Thursday, June 23, 2016


  1. The answer is quite simple anon @ 8.07. Archbishop Hon was chosen because Filoni trusted him to sedate Guam's Catholic faithful to a point were people will be lured into thinking that something had been done to address our problems, while in fact little would have changed.

    The plan is to throw us a few bones. Probably reinstate Fr Paul and Msg James under reduced responsibilities, perhaps with some caveats. Shuffle responsibilities at the chancery, by putting in more paletable neos and some likable local fence sitters who are career oriented and therefore more compromising.

    It is rumored that the nuncio was opposed to Hon's nomination
    ( now we can see why) and that there could be opposing point of views on Hon's team.

    During that time, things go on with Cristobal sending threatening memos to the clergy telling them Apuron is still the Bishop, and Bibi telling everybody and their cousins that Apuron shall come back soon.

    Meanwhile the neos are still in control of every post at the Chancery and are bidding their time.
    This was part of Filoni's plan from the start.

    Soon it will be time to show these ninkompoops in Rome, that
    they cannot put the genie back in the box

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