes against children, Hon's in your face "shut up, sit down, and wait your turn" attitude towards the laity, and his public mocking of the veracity of the victim's testimony (comparing the account of Apuron's rape of a child to an adult woman's allegation of adultery against a bishop which later proved false), we damn well NOW will pursue institutional liability for Apuron's crimes and we damn well WILL go after every single allegation against every single member of this coward clergy and anyone who has enabled, aided, abetted, or acted in concert with these abusers and those who tried to cover for them. 


June 23, 2016  


To:                              All Senators, Media, and Stakeholders

Fr:                               SENATOR FRANK B. AGUON, JR.

Subject:                 2ND Notice – Public Hearing on Monday, June 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM

In accordance with the Open Government Law of Guam, relative to notice for public meetings, please be advised that the Committee on Guam U.S. Military Relocation, Public Safety & Judiciary, will convene a Public Hearing on Monday, June 27, 2016 at 10:00 AM, in the I Liheslatura Public Hearing Room. Included on the agenda are the following bill(s):

·              Bill No. 326-33 (COR): - “An act to amend § 11306, chapter 11, title 7, Guam Code Annotated and to repeal § 11306.1, chapter 11, title 7, Guam Code Annotated relative to the statute of limitations in cases involving child sex abuse.” (Sponsor: Senator F.F. Blas, Jr.)

The Hearing will broadcast on local television, GTA Channel 21 and Docomo Channel 117 or streamed online at:

The Committee requests that, if written testimonies are to be presented at the Public Hearing, copies be submitted one day prior to the public hearing date, to the Office of Senator Frank B. Aguon, Jr. at Suite 503 DNA Bldg. 238 Archbishop Flores St. Hagatña, Guam, via fax to 475-GUM3(4863), or via email Copies of the aforementioned Bill(s) may be obtained at I Liheslaturan Guahån 's website at:  Individuals requiring special accommodations, auxiliary aids, or services should contact Niel Tirador at 475-4861/2 or email at  Please feel free to contact my office should you have any additional questions or concerns. 

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