Friday, June 17, 2016


Accusers' lawyer presses anew for answers on Church investigation

MY NOTE: Archbishop Hon has asked for patience. These victims have waited as long as 40 years. The people of Guam have waited as long as 30 years (Apuron's horrid reign.) More recently, they gave Archbishop Hon nearly a year and half to do something about Apuron's mess since his investigation in January 2015. 

While many in Guam are willing to wait or even peacefully demonstrate, an attorney seeking justice for his client(s) is not required to acquiesce to the Church's idea of justice or its sense of time. This is the real thing. Attorney Lujan is not one to be mollified by prayer vigils and requests for serenity. He has severely damaged people in his care. People damaged not just by Apuron, but by the power structure in the Church that for decades has haughtily protected its own, which, sadly, it appears Hon was sent here to do. 

Be assured, this is not a drill. While Apuron may have been the perpetrator, the entire weight of these allegations now rests on Hon. And its about to get real heavy. Two recommendations to Archbishop Hon: 1) find out who Attorney Lujan is; 2) get rid of Larry. Peace. 

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