Thursday, June 23, 2016


  1. Seminary Visitors
    St.Paul Seminary Fr.Romeo Rector
    RMS-GUAM Seminary Fr.Julio Vice Rector
    So my concern or question. Who is the BOSS/Rector for The Blessed Diego Luis de San Vittores Catholic Theological Institute for Oceania? For both seminaries, what is the education level to enter the institute, No high school diploma or working on GED? Candidates from Europe, Spain, Samoa, Kiribati, Philippines, their education diploma equivalent to the American Standard or Rome? Hope Tim or someone can do more research on questions mentioned above. I worked hard for an Associate Degree to the Seminary in Guam. I LEFT THE SEMINARY because of the formation. Pray for the church at this time of storms hopefully everything will be brought to light.


  1. Couple of young men around who should speak up about seminary life.

  2. Uncle Screwtape: Wormwood the confusion and chaos is working quite well I must say.
    Wormwood: Indeed Uncle, I have the foreign Inquisitors at the Cove working around the clock and keeping His Eminence, the New One in the dark, of course with the help of the Unholy Ones, they who continue to blaspheme the Christ at the Alter which they knowingly desecrate.
    Uncle Screwtape: Ahhhh Wormwood the pleasure is almost unbearable to see both the Unholy Collar continue to deconstruct Peters House and see the sheer number of confused and lost souls run straight into our abyss.
    Wormwood: I agree Uncle, but the man Peter must be soften if we are to reform this old church and overrun them with the New Theology of Spain. The Spanish One and the Jersey devil do not want to lose this one.
    Uncle Screwtape: Wormwood, stop your deferment and bring me that ONE SOUL you promised. Your brothers in HELL are languishing in your delay. Implore more devils into the land of Kamalin to twist their Mass into Protestant worship, remember it was OUR little ‘isla ladrones’ when their very own brothers arrived as Spanish warriors, now centuries later they are back in the guise of the collar.
    We no longer roam the desert of old but the desert within the Church is our home. Yes come, come sit and listen to our deformed teachings and consume what you no longer believe to be His Flesh and Blood. Soon you will see our Possessions!

  3. juajuajua Me too left the seminary!! Everyone can invent a fary tale story juajuajua you suck!

    1. It sure sounds like a fairy tale "for sure for sure"....This someone that supposedly attended the Guam Seminary, can't even spell the correct name of the seminary....

    2. I am sure that spell check probably distorted the name. Happens. I fixed it. His point remains. What are the qualifications and standards for either seminary? We've been asking this for years while they suck millions from us.

    3. Where is scumbag Pius??? No mention of him lately.

    4. There are two Seminaries in Guam. 1.RMS-Guam Neocat.
      2.Saint John Paul The Great. Is the new Diocesan seminary. The correct spelling of the Institute is Blessed Diego Luis de San Vitores Catholic Theological Institute for Oceania. Which is run by Neocat not the Diocese of Agana.

  4. Anon 8:26, actually dumb shit it's wha wha wha. Where you from, Brazil? Stay out of the Jungle before you hurt yourself!