Thursday, June 23, 2016


  1. Jesus Mary and Joseph! All the comments and head-shaking!!! What the hell, we're doing it again! Laying down for bulls**t! This Hon is a hack, pure and simple! He's not going to do a GD thing except gloss over the issues and try to placate everybody!

    Enough! This guy is useless and has no intention of resolving! If he did, would have been done on the spot and not keeping the monkeys in the program. Get the f**k out Hon! Do you have a visa? Go back to where you came from, beg indulgence because you didn't KAKA and really aint got the balls to do what needs to be done.

    Adrian, David, Bibi and the other neo dingleberries - let's bring out the news about your indiscretions, let's see how you pucker when the boys and ladies start talking!

    Putting Paul and James in? Great! With full authority and responsibilities and a good bitch slap to the others for stabbing them in the back.

    Neo's are a cult. They are cancer.

    There are many more abusers, we know them but why come out if nothing is going to happen? They want to know distinguishing marks? many of us know what's on our daggan? Stupid fools.

    Hon do your thing or get the f**ck out. You're a slacker and the wrong person to send here. They should have sent a girl.

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