Friday, June 10, 2016


LAPAZ is the pen name of someone who lives in another country, who has up close and personal experiences with the top leadership of the Neo-Cult, and who has endured grave suffering both in and out of the Neo-Cult. She uses a pen name because she fears for her life and her family's. English is not LAPAZ' first language and I have copied it here as LAPAZ sent it.

LAPAZ has left a new comment on your post "IMPORTANT WORDS":

The more I read about Maciel, that paradigmatic "holy" criminal but able to found Legion of Christ and Regnum Christi, most I notice many bishops have not learnt a word...Mons. Apuron*, do you know Maciel never asked for forgiveness because, by his holy faith, everything was devil's work against him? Maciel died without a simple word to his -at least- one hundred victims. They were just "liers". 

(*"Mons." - In Europe, Monsignor is used for bishop)

Terribe...I wonder if Apuron had visited his so "holy" friend Kiko Argüello, who lives close to Vatican. Maybe Apuron has the "holy" privilege of knowing his address, while anyone of his million of followers are not allowed to know it. 

I also wonder if Kiko had scrutinized Apuron in public and if Apuron at least recognized he has "enemies", if Kiko had ordered Apuron to ask his enemies for forgiveness, if Kiko had told him that a christian can not go to any instance for justice (like his superiors, for example the Pope)...Apuron does not behave as Kiko awaits for any vulgar and common neocatechumenal. 

That is the double measure, as always, for the very top of the NC Way. For others, the narrow gate...for you, Apuron, the widest. A simple woman violented by her husband has to convert herself, you do not have know best, as Kiko knows best, as catechist always know best.

You can go running to ask your superior for help and cover against your "enemies", but your "enemies" can not tell anybody because "nobody will trust you". It sounds for me exactly as that neocatechumenal presbiter, one of the 12 Cefas of Kiko, when laughed on my face when I said I will go to Archibishop Rouco for expelling me of the Church...What a VIP club of evil! 

Just be corageus to drink your own medicine. As Kiko says: Ánimo! Convert your self! (Mr. Apuron, let me recomend you some milk and honey chupitos as the very elected of the Way do in their paschal neo eucharist. You must drink from the glass chalice just after Holy Communion, you will feel exactly like an Obelix in faith and surely you will be in perfect communion with your "enemies". If you need to learn the secret words for blessing that chalice of milk and honey you will find them in Cruxsancta's blog. It's an idea in case that Kiko does not tell you that sacred arkane). 


  1. It's a pyramid scheme, among other things. Those at the top live off the blood of the plebeians.

  2. The only photo of Apuron that I want to see from this day forward is a police mugshot. That will really make my day.