Friday, June 17, 2016


"Meanwhile, Archbishop Hon also rescinded another decree, namely, decree number 2016-022. That decree was never made public and in a statement to the media, Archbishop Hon’s assistant, Father Ted Novak said the second decree pertains to a private matter and details of the decree will not be released to the public."

This is embarrassing. By definition a DECREE, especially when the term is used by the Church, is a PUBLIC act, an official announcement intended for all Catholics of a particular See, such as a diocese.

The truth is that the two clowns, David and Adrian, issued a DECREE instead of a letter of censure, which would have remained private. 

The subject document, unfortunately issued as a DECREE, was, as reported by KUAM, a "gag order" on Deacon Steve Martinez after he publicly criticized the Archdiocesan sex abuse policy and Archbishop Apuron's apparent attempts to keep the policy weak in order to protect himself. 

We already know that David and Adrian are not just incompetent clowns, but, along with Pius the Putrid and Eddy the Waldo, part of the evil cabal that has manipulated and prostituted this diocese into absolute chaos and pushed it to public rage. 

However, the really sad thing at this point is the performance of the Administration sent here to fix the problems these despicable clowns created. 

Instead of acknowledging David and Adrian's initial error, we now have the new guys not just covering for them, but keeping them front and center in their employ! WTH! 

Even more embarrassing is not just that these clowns screwed up to begin with, they screwed up when they wrote the DECREE rescinding the DECREES (they are co-signers), one of which no one was supposed to know about. And then they tell us it is NONE OF OUR BUSINESS when we ask about it.

This is not just an honest mistake by an administration which has only been here seven days. They were NOT unaware of the problems caused by David and Adrian. And now they are paying the price. They are finding out what we have known for many years: David and Adrian are at the root of Apuron's Reign of Terror and destruction of the Catholic Church in Guam. 

Pretty soon, this war is going to get much bigger than me. And I'm just going to just sit back and watch. Sadly, it is the laity who will have to pay the ultimate price for what is at least incompetence, and very probably, part of an even larger cover up. 

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