Monday, June 13, 2016


Dear Archbishop Hon. You are in luck. And you're welcome. Had I not exposed the RMS land scam in January of 2015 (while you were here, by the way), you would be out of luck right now. But thanks to me. You're not.

You see, prior to January 29, 2015, the RMS Articles of Incorporation not only bypassed the Board of Directors and gave all final decision making power to the Board of Guarantors, the Gennarini's cleverly maneuvered to put their buddy Apuron on the Board of Guarantors for life even after he would no longer be Archbishop of Agana.

As you can plainly see, it is NOT the "Archbishop of Agana" who is on this shadow board which has reserved all decision making power to itself.* It is Archbishop Apuron personally, a title and name he retains even after he is no longer Archbishop of Agana (unless he is laicized - which we are planning on.)

*The Guarantors have full veto and approval power over the "important" decisions of the corporation, including getting to decide what's important!

This was one of Apuron's perks. By taking care of the Gennarini's, they would take care of him. And once the mega-million dollar Yona property was firmly in their little mitts, courtesy of Apuron on November 22, 2011, they were all set to tell the next bishop to get lost. 

However, (and this is why I said "you're welcome") after discovering and exposing that criminal document titled Declaration of Deed Restriction which conveyed title to the property to RMS and to the control of the RMS BOARD OF GUARANTORS (i.e., the Gennarini's), I pointed this little factoid out. 

Because Apuron is personally a member of the BOARD OF GUARANTORS, that nasty Declaration of Deed Restriction in effect permitted Apuron as Archbishop of Agana to deed control of the subject property to HIMSELF!

Apparently Giuseppe, not wanting to place his financial empire in jeopardy with the Church, immediately scrambled to amend the article to read Archbishop of Agana instead of Archbishop Apuron. I exposed this subterfuge on January 5, 2015. Giuseppe had this new version amended on January 29, 2015.*

*Gennarini, in fact, filed a whole new set of Articles of Incorporation for RMS, trying to hide several other facts as well. He even changed the formation paragraph, calling into question the legality of this version of the articles. 

Voila! You see how helpful I can be? Call me. I have more.


  1. So as Archbishop of Agana, Hon is now one of the members of the Board of Guarantors! Genius! But he is still only 1 out of 4 members so he can be overruled. Let's see how this plays out.

  2. Now I am REALLY confused. I thought the 2011 documents used the term Corporation Sole after Apuron's name and title and the 2015 documents only used Apuron's name (without Corporation Sole), in effect keeping a new bishop out of the loop.

  3. How bout checking accounts, whos incharge of the money.

  4. On a different note, to all the lawyers on Guam, except potty trained lawyers, how does it feel to not be prestigious enough to be hired by the former Archbishop for his upcoming law suit? He had to go off island to find a lawyer suitable enough for his stature. Not sure where you all stand on the issues right now, but there is always room at our next protest.


    Part of the Archdiocese of Newark - no surprise.

  6. Sandavi we have one of our own in Guam. Father Alberto made "renovations" to the Sav Vicente / San Roke Church in Barrigada when Father Adrian went on "mission". The unknowing parishioners were expecting a face lift in the form of a well needed paint job...what they got instead was an elaborate in your face painting of Kiko's "artwork" if you can call it that! What horror to see a once beautiful Catholic Church built under the since passed Monsignor Zoilo Camacho and parishioners of Barrigada turned into a NCW church! Disgusting!!!